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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend Update

Big shout out to my Dad on his birthday today! Happy belated to my big sis Jodi for her b-day on Friday as well.Hope everybody had a nice weekend. Mine sure did pass by rather quickly. Let's recap, shall we...

Friday night went out to the IX Center to check out the North Coast golf show with Matt and Mark (sounds like a couple of apostles). I was rather disappointed with the selections that they had to offer. I was figuring to be in the market for a few golf shirts and maybe some golf balls. Nothing too much but if I found something that caught my eye I was prepared to purchase. There seemed to be a few nice shirts but everything was way too small. So after perusing around and a few cold beverages to help with the decision making process, I ran into my new friend....Nike Sasquatch! Last one in the stand...SOLD! Mark picked himself up a Titleist 905 and Matt got a Taylormade R7. All from the same store. We probably made that guy's night. Dropped nearly $800 in a matter of minutes. So then we hit a few more establishments had several more drinks before ending the evening around 1am.

Saturday I "worked" up at the sports park during the day while nursing my hangover. But I fought through it. I figured that I would just come home and lounge around and watch the dunk contest and all the NBA All-Star weekend hoopla crap. But instead I get a call from Ron that we have to go and see some kind of cage fighting thing downtown. I didn't really feel like going but he talked me into it. I guess I didn't need too much pushing though. We met up with Red Cabbage, Max and Brian downtown for a bite at Winking Lizard before heading to the fights. Now I had no clue what we were heading into, since I had never been to any of these kind of things before. But we walked in and I see a damn octagon type of cage. Holy crap it's like the Ultimate Fighting Championships! We got there a little bit late so we missed a couple of the first matches, but I was blown away at the first match we saw. Bell rings and these two just start trading blows and kicks. It was wild to see in person. We of course saw this as an opportunity to wager on the combatants to help pass the time along. After the fights (i think there were like 14 on the card) we made our way over to The Harbor Inn for some post fight activities including some always entertaining bar bowling. Janet and her friend Angie met up with us at the Harbor as well. Man, did we ever bowl and pound the drinks. Especially the shots. We have the fun rule that if you make a 7-10 split everybody does a shot. Good times were had by all as I made two consecutive conversions of bowling's hardest split. Washington Apples were just falling off the bar! We did come up with the idea of going to see all of the fine ladies of The Diamond Men's Club but I realized that it was already 2:15am so that we were too late. So we made our way through the frigid cold to Max's place for a few more night caps and some serious late night shenanigans. Ron finally dropped me off at 4:50am. Holy crap is it late! Or early?

Sunday I woke up around 11:30 am and just felt like shit. Gee I wonder why? But I got on the horn with Ron to see what today's plans were. I knew we were headed back to the golf show to watch his brother Howie take a shot at the long drive contest. He has won it 3 of the last 4 years. When I was there of Friday the leader had bombed one out there 392 yards. Last year Howie won with 386, so that was a pretty big number to shoot for. Although I was pretty confident that he'd be in the ballpark. We walked around for a little while before heading over to the long drive area. Howie took a few swings to get loose but then got into a little rhythm and started hitting some good bombs. 369 was his best and that put him in third place. But then another guy took some swings and nailed one 376. So Howie took another bucket of balls and popped one 383, which was good enough for 2nd place. He said he was going to give it one more try but the worker bees had to shut down as the show was ending. He said he was out of gas anyway. His prize was a new Cobra Driver. So after that the show was pretty much wrapping up and most of the vendors were packing up there goods. So we headed home and I got to take in the last few laps of the Daytona 500 (nice job Jimmie Johnson) and the end of the Nissan open.

All in all I think I had a pretty nice little weekend. Did way too much drinking and probably spent too much money. But that could probably be used to describe my life a lot.

Now I am off to watch the NBA all star game. I'm hoping for LeBron to dominate and have the first ever quintuple double with 46 pts 11 rebounds 14 assists 10 steals and 11 turnovers. Good times!