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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Long John Daly

It's a cold and crappy Saturday in Cleveland, OH. With the gloomy weather today I got a chance to "work" a few hours at Lost Nation today. We have a few groups up here today but nothing too crazy. I know that I would not want to be outside playing in the cold damp weather. But anyway, back to the reason that I wanted to write a little bit today. Yesterday after work I stopped at the book store and was browsing around and picked up a copy of John Daly's new book, My Life in and out of the Rough.
I have never been the kind of guy to sit and read a whole lot. To me reading was always a school thing. I read when I was forced to read. I think I process things better visually. I think that is just how my brain works. After hearing about JD's gambling losses equaling $50-60 million and a few other details that were in there I figured that it may be worth a look. So I picked it up and sat down last night and read the first 3 chapters. I then realized that I had not watched Survivor from Thursday night and wanted to catch up on that. So I boob tubed the rest of the evening.
But then I came in here today and sat and finished the rest of the book. Not that that is a huge accomplishment, it's only about 200 pages and it was a very easy read . But it's a rare thing for me. JD does tell some good stories but if you have followed John at all most of them are not new. He does however give his side of them. So it is interesting. He tells of his 4 wives, his rehab visits and his drinking and partying. And then, of course the gambling tales that were all over ESPN just in time for the release of his book. It's quite staggering to think of him dropping that many millions in casinos. I mean did he ever really make $60 million? He breaks down some of the gambling to try and get some of the numbers in line. But that just seems like a lot of money to lose. The thing that I did not understand in the gambling story was how do you blow that kind of money in a slot machine? I mean I LOVE Vegas but slots is not the place to gamble to have the odds in your favor. Get on the craps table Big John!
I would recommend this book to a golf fan but I think that its not a whole lot of information that we didn't already know. But it's good to get that information straight from the Lion's mouth.

In another topic, we have the Cavs playing the Pistons this afternoon. Last time I wrote about King James, the Cavs came out and played well so maybe I can try and see if I have any sort of karma for them. It's going to be tough though. The Pistons are a good team. And that really puts the Cavaliers in their place. They are just not ready to make that leap to "elite" status yet. LBJ is a fantastic start but he can not do it all. And to make matter worse their best defensive player Larry Hughes isn't playing due to the death of his brother. I think the Cavs will sneak one win out of the series and that could come today in front of their home crowd. But I don't expect much more. Again since this worked last time I will make a call on Kings stats today. I am calling for a big game, with a triple double for LeBron. 37-13-10. Cavs win at home 104-98.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Paint humor

As most of you know I work for Sherwin Williams paint company in Cleveland. Well I had comical story happen yesterday that I felt compelled to share.
When you go to your local store and look through the paint chips you may wonder where some of those goofy color names come from. Here's an example: We had a group of stores that are located in the Jacksonville, Florida area that ordered a batch of paint for a job in their local area. We received a call from our plant that they did manufacture the paint but there may be an issue with the labels that are going on the five gallon pails.
The label read: Jack Off White

I can only assume that Snowy Semen was already taken.
Maybe we want to change that one folks...I'm not sure that it's going to fly.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Boston Pops Finale

We all woke up on Tuesday and nobody was moving too quickly based on the previous evenings activity. So we hung out in the hotel and watched a little TV and just kicked back for a while before deciding to get moving and hit the town. In our crime watch count we had not one, but two shootings that were on the news this morning. One in Chinatown and the other was downtown when a guy stole a car and led police on a car chase though the city.

Matt had the idea to head back to the North End and get some pizza. He had given it up for Lent and was in the mood for a nice pie. I guess there isn’t a better spot than Little Italy to get some pizza. We waited for BJ and Cindy to meet us over at our hotel. They were heading back to Detroit today so we let them drop off their bags and we headed out. We made our way on the T and got out at the Boston Northbank Fleet Center Garden. Or whatever they call their arena these days. It’s a shame they don’t have a Boston Garden anymore. But what can you do?

We headed to a place called Pizzeria Regina that Matt and Pam had recommended. It was a neat old school pizzeria that had all kinds of cool atmosphere. There were black and white pictures on the walls and a jukebox that was playing the sounds of Sinatra and Tony Bennett. Between the seven of us we polished off three pies in short order. But it was some good stuff!

After lunch we were all in need of a good walk around the city. We hopped on the Freedom Trail and made our way through the historic area on the North End. We saw Paul Revere’s house, The Old North Church and the other sites along the trail. After that it was time for BJ and Cindy to head back so they jumped into a cab and we said some quick goodbyes and they were on their way.

The remaining five soldiers decided that we would just make our way towards the downtown area and see what would come our way. As we made our way back we stopped at Faneuil Hall and some of their shops. After that we kept walking and were back near the Boston Massacre site again. As we walked past we saw a guy that was dressed in a Patriot costume that was telling the story about what had happened back in 1770. He was explaining about why it had happened and the reasons behind all of it. So as we were listening to the story some guy came and ran past where we were all standing, and then I think it was Matt spotted a few of Boston’s finest tackling the same guy in the middle of the street just a block from where we were standing. So again, Boston to us is the violent and crime ridden town in America.

After that we kept on walking and walked though Boston Common and over to Newbury Street. Newbury is lined with shops of all kinds. It is a shopper’s paradise. We stopped at a few places along the way and did some shopping here and there. Niketown was probably my favorite stop along the way. Although I didn’t really see anything that jumped out at me, so I didn’t buy anything. Shocker I know. I really was taken back myself. As we kept on walking we passed the scene of the previous night’s fun, Charley’s. By this time we had made it almost all the way back to Mass Ave which is where our hotel was. We talked about if we wanted to stop and eat dinner anytime soon but nobody was in the mood to make a decision. We finally said the hell with it and kept on walking all the way back to our hotel. We all were feeling the effects of walking for several hours and needed to kick back for a little while and relax. We sat down for a minute and Mark was out immediately and sawing logs. So I knew that I would have been quickly behind him if we didn’t get moving again. The remaining four of us threw out ideas about where we should go and what we wanted to eat for dinner. Finally I suggested that we head towards Fenway and go to one of the bars that were in the area of the ballpark. I went in and asked Mark to get up and he decided that he had enough and he was going to stay in for the night.

We got in a cab and told him to take us over in the neighborhood of the ballpark. We settled on Boston Beerworks, where we had been a couple of days earlier. It really wasn’t crowded at all since everybody was over at the game. We ordered up some of the nachos that we had eyed up last time we were here. It was a huge platter of nachos and we all attacked those pretty good. Matt and I had burgers for dinner, while Pam and Ron had chosen salads. Everything was pretty good and we all had our fill of food. We polished off a few more flavors of their microbrews and decided to go and hang out on Lansdowne to watch the ending of the Sox game. Fenway Park has a sports bar named Game On that has plasma screens that face the street so we watched the end of the game there on the street to get a little of the flavor of the game. Once the park emptied out we made our way back towards the main roads and cabbed it back to the hotel and called it a night.

Our final day in Boston was upon us. We had mentioned taking a tour of Fenway Park, so I made a call and found out that the tours run every hour during the day. Everybody agreed to go and take the tour, so that was the call. So we did the last day packing at the hotel and gave the rooms the once over. We left our bags at the bell desk and took our shuttle back to Fenway.

We arrived just in time for the 12:00pm tour. So off we went along with what seemed like 200 people in our group. Fenway is a pretty cool old stadium for those who have never been. It was built back in 1912. But it still seems in pretty good shape. First we made our way up to the press box. Once we all made our way in our guide gave us his stories about some of the details about Fenway and it’s history. After that we went down to the lower grandstand on the third base side of the field. We got to experience the uncomfortable seats that weren’t made for most normal sized humans. And after that we made our way on top of the famed Green Monster. That would be a cool place to watch a game. On one side you can look over Lansdowne and on the other have a bird’s eye view of left field. After the tour we stopped to have some lunch at Cask n Flagon. We watched a little day baseball as we ate our lunch and knew that our Boston trip was winding down.

View from the press box

Seats behind the Third Base Dugout

From the left field grandstand

We got our shuttle back to the hotel and had them call for the airport shuttle. We hung out and waited for our ride. On the way to the airport there was a girl that was in our hotel that had also ran the marathon. So we were making small talk and found out that she was originally from Solon, but now lived in California. It’s weird that when we are on vacation we seem to run into a lot of people from Ohio. Small world.

After getting dropped off we hung out, did some reading, and people watching for a while before getting on our plane and heading back to good old Cleveland OH. Ron got upgraded on the flight home (dick) but it ended up being great for me because nobody took his seat so I had plenty of room on the way home to spread out and relax.

So I think that concludes the story of Boston 2006. Since Matt has already qualified for next year we can start making our plans to go back next year. So get ready Boston…The Clevelanders are coming back!