Keep it down or I'll give you a smack!

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Buzz

As a guy I know likes to say…What’s the buzz?

This week has just seemed to fly by. I have been really busy at work from the time I come in until the time I leave. It has really got in the way of my country club lifestyle that I am accustomed to. I mean I can’t get any of my usual web surfing done under these conditions. It’s been really frustrating. I feel like I am out of touch with the World Wide Web. And we used to be such good friends!

I had to move to a new cubicle on my floor yesterday. Not that moving is that big of a deal but I have moved four times in the course of the last year. This shit is really getting old. I mean a cubicle is a cubicle, but I am just tired of moving my crap around the office. I actually liked where I just had to move from. My desk was off the beaten path and NO-body came by for the occasional pop in. So it was nice and quiet. I could sit and listen to the radio and do my work in peace. But now I am back in the middle of a pack of 24 people that want to ask me questions and they want to chitchat all day long.


Which brings me to my next point, now I have been in my department for about as long as anybody (except we did have a lovely cake to day for Linda who has been with SW for 35 years. That’s as old as I am!!! She has moved around the company in different departments. 35 years in our department would be kind of sad). So if you have a question I would probably be one of the people that you might want to ask. I had a young man ask me a question today. I showed him the correct answer and went over the information with him as to how to obtain said correct answer. So I walked back over to my desk and continued along with my work. I then hear the same fellow asking another gal the same question. WTF??? And she tells him the same exact answer that I just said as well. Was this some sort of test? Was my answer not good enough for you? Listen here Slapdick, if you don’t want the right answer then don’t friggin ask me!!!

(Geez Ricky is a little pissy this afternoon! Maybe I should quit this ranting now. I just had to let it be known though.)

The good news is that it is 5:20pm on Friday afternoon as I am typing this and I will be hitting the door for a couple of days to blow off some steam away from this place. I have my Saturday golf league tomorrow at Ridgewoood at 8:00am. Maybe I can win some more cash this week. I think I took home one of the large cash prizes in the neighborhood of $5 for “Long Putt” which had to measure every inch of 10 feet. But hey, cash is cash. I will not complain one single bit.
There was some chatter of a baseball game at Kirtland High School on Sunday with some boys form the now defunct Mets of the MSBL. That could be a good time if Matt and Whitt decide to partake in the activities. I haven’t seen those guys in a while and they are always good for some laughs. So that’s an option if the weather is good enough. We shall see what happens.

Have a good weekend everybody!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Hot and Heavy

Here's what's been happening lately. Friday was a bear at work. It was just one of those days that seemed to drag on and on. We usually get let out early on holiday weekends but for whatever reason they said no dice this time. So we had to work a full day. Boo hoo! I guess more than anything we have been spoiled over the last few holidays so we have all gotten used to it. I think I was just in one of those moods as well since I had been training people for the last three straight weeks. We have a new order process that is supposed to begin next month and yours truly got to teach everybody a little about how we need to handle the changes.

Anyway, I had a small brush with greatness on Friday afternoon. I went down to the mall to kill a little time during my lunch hour with a couple of guys that I work with. So as we were combing the mall for honeys, I noticed an attractive blonde walking towards me with some heavyset guy. So was good looking so she had caught my eye. Then as I glanced at the guy again, I realized that it was Drew Carey! I then heard him talking to here and confirmed that it really was him. He did not have the trademark glasses and his hair was a little longer than usual. But once I heard his voice I knew it was him. I barked out a "Holy Shit! It's Drew Carey!" But he was probably 10-15 feet away from us, so he didn't hear me. They kept on walking and were on their way somewhere so we didn't bother to chase them down and disturb them. My guess was that he was here for the US vs. Venezuela soccer game on Friday at Browns Stadium. He had done some local commercials for that as well. That was most of my excitement for Friday. I stayed in and took it easy. The only excitement I had was driving my niece Kayla to one of her friend’s houses. Big time baby!

Saturday the plan was to head over to Kristen’s Mom’s house for a little cook out and bonfire. So Ron came by and picked me up and we headed west around 4 or so. We stopped off and picked up some beer and hit the road. We made the trip to Westlake and camped ourselves on the patio. We cooked up some hot dogs and had a great time. Ron had started to get the fire going even though it was a sold 75 degrees at the time. But then he got demoted to fire keeper as Damon took over for him. Once the sun went down it was a nice night for a fire. We hung out and played some drinking games around the fire until around 12:30 or so. So we put out the fire and headed home.

Sunday I got up bright and early for our golf outing with the Whittington Boys. We had an 8:17 tee time at Maniki. Ron had picked me up at 7:30 and we headed over. We got there real early for some reason but I guess it’s better than being late. So we whacked it around for a few hours and had plenty of laughs. It was more about laughing than golf today. Ted and David kept apologizing for their poor play but that kind of thing never bothers Ron or me. As long as you aren’t holding us up I have no problem with anybody. Honestly I didn’t think they played that bad at all. We did have a lot of fun. So we hung out in the clubhouse for a little bit and chatted with David after we were done. We made the point of saying that we would try and make this a more regular occasion.

After golf I basically was wiped out. It was damn hot on the course. So I grilled up some lunch, kicked back and watched the Indy 500. And that was what I did the rest of the day. I relaxed at home and watched racing. I did toss the idea of putting in my A/C unit. My room being on the top floor of the house is usually the hottest in the house. It was in the 80’s on Sunday and it’s hit the 80’s again today. So that may have to get done soon if this weather is going to keep this up. Today even though it was a holiday was just another lazy day. I cut my hair, did some laundry and relaxed at home.

Not sure what is in store for this week. I really don’t have any plans that I know of. Nice thing is that we all already just about done with Monday. So with the holiday it’s a nice short week ahead. I’m going to go and watch me some Deal or No Deal and Apprentice and NBA playoffs and sweat some more. Have a good week!