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Friday, November 10, 2006

Ferris Buehner's Day Off

I am home from work today. I took what I feel is a weel derserved vacation day. I am working on a big post to recap last weekend's stories from the windy city. I will try and post that sometime today or tomorrow. I do have a notion to go and see "The Departed" today. I haven't gone to the movies in forever. Even though I would be going by myself, I still think I may go.
Some quick picks for week 10-

Chiefs @ Dolphins +1
Damon Huard has played well. After the big win in Chicago I think that the fish will have a let down this week. Look for LJ to get a couple TD's

Texans @ Jaguars -10 1/2
Too much to handle for the Texans. I just wonder in Leftwich will ever get his job back.

Chargers @ Bengals +1 1/2
The Bengals need this win this week. I just don't know if they have the stuff to do it.

Browns @ Falcons - 8 1/2
This could be the Ron Mexico show. They will run all over the Browns this week.

Ravens @ Titans +7
An inexperienced QB against the Ravens defense is never a good thing.

Bills @ Colts -13
I hope the Colts don't have a letdown after last week's big win. But I think they are too powerful for the Bills. Especially since Willis isn't going to play.

Saints @ Steelers -4 1/2
I don't know why I am liking the Steelers in this one. I just am not sure that N'awlins is that good.

Redskins @ Eagles -6 1/2
The Iggles have looked shitty the last couple of games. Last week's bye week should help along with playing at home.

Bears @ Giants -1
Bounce back week for Da Bears. The Giants defensive line is banged up. I don't see a lot of points in this one.

Packers @ Vikings -5 1/2
Might depend on which Brett Favre shows up. I think the 3 INT guy is making the trip this week.

Jets @ Patriots -10 1/2
Sucks to be a Jet right now. Coming off the bad loss the Pats will run all over a Jets D that gives up way too many rushing yards.

49ers @ Lions -6
Alex Smith vs. Jon Kitna ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Broncos @ Raiders +10
Might be too many points but I can't pick the Raiders and respect myself.

Rams @ Seahawks -3 1/2
I just still do not like Seneca Wallace as a QB that I can pick. I think the Rams win and make a move to take over the NFC West.

Cowboys @ Cardinals +7
I am so freaking close to calling this my upset of the week but I just don't have the stones to do it. I am going to kick myself in the ass on Sunday night that I didn't make the call.

Buccaneers @ Panthers -10
It's a lot of points to lay but I think the Panthers def is too good for Gradkowski.

Last week 6-8
YTD 47-50-3

OK...I am going to run some errands, maybe take in a movie and come back and finish my Chicago post.
Save Ferris!


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