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Monday, November 12, 2007

Lancelot Link

I am sitting at home in the lap of luxury using one of last vacation days. Instead of wallowing around the house lamenting the OSU los saturday and the Browns loss yesterday, I figured that I will share a few good links.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Honestly how does a school feel if you coach looks like this?

Wyoming Coach says you're number one!

Here's a small sampling of some bad tats running around the NBA

I came across this list and just sat here shaking my head while reading it. good times!

While watching the Browns game yesterday, Matt and I discussed the sweet 'do on Jeff Reed photo. I brought up that I had seen an article of some of the best hair in the NFL. So I had to go back and find the link. Not to be out done they also put together a small sample of bad NBA hair.

Also if you have not seen these before Mr Reed has a Fyffe-like quality of disrobing in public places.

Glad to see that other people also agree with me that Simmons is getting out of hand with his writing.

This idea started off with a lot of promise but tailed off quickly. Made me think of an idea to come up with a list of my own someday (but we all know that will never come to fruition).

This is ri-donk-ulous. Way too much time practicing this stuff.

Glad to see that Fat Phil is keeping things in order down in Knoxville.

OK...I have to go and figure out something productive to do today. Later!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

My Kind of Town...Chicago!

Here are some more of Pat's fantastic photos from a great trip to the Windy City-Enjoy!

We had a bet that Greg couldn't go without singing. That didn't last long!
Greg sings 1

He's still singing -
greg sings 2

A Metal Moose on Michigan Ave - Nice Metal Wang!
Chicago moose

Stopped by the Billy Goat for some Cheezborgers. This year everybody got a hat!
Goat 1

Murph was a little sleepy, but a nice photo none the less.
Scott Pat Rick Goat

Everybody got a shirt as well. They must have been sad to see us leave.
goat 2

I saw this cool building. It had different pieces of rocks from all over the world. We found a piece from the Buckeye State.
Scott OH Brick

Another sleepy head. We went out to watch the Tribe game at a bar called West End.
West End 1

Want some of my soft pretzel?
West End pretzel

Ready to go out? What are you wearing tonight?
Men In Black

Our Chicago locals, Brett and Carrie
Carrie Brett

Probably my favorite stop in Chicago -
Hangge Uppe Sign

Peace man!
Hangge Uppes

A couple of Murphys making a Carrie sandwich
Carrie - Murphys

Shaking it on the dance floor
Rick Dance CHI

Pausing from dancing to take a photo
Gang 2 CHI

We should really hang out more and do some singing
Rick Tom 2

Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves here
Gang 1 CHI

Now the fun really begins. Its Walrus Time!
Tom Walrus

And I start hitting on Kristy

Tommy tiara
Tom Tiara

Not to be outdone -
Rick Tiara Pat Finger

Black Shirt. Check. Jack and Coke. Check. We're ready!
Rick Scott CHI

Pose it up boys. Rick, act like youre getting choked out. Perfect!

Patrick and John Kelly
Pat John

And I am still hitting on Kristy
Rick Kristy 2

This was a nice girl who kept bringing us drinks. Although she kept asking for money too.
Rick girl Tom

This one is a classic late night photo
Pat Tom Scott

And so is this one...

Yes sir it was a very good trip!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Can your stomach handle it?

What's up player?

Heard about this on the radio the other day and finally had to see what all the hub bub was about...Search on You Tube for 2 girls and 1 cup. Watch all of the fantastic reactions to this video.

I will warn you that this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It's probably blocked from SW anyway. So go home log on and enjoy (or throw up).

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Indians Playoffs 2007 Photo Essay

Ok it's time for a posting of a some pics from what has gone on over the last month. All of the these fabulous photos game from the hot little camera of Patrick Murphy and he has been kind enough to let me steal them and share with the world. I posted a bunch of these also on Flickr, clicking on the photos should take you to Flickr for a little larger version.

Away we go...

Game 1 - ALDS vs. NYY

Today's fun sponsored by Uncle Sherwin.
SW Sign

2 Murphs and The Magictones on the Home Run Porch
Gang Game 1 NYY

A shot of the Boyz
Boys Game 1 NYY

Lopez, JK, McGee and a happy Tom
Game 1 NYY

JK and RB pregame
Janice Rick Game 1 NYY

It wouldnt be a party unless Rick and Scott were dancing
Scott Rick Dance Game 1

We should hang out more (Part VII)
Tom Rick Game 1 NYY

Game 3 – ALCS vs. Red Sox

Patrick and I took in game 3 of the ALCS. We had SRO tickets and found a nice perch near home plate.

Here's a happy fella...
Rick Game 3

A full beer and a Patriotic background, does it get any better?
Pat Rick Game 3

Here's the kind of JO fans that the Red Sox attract. This lady was a piece of work. She even had Big Papi on her orthopedic shoes.
Goofy Sox Lady

I know I posted this before but do you know that one guy in this photos has more TD passes than Peyton Manning?

Game 4 – ALCS vs. Red Sox
We sat in the bleachers for Game 4. Good times were had by all.

Fyffe giving the Stink Eye while I look at the bright lights
Matt Rick Game 4

Another picture of the happy fella
Rick Game 4

Brothers Murphy
Pat Tom Game 4

I will get not one, but two large beers
rick Beer game 4

Smile and look like you are having fun
tom matt rick game 4

Another favorite pose of RB, the Shocker!
Rick Shock game 4

A very nice team photo of the boys.
pat tom matt rick game 4

More brotherly poses for the Murphys
Murphys Game 4

Stamper and Patrick
Stamper Patrick

Game 5 – ALCS vs. Red Sox

We tried to pull a little positive Voodoo out of the CC toys before the game
CC Game 5

Pre-Game adventures were also held at Alesci's Downtown
Pat Greg Game 5

Tom tries to hypnotize with the "Death Stare"
Tom Game 5

This Fat Kid looked like he wasn't having much fun
Rick Game 5

Well maybe I was mistaken. Holla!
Mouth Game 5

Greg certainly seemed festive enough
Greg Game 5

And how could I argue with that look?
Rick 2 Game 5

Mr. McGee and Ms. Lopez
RedSox - chicago 015

And I think this look was just a little bit before the Hulkster started up with some of Cleveland's finest and was asked to leave the ball park.
RedSox - chicago 061

That's all for this installment. I have started working on the Chicago photos as well. Those should be up soon enough.

Good Day, Sir!