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Friday, May 19, 2006

Keeping up the karma...

I was told today that I needed to make a prediction on tonight's Cavs game. And when I have made predictions on a few of the games in this year's playoffs things have gone well. So here we go. I was stunned today when I opened up Bill Simmons collumn and read the following:

I think LeBron comes through tonight.

I think he finishes off Detroit. I think the crowd in Cleveland gets behind him and carries him to another place. I think this will be one of those rare games when you know something momentous is happening as you're watching, even though it's not finished happening yet. I think LeBron seizes the moment, embraces it, crushes it, makes it his own.
LeBron is the league's new Boss.I think tonight becomes his version of MJ's 63-point game in the Boston Garden, Springsteen's "Born to Run" album, Ali's KO over Liston, Pacino's scene in Louis' Restaurant, Tiger's minus-18 in Augusta. I think the Pistons walk off the court in a fog, wondering what the hell just happened. I think LeBron stands on the scorer's table, pounds his chest a few times, soaks in the cheers of the crowd, nods a few times for good measure. I think the delirious crowd remains for 20-25 minutes after the game, celebrating, hugging, high-fiving, celebrating some more. I think nothing in the NBA will be the same for another 12-15 years.

I think I will be watching. Actually, I know it.

I got goosebumps reading the part about LeBron celebrating. It would be pretty cool to see that happen tonight. And you know what? Why not? He has been playing as well as and Cavalier that I have ever seen. Scottie Pippen said on Sportscenter last night that he feels like Lebron at this stage in his careeer is better than Jordan. Although Jordan would have still been in college when he was 21, and waiting for the NBA draft. I think it's way too early to make those kinds of comparisons. But in a couple of years, we may need to talk.

So for tonight's call I like the Cavaliers to knock out the Pistons in front of a CRAZY home crowd. (Man do I wish I could get my hands on some tickets) I am soooo looking forward to seeing Larry Hughes walk on the floor and hear the roof blow off The Q ( i hate that goofy name as well) !
Tonight's stat line LBJ 41-9-10

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Come on Cavs...Gotta make it happen!

As I sit here today and gaze out the window in my office that is covered by the Humongous LeBron wall covering, I wish I was over at the Indians game since its the first it has been sunny day in like 8 days. But that’s not the hot topic around the 216. I wanted to put some of my thoughts into words regarding the play of the surging Cleveland Cavaliers.

Being 35 years old I don’t really remember the Miracle of Richfield days. I was just too young to understand and follow it. (I do love the old "Come On Cavs" song. Listen to it here) Cavs playoff games that I do remember were the days of Price, Daugherty and Nance. Those Cavs teams did make it to conference finals and lost. But it just wasn’t this exciting to me back then. And there was always that number 23 in red and black on the opposite side of the ball. So what chance did they have?

Well now we have our own 23. And just like the commercials tell me, I am a Witness. Everybody in the office is talking about it. ESPN and sports radio is talking about it over and over again. This just has a different feel than the past. We have the player in the league that everybody is talking about. And I find that I am excited to watch NBA playoff basketball.

Leading into the series against the heavily favored Detroit Pistons, I gave the Cavaliers one win. Two at the absolute best. And just like everybody else I now stand corrected. This team has not backed down and hung around in games that a team, like the Pistons usually close out on their opponents. And suddenly the Cavaliers are giving them a taste of their own medicine.

People around the office are asking where are you watching the Cavs on Friday? When does that happen? We are usually knee deep in Indians fever at this time of the year. I looked today on Ebay and saw that tickets are going for $150 for nose bleed seats. People just want to be there and soak up as much of this as possible. Can you blame them? I thought about it last night as well. Matt called me after the game (a serious sign that it was a big win) and I asked him if they had already sold tickets for game six. He told me that they were already sold out. When the series started, game 6 didn’t have a great shot of even happening. But things have of course changed.

So now what? Can they knock off the mighty Pistons? Of course they can. And I would love to be in attendance to see the energy and emotion that will be in The Q tomorrow night. I also know that Detroit will not roll over just yet. They are more than capable of stringing together 2 wins in a row. But with as loose as Cleveland has looked over the last few games, I have to like their chances. I mean they are playing with house money. They were not supposed to make it this far. And of course, it never hurts to have a player like King James wearing a white jersey with wine and gold trim.