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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Today was a good day

Today was a good day. It started out like any other day except one key ingredient. I knew that Matt was holding 2 tickets for today’s Indians vs. Oakland baseball game. So I had to decide where my dedication really lies. I could have been the good soldier and hammered away at work or I could bust out early and enjoyed a nice afternoon at the ballpark.

Any takers on what went down? Damn straight! I had to tell the man that I was taking a half-day and made my way over to Jacobs Field. It was a great day to go and watch a baseball game. It was 70 degrees with a pleasant breeze and just a perfect day for baseball.

I made my way over to the ballpark just shortly after noon and Matt met me when he was done teaching his circuits class. We ended up hanging out on the Ford home run porch for today’s game. Quite the eclectic ballpark was gathered at the Jake today. We saw Jim Donovan from Channel 3 news, Casey Coleman (looks weak from the cancer), a guy with an “I Love Midgets” t-shirt, a guy with a “I’m too sexy for my job” t-shirt, a real live midget that looked like Casey Coleman and plenty of good looking chicas.

The only real down side today was that the Indians decided that they didn’t need to show up for today’s game. They sleep walked for a couple of hours and didn’t put up much of a fight for the A’s and lost 4-1.

After the quick two and a half hour game, Matt and I stopped over at Alesci’s for a post game beverage while the traffic moved out of town. After that I made my way home to watch a little of the LPGA championship and took a nice nap.

Now it’s time to kick back and watch game one of the NBA Finals. I think in my mind I am rooting for the Mavericks to win this thing. It would be comical to see David Stern have to hand that trophy over to Mark Cuban. I also have an affinity for Dirk Nowitzki. Not really sure why. Maybe it’s my German roots. Or maybe the photos from a couple years back of him and Steve Nash out drinking with some regular characters. Anyway I guess I just hope it’s somewhat entertaining.

Hey looks it's MVP Candidate Dirk Nowitski

So tomorrow it’s back to all the work that I left behind today. But the good news is that tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is quickly approaching. Saturday golf is likely in my future and I’m sure that I’ll have some more adventures to report on as well.
Talk to you soon…