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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Whats happening!

I really wish I could sit down and get to writing a little more frequently. This crap takes some time though to get the writing how I like it and so that it will be entertaining to anybody who stumbles across this or would even dare take the time to stop and look for updates.

So let’s go back to last Friday. It was our company’s annual picnic down on the river so it was a blow off kind of day at work. Plus I had taken a half day off work to go and play in a golf outing on Friday afternoon. Normally on the day of the company picnic the weather Gods will usually grace us with the hottest freaking day of the year but we were spared somewhat. It was still a warm sunny day but not quite like those of years past.
Food was good as usual and we played some of the carnival games and took home some swell prizes.

After the picnic Ron and I headed East out to Little Mountain for the golf outing. I guess the male members of LM have this outing every year called the “Stag Outing.” It’s played as foursomes and takes the 2 best ball scores from each group. But it’s also based off handicaps. LM is a harder course and I’m not sure what my ‘actual’ handicap is. So we all turned in 18 handicaps, which was probably quite generous. As far as the “Stag” portion they did have some cute young girls working the drink carts and a couple of drink stations set up on the course. But that was it for the smut on the golf course. I have to believe that too many of the wild golf outings are afraid to get too crazy after seeing news cameras show up on their courses and ruining it for the scumbags like myself.

We all played pretty well and ended up winning the outing. Our prize was a brand new Taylor Made R7 driver. Which I great, but I am really like my Nike driver. We sat around the table and discussed the options of selling it or trading them in while we dined on our juicy steak dinners. We also won a team skin which helped to defer the cost of the outing. So it was a good day as far as the golfing gods go.

After dinner we hung out on the patio to see if any type of “action” would pop up but we were disappointed in the results. Some fellas played a hold’em tournament for a $100 buy-in. We just hung out and drank and tried to make time with the staff. Ron, Howie and I ended up being the last three dogs in the house and decided to call it a night and let the staff close up shop for the night. About halfway home I gave Ron the nod that he might want to pull over or else I was going to decorate his new car in a very ugly fashion. So I refunded my steak dinner along the side of Route 2 somewhere in Mentor. I didn’t think that I had that much to drink but I’m sure I was wrong.

Saturday was pretty much a wasted day. I felt like dog doo most of the day. I laid around the house and watched TV and scratched my head trying to figure out way I had drank so much the night before. The saving grace was that it rained all morning and half the afternoon. So I didn’t fell too badly about just staying in.

Sunday we had planned to play golf with some guys at Quail Hollow but with all of the rain the previous day we made the choice top skip it and try and plan it for another day. I helped Dad and did some yard work after watching Tiger win the British on Sunday morning.

Monday it was back to the exciting world of “Covering the Earth.” A bonus came in the afternoon when Ron said he had gotten a couple of tickets to the Tribe game against Detroit. So we decided to head over. For a pre-game meal we stopped over to our favorite Italian eatery, Alesci’s. They have some of the best home made subs, sandwiches and pizza. So we ate up and were just killing time before the game. Alesci’s has a little patio that sits out on the street where you can sit and watch the people and traffic go by while enjoying a cold one. They also have some nice looking girls selling drinks to try and lure the 18-50 male demographic into their establishment. So as we were observing, Ron picked out our buddy Matt Elden and his fiancé making their way to the game. So we called him over and joined up with them for the evening. We hung out at the Batter’s Eye bar for the first few innings before settling up in the mezzanine level and watching most of the action from there. Action might be a bad way to describe it from a Cleveland’s fan’s perspective though as the Tigers won 9-7.

Tuesday Matt F. offered up some tickets that his mom had gotten for the Tribe game. So I decided sure, why not? It was also $1.00 hot dog night. It’s tough to pass up. I met up with them at Alesci’s before the game but we didn’t eat anything. We were saving ourselves for the dogs. We made our way over to the game and watched as the Indians came out swinging and dropped 7 runs on Kenny Rogers. The Tigers tried to make it close but the Indians won 12-7. And I lost the hot dog race to Matt 4-3. I think I could have thrown down a few more but I need to watch my girlish figure.

Wednesday has been action packed. I had 4 meetings scheduled for work at 10:30 this morning. They were supposed to be half hour follow up sessions and not too grueling. But we didn’t get started on time because some of our people were in other meetings and before I knew it, it was 1:40. OK…lunchtime! Murph and I went out for a walk because he said he wasn’t feeling too great. We are walking our normal route through the Flats when we saw a TV crew doing some filming. Murph said that the Ohio Supreme court made a ruling that could affect a real estate deal that they are trying to put in the Flats. Of course the news guy tries to get a sound bite of us and yours truly was on the six o’clock news giving his opinions on things that he has no idea what he is talking about. Luckily, if you blinked you would have missed me. The only thing that popped in my head was: Homer Simpson – Local Boob.

And finally tonight, I decided to take the new driver to golf galaxy and see what their policy was for trading them in. I had searched on eBay but they just weren’t fetching that much money. I took the club and expected to hear them say I would be able to get about $200 worth of credit. But I was surprised they gave me $399 (but it had to be used tonight, which I didn’t understand). So I was on a shopping spree in Golf Galaxy. I got a new 2-ball putter, a new Callaway golf bag, a couple dozen golf balls (Nike and Callaway) and 2 new Callaway golf shirts. My only regret is that I could have put the credit towards a new set of irons. But I am happy with my new equipment and I am going out golfing tomorrow night to celebrate. I might even have a Duff beer or two. Woo hoo!!!