Keep it down or I'll give you a smack!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What a day for a daydream

Today has been a goofy day. I guess since the weather is breaking I seem to be losing my motivation to sit in front of a computer all day and look out at a bright and sunny day. So I was here thinking to myself, if I could have my choice of jobs where I was compensated about the same as I am now, what would I want to do? What would give me satisfaction? I tossed around a few ideas in my bald head.

My choice: Professional tour golf caddy.

How bad could that be? You travel from town to town and walk golf courses for a living. We all know that there is more to it. But the main rules of a good caddy: Show up, Keep up, and Shut up. That's it, that's the list! The key element would be the relationship that you have with your player. make sure that the personalities are similar and that you can learn to communicate while you are out on the course. If you were lucky enough to get a good up and coming player, you could obviously do very well making a living.

Just think how much cash Michelle Wie's caddy will make over the years! I'm sure that Natalie G would love to have me on her bag each week as I follow her up and down the fairway gawking at her. I'm not so sure that my buddy Greg wants to leave his post though. Maybe Paula is looking for a new looper as well.

Someday. Instead I better get back to "work".

Monday, May 22, 2006

My weekend in a nutshell

As my favorite sports writer Hal Lebvovitz used to say, a little bit of this and that...

Friday night Ron and I had plans to go and play some cards at Kathleen's place and watch the Cavs game. So after work we stopped at a bar called Johnny Malloy's in Strongsville for a couple of drinks while we waited for the rest of the normal people to get out of work and head on home. I grabbed a bite and we each had a few beers there. We had a real cute and friendly bartender named Judi that was on top of things the entire time we were there.

After that we stopped at Tops and grabbed some beer and snacks for the party. I picked up a case of Bud Light and Ron picked up some Corona. When we arrived at Kathleen's house and found out that our party was just going to be the four of us (Ron, Kathleen, Janet and myself). Everybody else had bailed out. That sort of killed the idea of playing poker since we only had four players. So we hung out munched on some good food and drank for a while. We watched the Cavs and played a little Left Right Center to pass the time. It was a nice relaxing evening and we had quite a few laughs. After the horrible ending of the Cavs game (more later), we hung out a little while longer while Ron was deciding if he was having a heart attack or not. But we said we should be hitting the road and were on our way.

Saturday morning the alarm went off bright and early as I had a meeting planned with Matt to head out West for our work golf league. I made it over to Matt's around 6:45 and we stopped at a local joint called the Canary for a nice breakfast. You have to love a place that still has 2 eggs, bacon and sausage and pancakes for $2.19. Matt had the $1.99 special of 2 eggs, sausage, hash browns and toast. Gotta love it! So after breakfast we made our way over to Mallard Creek.

It was still cool in the early morning but the rain had finally stopped and the sun was shining. It was still a little soggy but not too bad out there. We were paired up with a couple of guys that we had never met before but that's part of the charm of playing in a new league I guess. So Rich, a little bit of an older gent, and Mark were our playing partners. Matt and I played about our normal games on Saturday. I shot 90 and he shot 91. We both left several shots out on the course. I need to get playing more often so I can work on my short game. Chipping around the green definitely hurt my score.

After golf we hung out for a while and watched a little TV in the clubhouse. The Creek had a young girl behind the snack bar that was showing off her assets in some fine looking tight white pants. We had several debates as to whether or not underwear was present. Good times, you dirty old men!!!

After that I trekked back East and kicked back at home for a while. I napped on and off while watching some golf and playoff hockey. A little later I watched the tragedy of Barbaro at the Preakness. What a sad thing to see on TV. Not that I am any kind of horse racing fanatic but we had discussed the betting lines earlier at the golf course. And like most people I would have liked to have seen him take a shot at the Triple Crown.

As I was laying around watching TV, Ron had called me a few times and let me know that they were hanging out at The Captain's Club in Eastlake and they had a keg of their own to finish up. I had to be at the top of their list to help with that daunting task. So I met up with their group and we hung out for a while. They had played in a dear old North High alumni baseball game so I got to see folks that I had not seen in some time. We hung out and drank and shared a bunch of laughs for most of the evening. We even got yelled at to keep the noise down in our section. Finally the place decided that they were ready to close for the night so we all headed our separate ways for the night. Ron and I stopped for a late night bite at the local Wendy's before operation shutdown kicked in around 12:30am.

Sunday was a day of rest and relaxation just as the Good Lord had intended. I basically just did some laundry and cut my hair. The rest of the day was dedicated to watching the Cavs get smashed in Detroit, watching the Indians beat the Pirates and flipping channels and surfing the web for the better part of the day.

I was going to go into a big long tirade about the Cavs and their disappointing weekend. But you know what? I don't think it's necessary. Detroit stepped up and did what they had to do. They proved that they were probably the better team. Although the Cavs did have them where they wanted them on Friday night. If only they could have gotten a rebound when it counted! They could be getting ready to play the Heat in the conference finals. Oh well, a big thanks has to go out to ABC sports for showing all of the wonderful highlights throughout the game to remind us of all of the misery Cleveland has suffered over the past 20 years or so. Thanks for the kick in the nuts! So the season comes to a bittersweet end for Cavs fans. Lebron has a pretty good playoff debut and they win a series. But oh what could have been...

So now you are all caught up! Good news around town is that the weather forecast is looking good for the upcoming week (even though it's way too early). So we will be looking forward to the upcoming holiday weekend and all the fun that should come with that.