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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No Elimination???

So I plop my fanny down in front of the TV after fighting my way though American Idol and find my way to the Golf Channel for this weeks edition of Big Break. They recap everything from last week, and have little chat in front of the big rock and last weeks "star" Nikki describes getting through last week as touching a place inside where she never has been before or something to that effect. It was so hokey that the other contestants especially Becky couldn't hold in their laughter. I had to giggle myself when I heard it. I was just thinking to myself that she can't be serious. But apparently she was.
So this week's challenge was 5 head to head matches. Win your head to head you are safe from elimination. If you lose you go to the elimination challenge. In case of a tie both golfers go to elimination. So after the matches were completed after two chip-ins and one long birdie putt I glance towards the clock. Wait a minute! It's 9:55! How are they going to get that done in the next five minutes? It's not possible!!! Damn you Golf Channel!!!
I will just have to wait another week to see what happens. How will I ever make it through?

Monday, February 13, 2006

That time of the year

Okay so I figured I need to get cracking on this thing. I can put down a paragraph or two and we'll all get through this together. I've been watching some tube over the last few weeks and I've got some thoughts. So here we go...

Big Break V kicked off last week from Hawaii. I find myself getting totally wrapped up in this show for some unknown reason. Last Tuesday was no different. It's just tremendous that the Golf Channel puts the requisite "villain/bitch" on the show. And this season's version will be our friend Nikki (the model/actress) from LA. Good times all around as she snap hooks her first drive ( and drops an F-bomb!) after bragging about hitting the ball longer than any other girl she has ever played with. I'm not sure how her skills are going to hang with some of the other ladies in the competition. I think I am finding myself pulling for Ashley this season.

Survivor was pretty darn interesting as well last week. I like the new twists and turns that they have thrown out already. Exile Island is a cool concept to banish somebody away from the rest of the tribe. But I have to wonder about the strategy of Aras and Shane telling people that you will be voting them off. You just know that will come back and bite them in the hind end sooner or later. Although I do agree with who they were voting off, I just can't see why you would tell people that you have an alliance and that are the first ones on your list. If somebody told me that I was done, I know I would make their life a living hell as long as I was there.

This is a goofy time of year on my sports watching calendar. I love watching golf and I still get to swing while working at my part time job at
Lost Nation. Pebble Beach was it's usual beautiful scenery wrapping around a golf tournament. But it was pretty much a cake walk with Oberholser running away with it. LPGA starts next weekend so I can look for Natalie to get her first win this year. I mean that has to happen, right?

Pro Bowl was on last night at least that what I heard. 10 turnovers? Are they serious?

I did also watch some of the Nascar race from Daytona. Nice to see Denny Hamlin, one of the fresh young faces come away with a victory. Tony Stewart had some interesting comments about how dangerous the bump drafting has become. Let's hope that his predictions are wrong.

I guess what I'll need to do is start watching some more college hoops. Ohio State is starting to peak a little interest. They seem like they can be a frisky team if they get hot. And I think I am looking forward to watching UConn and Villanova tonight.

Hey look at that...I've got another post done. Maybe we can make this like some sort of habit.

Talk to ya soon,