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Friday, August 11, 2006

We had a deal!

This morning as I drive to work I'm listening to the morning radio and thinking about nothing in particular. I am driving down West 3rd in Cleveland and see a lonely pigeon walking across the street. I glance to the right of me and there is a car there so I can not swerve to avoid him. I slow down a little bit and wait for him to fly away. But then I hear a noise that I don't think I wanted to hear. I think I whacked him! I tried to go back through my mind and I think this is the first time that I have ever hit a bird. At least I think I hit him. I'm really not sure if I killed it or not, but I was kind of bummed out. I didn't mean to do it but the dumb bird is supposed to get out of my way! Like Costanza said "We had a deal!"

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pictures - Part Uno

I had tried this once before but it didn't work out so good.
And I might only be able to post a few of these at a time. Here are some pictures from Mike and Melissa's visit..

Fire in the Firehouse

Nice looking group

There's always room for a shocker

Nice view up here

You wanna wear red to the game? Yeah and blue hats too.

I'll add more later...RB

Where the hell have I been?

OK…here’s some of what has happened since I last put pen and paper together.

A couple of weeks ago my mother had asked me if I would be available on a certain Saturday night for a birthday party for my Aunt Susan and her latest, Ron. She said there would be food and booze and that some of my relatives were coming up from Louisiana for the event. So I figured what the hell. I could give up a Saturday night of my busy time for it. So as the night had finally arrived I asked what the attire would be for the evening. I was told casual but not a slob. OK…Fine. Golf shirt and pants other than jeans was my outfit for the evening. Basically, it was business casual to us working folks. Off we go!

We loaded up the wagon family truckster and made our way to Grandma Helen’s to pick up the Louisiana crew. By the way it was hot as balls that week. It was a solid 90 degrees when we left the house. We picked up Helen, Aunt Elaine, Chucky and his daughter Emily. They were dying in Helen’s house that doesn’t have AC. So they were ready to get out of there.

We made our way to Sleepy Hollow golf course for the party. Nothing like being the first ones to arrive. We get prime choice on the tables, always a bonus. After a mere 10-15 minutes, I remembered why I don’t really hang around my family parties/gatherings. My aunt Susan turned 50. Her friends were all there. Ron turned 60. His friends were there. So I may have been the youngest person there besides my 20 year old cousin and her boyfriend. I am here at this party and I do not know any of these people. And on top of that most of them are older females. That is my family. I have 2 aunts on my mother’s side. They have each have daughters. And on my dads side I have one aunt and her only child is a girl as well. So the only males that I know or care to hang out with at the party are my dad and my cousin Chucky. (He’s probably 45 years old but he was always Chucky just like I will always be called Ricky) I was hoping that maybe there would be some hot piece of tail that was a 40 something divorcee that I could have tried to smooth talk to but no such luck. Nada, zip, zilch.

So what else to do but slam back the cocktails? Is it a bad thing that after your 3rd or 4th drink the bartender just looks at you and gives you the nod? She knows what I want. Maybe I was the only one tipping or just my dashing good looks had something to do with it. So that was the goal for the evening: to see how many Absolut and Cranberries I could down. I should have counted them, but a true sailor never keeps track.

The other thing that cracked me up was the class of people that showed up. My aunt has some friends that ride Harley’s around and of course they rode their bikes since it was a nice day. But they showed up in Harley gear, boots, t-shirts, jeans, etc. Just comical. Hell if I had known that I would have busted out the shorts and flip-flops. But to each his own. I was drunk and I didn’t care.

Another tale to tell is the latest concert that I attended –
I had bought tickets way back in February for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. I like the two of them but as the concert approached I had wondered why I ever bought them. First of all they were expensive tickets. I have seen both of them before and I liked the show but I wasn’t all that charged up for this show. Plus my lazy ass never bothered to ask anybody to go with me. I mean honestly, why do I spend a couple hundred bucks on tickets and not at least ask a girl if she would like to go? As sports guy likes to say the answer is, as always “I’m an idiot.” So they had to postpone the concert once because Tim had bronchitis. They rescheduled it for July 31st. OK…I have another month to find a babe and ask if she would like to go to the concert. But nooooooo! (Again, see above idiot statement) At the previously described party I finally broke down and asked my sister if she had any interest in going to see the show. Of course she was up for it. Why pass up free $100 concert tickets? So I made plans to go with my big sister. Score!

We headed down to “The Q” parked in my favorite downtown garage and made a stop at Flannery’s pub for a pre-game drink. We sat on the patio as I stared and the cowgirls in short skirts walking over to the arena. She did laugh when we walked into Flannery’s and I of course, knew most of the staff and then we saw Steve and Mary Lessick on their way to the show. So I was made out to look like I spend way too much time at Flannery’s and I know every person that walked by.

After a couple drinks we made our way to the show as well. They put on a nice show, but it was just OK in my opinion. It’s hard to explain really. I had a good time but maybe I just expected more. Like I said earlier I have seem them before. I think I have seen them both at least a half dozen times. So I was a little disappointed with it. But I think Jodi had a nice time and she got to spend a night with her super cool brother and you just can’t put a price on that.

So there are a couple of tales for you to read.
I’ll add more later!
Doctor B.

One of these days...

One of these days, I may actually sit down in front of a computer and peck away for a few minutes and write another post. I just haven't had the notion lately. My lack of motivation sucks! I have started two or three times and just never completed the thoughts.
Plus the other side is that I would start with some free time while I was at work and then complete them later, but I have actually been working lately at work. Can you imagine that? But it is really cutting into my literature time. So until then, this is all you get.


* I also have some photos to post from Melissa.

Shocking, I know