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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two in one day...You must be joking

With the 3rd selection, the Bobcats select...

OK...So I just posted a couple of hours ago but I had a few things that a came to mind.

A nice hail storm just passed though and scared the crap out of me. It rained like a mutha and did some serious pounding on the roof here. It was one that makes you stop what you are doing and just watch the rain come down for a few minutes. I tried to bust out the camera to capture some of it but the pictures sucked. Oh well.

I'm hanging out doing some surfing and watching the NBA draft. I just can not wait until Bill Simmons column comes out tomorrow. His unintentional comedy scale is going to be through the roof! Some of the suits and interviews have just been off the charts. Plus the high comedy of Steven Smith yelling at us all night never gets old. Just treeee-mendous!

And I just had to share these...It was prom season in Dixie
(plus for my peeps doesn't that look like Karl Ferry?)

You boys come out of the garage and take a picture with Sissy!

That's all for now...I'm out!

Once a week?

What are you busy or something? Well there's something that we haven't heard in a while. So here's what's been happening.

Friday night - Happy Hour at McCarthy's. You’ve got to love the $1 draft beers! I watched some folks play beer pong and played a little corn hole. Then we ventured our way across the street to the world famous Harbor Inn to partake in some bar bowling for shots with a few of the lovely ladies that were in attendance. Topped the evening off with a late night drive thru at Burger King. Mental note - Onion rings at 1:30am leave a very bad taste in your mouth.

Saturday - Very early alarm clock. Luckily Ron and I stayed on the West side of town so we were only about 10 minutes from the course. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my "A" game. I think that stayed home and slept a little longer. I think I shot somewhere in the neighborhood of 92 but honestly I didn't even add up my score. I'll wait until the weekly spreadsheet comes out. After golf Ron and I stopped at a new place called Cleats for lunch. I had heard their ads on the radio before but they finally opened one on our side of town. I ordered up some nachos as a snack item and got a plate that was stacked about a foot high with tortilla chips, chicken and cheese. They were good eating though. I guess Cleats is known for their wings, Ron and I both tried the boneless style. Ron ordered his usual mild and I had a sweet BBQ. They were good but it seemed to me to just be your normal wings. They did have quite the selection of sauces to choose from. I think in the next trip I will have to be more adventurous with my sauce selection. I just kicked back on Saturday night and relaxed at home. (Loser, I know)

Sunday - I helped my dad with some moving at Grandma's house. They are cleaning out the garage and all the artifacts that are in the place. I'm not sure when they are selling it and all the details but there looked to plenty of work that needs to be done over there. I am going to have to come up with some excuses to get out of helping with more of that stuff. I know I was already asked about helping my cousin move in a couple of weeks, but I may have that one covered.

Monday - Today was go-live on a project that I had been helping to train people here at work. So it was one of those days where people were on edge about how the new system will work and "is everything working OK" questions every 10 minutes. But it has been running pretty smoothly. Which is a good sign. The real test will be in a few weeks when we open the project to a bigger number of stores. And the volume of work starts increasing. Can my co-workers handle the pressure? We shall see...

Tuesday - More of the same with work today. The fun part came on Tuesday night. Ron and I took a ride out to his brothers to help him install a scanner/printer/copier/ biz hub/ coffee maker. So knowing the ball buster that Howie is it was sure to be an adventure. We actually were pretty good about reading the direction and following the destructions that we were given. Right until we tried to do something with the print cartridges. Then there was a constant stream of beeps and flashing lights. We tried to self diagnose but we got nowhere. So we broke down and called HP for some help. I sat on hold for 35 minutes talking with “john”, “chris” and “morley” ( I am sure this were fine and upstanding American males but the had rather thick middle eastern accents) who talked me through plugging and unplugging and rebooting before deciding that the machine may be defective and they need to send out a new one. So after all of that we got nothing accomplished.

Which brings us up to speed. Tonight I think I have some laundry in my future. But that is about it. This weekend is shaping up to be filled with more adventures. Right now I have tickets for a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert for Saturday night at the Q. I bought these way back in December if I remember correctly. I have seen them both several times but it has been a while since I have been to a concert. I also have some golf plans for Sunday morning with “The Nike Tour.” We have our regular foursome and we have not had the chance to play together yet this year. And if I am looking at my calendar correctly, it’s June 28th. So that’s just a damn shame. So hopefully the weather is co-operative.

And then next week…”Coach return to the Buckeye State
There is sure to be some tales to be told when that happens…

Anybody know if the Lacrosse team is having a party tonight?