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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's been a long time

Holy crap it has been almost a week since I last posted anything. You know what? My life just has not been very exciting for the last week! I had a couple of ideas that ran though my head for posts but the executive staff voted them down. I thought they were interesting at first but then after further review, not so much.

So lets just touch base on a few things:

I can't believe the collapse of Phil Mickelson on Sunday. I sat here and watched in disbelief as he took out driver on the 18th tee. He had hit two fairways all day! Two fairways in the US Open! Bones should have gone Tin Cup on him and snap the shaft on his driver on the tee. No way he should be hitting driver there. Hit the dang ole seven iron up the middle of the fairway three times. But that's gambling Phil that golf fans know and love.

I was happy to see my main man David Duval have a top 20 finish in a major golf tournament. I was so inspired that I pulled out my David Duval model Oakley sunglasses on Saturday. They helped paved my way to a solid 76 at Mallard Creek. It was my best round of golf in quite some time. Please Double D please, do not go away any time soon.

The rest of my weekend was nothing to write about. I didn't do anything! I hung out around the house and that was about it. Booooorrrrring!

As I am writing I have game 6 of the NBA finals on. They are just going through the introductions. But let me ask why do we still need NBA basketball on June 20th? I always thought of hoops as a winter sport. This crap is just way too long. And then we have the whole issue of the games that are starting at 9:30EST and a working stiff like me falls asleep in the third or fourth quarter. I woke up the other night at 12:30am to see D Wade make his free throws to seal the victory. But that was just by dumb luck. I have serious doubts that I will make it through tonight's game as well. But I will give it a go, of course. Then of course you have the whole issue of the NBA final in unto itself. Bill Simmons had a great article on his page today that broke it all down. Between the referees, Mark Cuban and the all of the other subplots, I think I am ready for basketball to take a nap for a while and come back in the fall. (One last basketball rant...I think Miami's "White Hot" playoff gimmick is one of the dumbest ideas ever. But that's my stupid opinion. And what do I know?)

As much as I am ready to put basketball away, it's not like the Indians are trying to draw my attention away from anything else. They have been just awful as of late. And they have not even been entertaining in losing. They were swept last weekend in Milwaukee. And two of those were blown leads late in games. They did manage to beat future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux and the weak hitting Cubs tonight. But honestly if they are going to have any shot of making a playoff run somebody might want to rattle their cage a little bit. They sit 14 games out of first place. And they are chasing the defending world champion White Sox and the surprising Tigers. Hell they are in fourth place in their own division. It's time to get a move on fellas.

One positive that Cleveland may have going is that Kellen Winslow worked out with the Browns in minicamp last weekend. I am hoping in a big way that he will be back on the field when the season begins. And that he can stay healthy all year long. I am encouraged by the off season moves that the Browns made. But the biggest question mark still has to be quarterback. I like Charlie Frye but the kid played in 5 games last year. Is he the savior? I'm not so sure. What if he starts slow? Who do we have behind him...Ken Dorsey. How confident does that make you feel? Me too...

The Browns could use a healthy K2 this year

One of my other beefs is that I have been working the late shift at work for the month of June. For me late shift consists of 9am to 5:30pm. But it just seems that I am going to work and then coming home grabbing a bite to eat and then it's like 9pm before I even know it. My days seem like there have not been enough hours in the day. Maybe it's just me. I have been busy at work with our new project that is set to kick off next week. So Lord knows how much time I will be putting in at work for the next few weeks.

OK...I am now off the Budweiser hot seat.
Until next time...Mahalo!