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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Gunny 2006

Here’s a story of golf outing:

There's a group of guys that plays in an outing called the Gunny Open. Supposedly it started out as a bunch of bad golfers that just got together and drink a bunch of beer. So we started playing in it about 4 years ago. It was all well and good. They have a game where each team get a pink or yellow ball and you rotate that between players and the low score with that ball wins some extra cash. The also have a “warrior” hole where you only use one club, this year it was a five iron. On top of that they have an over all “winner.” I was lucky enough to win 2 years ago. Which is silly to begin with since Ron beat me by a couple of strokes in my own group but I was called the Champ of 2004. It gets you a box of balls, a trophy and a sweet looking sport coat. We also play some side skins between about 4 or 5 groups of our pals to spice things up even a little more. Just it’s your normal day of golf, beer drinking, and cigar smoking fun.

I came out of the gates like a house of fire and eagled the first hole. So I was pretty certain that I was winning at least one skin right away. I lipped out a putt on the second hole. It was a ringer that went all the way around the cup and came back at me. But it made for a great start to my day. Our whole group played well as Ron and Mark each shot 73 and Matt and I both carded 78’s. (it may have been 77, i can't remember) I felt pretty good about our chances. For the last couple years we have pretty much run away with the yellow ball title. This year we decided this year to shuffle our teams for the hell of it. But we had a wink-wink agreement to take our winnings and split it between the two groups. We played outstanding with the yellow ball and turned in our card with a score of even par. That is by far the best score we ever had since we had been playing. So we were all counting our money as we drove to the bar to collect.

I should mention that we all congregate at a high class joint called Gunselmann’s for the awards ceremony. That’s where they hand out prizes and we have our post-game meal.
We sat back at Gunselmann’s, had a couple of drinks and chowed down as they tabulated the results. I won the long drive on the 1st and took home a sack of lovely golf balls. Got to love it! Then the comedy ensued when they announced that the Yellow Ball was going to be handicap weighted this year. WHAT?!?!?!? When the hell did this start? I heard nothing of he sort. We did end up in 2nd place and Murph’s team finished in 3rd (i got some pictures of them looking for their yellow ball in a “pond” that i will have to add later). What a bunch of crap! We did make some money but I think that there was some shady accounting going on. As Murph and I later discussed I think they just don’t like us coming in and winning most of the money. Most of the players are not very good golfers and I guess they may feel like we are ringers, but we just all are out for a good time as well. And if we win a little money while having fun, that just makes the day that much better.

The other joy of the Gunny is the prize pool! I should go back and mention again that it’s not the highest class outing that you will ever see. You play for your own golf and then we donate money for the following years’ prizes. A lot of the prizes are company giveaways like cooler and cozies. And everybody comes home with a bunch of golf balls too. I came home with 2 dozen and I think I gave Murph at least another dozen. But they do make sure that everybody gets something which is nice.

So that is the tale of the 2006 Gunny Golf Tournament. I’ll edit the other pics in later!

Rick B
2004 Gunny Champ

Some photographic some photgraphic evidence of the events...

Matt and Mark in the sweet threads

Murph, Greg, Uptown Murphy, Dino

Here's what we think of your scoring (We did take OUR trophy home with us)

Say Cheesy...Smile

I can't seem to take a normal picture

Discussing world politics, I'm sure

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Browns

A few more pictures from training camp...

You guys related?

And the winner of "Name of the Day"...

Ladies, are you looking to stay cool on hot August Days???

Winslow during drills

Braylon during drills

Drive home safely folks

Training Camp

Here are a few pictures from Sunday:

60 years (what about when we didn't have football for 3 years?)

A mean looking Elf

Romeo and the team

a BIG jersey

the BIG facility

Leigh Bodden

D-Line (Ted Washington is HUGE)

Braylon during a drill

Local favorite Joe Jurevicius

More to come...

Ketchup time

OK here is the weekend that was...

I stopped off for a quick beer on Friday after work but it literally was that. Just one beer. I just was a little tired and I knew I had a busy weekend ahead.

Saturday morning I was up and on the road at 6:45am. I had made a breakfast stop at McD’s and picked Ron up and we were on our way to Mallard Creek. It’s a solid 45 minute drive and we made some good time, thanks to my lead foot. We teed off a little after 8:00am. We had the fearsome five some but it wasn’t too bad. We actually were waiting on the group ahead of us all day. It’s a league that is comprised of some retired Sherman Wilson guys and they were not moving around the course very quickly. The first comical scene was when the ranger came up to our group and told us they had an outing that was booked to play at 10:45 and we needed to hustle.
“Um, sir, we are waiting on the group in front of us and we have an extra player. We are not your problem. How about you don’t over book your golf course?”

Anyway we played at our normal pace the rest of the day and we were fine. It was a typical Saturday on a golf course. It’s going to be crowded and you just have to deal with it. The other bright spot at the course was the girl driving the beer cart, Katelyn. She had killer blue eyes and a pearly white smile. Good thing that I am old enough to be her uncle or I might have had to make a move on her. She even took care of us when we were done by serving us another beer (and Ron’s Italian sausage {insert joke here}) on the patio when we were done with our round. Just a super cute and nice girl! After golf like I said earlier we hung out on the patio and had a couple of beers before breaking up for the day.

I dropped Ron off at Marie’s place and made my way back home to the East side. I just kicked back and relaxed and watched Failure to Launch. My mother has been telling me forever that I had to see it. It was just like me. OK I’ll watch it. Here is how it’s like me; we are both 35 and we both live at home. That’s it. End of comparison. He is a good looking guy, has loads of cash, and dates hot girls all the time. Me…not so much. It was a boring chick flick. But it killed off Saturday night, so that part was successful.

Sunday at the ass crack of dawn I was up and at ‘em again. I showered and was on the road at 7:00am to meet Matt for breakfast. I arrived at 7:30 and we made our way to The Canary. It’s your basic greasy spoon. I had some biscuits and gravy and Matt had his usual. The bill came to $6.75! Good times!

After breakfast we made our way to Berea to see the Browns training camp. For the last couple of years we have taken a day and gone over to watch at least one practice. So we picked this fine Sunday morning practice thinking that it would be a little less crowded. They also had a Locker Room sale listed on their website so we figured that may be worth a look as well. Turns out that the sale wasn’t too much to look at. They did have some game used jerseys but they were pretty pricey. They were going for $100 each. They also had some sweet orange pants that I know Matt was dying to pick up a pair. They only had either really small or really big sizes. Other items were game socks, sweatshirts (all 4XL) and some other odds and ends. We ended up passing on the sale.

After nosing around there we made our way over to the practice fields and watched the Browns get to work. Training camp is cool because you can usually get to see them up close and see how they practice. Mainly I was interested in seeing Kellen Winslow in his return and we both had an interest in Braylon Edwards. Both of them just went through some individual drills but sat out most of the practice. They are working them both very cautiously, which I pretty much would have expected. (I took some pics that I will post separately. They need some of their own explanations) After a couple of hours there it was back to Matt’s place for a minute before heading out to golf.

I stopped back at Marie’s place to pick Ron up and we headed out to Windmill Lakes which was a solid hour drive. Mark and Matt met us out at the course. By the time we got out there I was feeling a little run down. I just didn’t have it. I wasn’t concentrating on what I was doing and felt sluggish. I played OK but that was just it. It was just blah. I was tired and ready to relax. So after golf we made our way home and I dropped Ron off. I had made a comment about how much travel we had done over the last couple of days. We covered some serious ground. I want to go back and figure it out. We called it a day, I went home and I was crashing by 10:00pm.

So that was my busy weekend. I had a lot of fun and a lot of sun. Work has been so-so this week. It seems like it has been a long week already but what do I know.