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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Not so fast my friend...

Hey is there some sort of big football game tonight? I think I have heard "1 versus 2" about 8 million times today. Maybe I will have to make some time and sit my fat ass down in front of the TV tonight and watch some of it (like I have anything better to do anyway). Apparently it's a big game or something.

Side note: How do they determine the rankings before we ever see a game played? That is a joke to me. Let them play for let's say a month and then come out with rankings for college football. As much as I love watching the Buckeyes, are they really the best team right now? I mean who the hell knows? Just one man's opinion.

OK...I am ready to watch it. ESPN is just killing me with break down after break down about every angle. I mean it does have the makings of a good one, but Christ enough already!

Being an Ohio State fan I am trying to be objective and figure out what the realistic chances are of the Buckeyes going into a hostile environment and win a big game. They do not seem to do well in night games for whatever reason; I guess the exception to that would be some of the bowl games over the last couple of years. So what do I know?

In Tressel We Trust

As I look at a couple of key areas for OSU, I break it down sort of like this:

QB - Troy Smith has coolness about him in big games. I used to think he was a little shaky with his decision making but now he seems to be much more clutch. Colt McCoy has the coolest name I've heard in a long time but that doesn't win football games. I think his inexperience could hurt him. He could get rattled into making a couple of turnovers.

Ted Ginn Jr - Do we really need to call him Jr? His dad isn't in uniform. We should be able to tell them apart. He is the red streak running down the field. I think Ginn is going to have 2 or 3 BIG plays tonight. That could determine the outcome. With Texas having one of their better defensive backs suspended for the game that certainly doesn't help them.

Ohio State Defense - They gave up a lot of yardage to Wolfe last week against NIU. That has to be a concern. I think that Tressel is a good enough coach to figure out some of those weaknesses and work on them to prepare for tonight.

Special Teams - Inexperienced kickers could hurt the Buckeyes. As an OSU fan lets hope it does not come down to that.

Cheerleaders - Well its more of just an excuse to put a nice photo in here.

To be honest I am not all over Texas like I am Ohio State other than what I have read in the paper and seen on TV. But I think that we are in for a heck of a football game tonight. In the end I think that the offense of Ohio State will have enough horses to go down to Austin and steal a victory.

My prediction, sure to go wrong.

OSU - 31
Texas - 24

Texas does have this going for them...which is nice.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Me and Sports Guy


I will look to rebound this weekend but the comedy ensues in Sports Guy's coulum today. This should have been on my blog but he is taking it right out of my mouth and on to the pages of ESPN.com

Friday, September 8, 2006
Week 1: I already stink
By Bill SimmonsPage 2

Wow. We haven't even gotten to Sunday of Week 1 and I'm already 0-1.
Convinced that Nick Saban's Miami defense would swallow up Chaz Batch on Thursday night, I brushed off an even more likely scenario: Daunte Culpepper submitting his eighth consecutive stink bomb since the beginning of last season, which ties him for the overall lead with Bobby Kelly from "Tourgasm." As always with a bad Daunte game, the numbers failed to reflect the depth of his suckitude -- grounders to wide-open receivers on third downs, lob passes to opposing cornerbacks in the end zone, receivers running back to the bench and shaking their heads, interceptions in crunch-time served on a platter to free safeties and outside linebackers. When you wager on Daunte, he doesn't just beat you. No, he pulls your soul out of your body and stomps on it a few times. After nearly a decade of making picks for my column, I should have known better.

The rest of his column is here.

I was thinking that this is the easiest way to get a post every week by making some football picks. I know it's gay and every other asshole can do it. But it fill space and sells newspapers! So here you have them as I see them on Friday afternoon:

Broncos -3.5 over RAMS

Jets + 2.5 overTitans

PATRIOTS -9.5 over Bills

BUCS -3 over Ravens

Bengals +2 over CHIEFS

Seahawks -6 over LIONS

PANTHERS -5 over Falcons

Eagles -5 over TEXANS


Cowboys +2.5 over JAGUARS

Bears -3.5 over PACKERS

CARDINALS -7.5 over 49ers

Colts 3 over GIANTS

REDSKINS -4.5 over Vikings

Chargers -2.5 over RAIDERS

YTD: 0-1...and on the comeback trail

Adios Muchachos!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Are you ready?

It's time for the NFL season to kick off! Finally!!!
Time to listen to Bob Costas ramble on for 15 minutes about the return of football to NBC. Big stinking deal. Play the games already! We are ready to see Charlie Batch lead the Stillers against Daunte Culpepper and the 'Fins.

So when I get the ball I turn left. which one is left, again?

Tonight's storylines:

Ben 'Golden Boy' Roethlisberger's offseason recaps Over/Under 4-1/2

Daunte Culpeper knee operation/ rehab stories O/U 2-1/2

Nick Saban is Defensive Genius/Belicheck references O/U 3-1/2

Bill Cowher Retirement storyline O/U 1- 1/2

My general outlook for tonight - Chaz Batch and the boys will get pushed around by a good Dolphin defense and not be able to put up many points. Culpepper hits Chris Chambers (from Bedford HS) for a score and Ronnie Brown rushes for another.

Dolphins 20
Burgh 10

Pepper and the Dolphins start out 1-0

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New look

I was messing around and decided on a new look.
So we have changes. Remain calm all is well!
It will be the same dumb content! Too bad they don't have a way of changing the writer!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Commercial pour

This dumb commercial/song has been stuck in my head for the last couple of days.


Luckily Maria watching never gets old.

Labor of Love...and more!

OK…Here we go with more lies and fabricated stories. And I am shooting for 15000 words this week.

Thursday 8-31

Browns vs. Bears, preseason NFL football. Does it get any more exciting? We had decided to do a little light tailgating before the game so that made it a little bit more interesting. But you can’t go that crazy if you have to work the next day, which I did. We (Ron and Matt) stopped off and had a bite to eat at BW-3's after work. Along with a couple of adult beverages I might add. After that we made our way over to our tailgate area to meet up with Ed and Don. They are our tailgating neighbors over in the Flats. They had planned for a small group so we decided to join them. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than going to a bar plus we had the last remains of the air show as side entertainment.

We hung out there for a while drinking beer and just kicking back before the game. Kathleen and Janet joined us a little later. One of the highlights had to be when Matt drooped his drawers and mooned Red Cabbage as he drove down the road. It’s just another case of Matt being Matt. We all know something is going to happen it’s just a matter of when and where. A while later I got a call from Tom Murphy that he had tickets he was looking to get rid of so he was on his way to join us for a beer or two. And the last highlight was kicking some field goals over a light post in the parking lot. Janet took some pictures of the action for us. If she forwards them along I will do some posting of the evidence.

Tom had decided that he wasn’t going to the game but he was nice enough and offered to drive us closer to the stadium. So we piled in his truck and he dropped us off on the corner of West 6th.

The game was nothing to really exciting to report about as the starters played for all of 2 series and shut it down for the evening. The Browns played sloppy football and turned the ball over and the Bears won handily 20-7. Midway through the 3rd quarter we made our way to Legends, which is located in stadium to drink more that we didn’t need to. We hung out there and had a few more laughs as the game wound down.

After the game we made our way towards to the tailgate spot and had the notion of going over to West 6th for some post game fun. I voted against it since I knew I was working on Friday and the rest of the group followed suit and we all headed home.

Friday 9-1

Not too much happening today. It was a Friday before a holiday weekend so it was more watching the clock and trying to wish the day away. Murph and I skipped working out and went to lunch down in Tower City. We stopped over at Subway and I ordered up a chipotle cheese steak sandwich. When the girl making it poured to steak on it looked a little skimpy so she added another helping of meat on my sandwich. Sweet! But then as it came out of their rocket toaster oven one of the other girls dropped it right on the floor. Son of a b*tch! It looked so good too! So I had to wait as they made another one with the normal amount of beef on it. Anyway we got let out of work at 3:00pm on the holiday weekend so that was a bonus. Although I didn’t have squat to do so I went home and did up some laundry before the weekend.

Saturday 9-2

Roll along you BG warriors! Today was tailgate day and the kick off of 2006 college football. It’s always a bonus to be able to put on ESPN on Saturday morning and watch College Gameday. Before all of that I decided to get moving and run some small errands on a Saturday morning. I needed some male hygiene products and supplies for the party later in the day. I made my way to the bank and picked up some cash and stopped off at Marc’s since it was located nearby. I now know why I don’t go to Marc’s. It’s a hole! They just don’t have a good selection of anything. I should have left and gone to Tops or Target or anywhere else. But I’m lazy and that’s not in my nature. I grabbed some beer, chips and snacks for the party. The thing that really irked me was that I needed razor blades. And they didn’t just have replacement blades. They had new razors and blades, but not what I was looking for. After walking around the store like a goof because it is set up so bass ackwards! I made my way to the check out. I had to have a manager come and ring up my beer, another momentary delay. But then I went to pay and handed the girl my debit card, only to have her tell me they only accept Discover cards. At least I think that’s what she said. Damn mumblers! So after that adventure it will be 5 more years before I go back to Marc’s.

When is this rain going stop? It’s early it will pass us by. We’ve got time. It will clear up.

I went back home got my clothes together and loaded up the cooler. Time to shower up and Ron will be on his way for our 11:30am departure. But not before he calls me to tell me that it’s raining. I knew the call was coming. I was laying odds that he was canceling on me for the day. Tailgating in the rain isn’t Ron’s thing, and I knew it. But he showed up and we made our way to the spot. Actually we stopped at the Hampton Inn first so I could check into my room for the night. When we got downtown it was raining and the wind was blowing around pretty good. It didn’t look good for our heroes. Matt was also at the hotel checking in so we shook our heads at the crappy weather and made our to our spot.

As we pulled up to the tailgate parking lot and noticed that it was locked up. SWEET! But the high security system of a wood board was not in place so Matt pulled in over the curb and we set up shop. We set up a canopy to guard us from the rain, and we sat around and did some drinking. We basically stood around and watched the rain. Very exciting stuff! Some of Matt’s college friends arrived and dropped off their coolers. But they abandoned us for drier pastures. I think they went and had lunch as well. Matt's buddy Ed and his wife Kim showed up next along with Murph shortly thereafter. Little by little more folks came around and we ended up having a nice little gathering.

Everybody give a hand gesture

For our entertainment, Matt had a 9 iron that he found so we decided that it would be a good idea to whack some golf balls around the desolate Flats. (I may have to plead the 5th for any damage that may have occurred) I was popping golf balls over the building. We were aiming for windows like they do on the Big Break. But then wise ass Matt comes up and drills one on his first shot. We did some more field goal kicking too. And of course some corn hole games took place as well. The weather cleared up and the Blue Angels did give us a great afternoon performance. That was pretty cool to watch as always.

By now it was getting later in the afternoon and it was about time to get all of the gear packed back up and start making our way to the stadium. Of course we ended up being a little bit late even though we started our party 6 hours before the game! I have to be honest and say that I didn’t even watch that much of the game. Matt had bought 42 tickets for the game so we had a good size group that was busier screwing around and having fun that watching the game. Bowling Green kept it close for a while before falling to Wisconsin 35-14. Just like on Thursday we headed over to Legends on Saturday night. But we used it a little bit more of an excuse to get out of the rain. But we hung out in there and watched the end of the game along with the end of the Notre Dame/ Georgia Tech game.

After the game we marched back to the parking lot and packed up shop and made it back over to the hotel. We dropped off our bags and cleaned up a little bit before hitting the town for some nightlife. The downside was that we were a group of about 15 people so getting them to all go in one direction is always a challenge. We started down the street with the intention of going somewhere on West 6th. Pam had talked to BJ and Cindy (of the Boston Blog fame) and they were at Panini’s. So we made that our destination. Pam and I decided that we would rather drink than walk so we hopped in a cab and got a jump on everybody else. We asked them but they wanted to walk, so we were off. We claimed that to be the best $5 we spent all day as we were ordering our drinks in just a couple of minutes after making the decision.

We found BJ and Cindy, along with some of their friends whose names I don’t remember. But we hung out there for a while until the rest of the group rolled in. We then made the choice to head across the street to Tequila Ranch. They always have a decent band and there is no cover charge. So that was the spot for the rest of the night. We listened to music and drank heavily for the rest of the evening. BJ and Matt hung out in the basement, while I was upstairs with Pam and Cindy. The boys decided to join up with us a little later. But it was a good night.

As the place shut down we made our way back to Panini’s for the traditional 3am sandwich. I made my way to the counter and ordered my food. I looked around and realized that in my quest I had lost the rest of the group. I got a phone call from Pam looking for me but I told her that I had my food and was headed home. I had every intention of hopping in a cab but they were all loaded with people. So I set out on foot towards the Hampton in hopes of catching a cab. But after 5 or 10 minutes I realized that I was probably just better off walking my way back. I reached my room, choked down my sandwich and passed out for the evening.

Sunday 9-3

UGH…I woke up in the comfy Hampton Inn bed, pillows thrown about the room. Shoes, clothes, money, phone, pillows all thrown about the floor. Good times!

I turned on the tube and watched a little “Meet the Fockers” and recount the previous days tales. I think I was a good boy yesterday, damn! Make a little coffee in the room and grab the paper. I got a call from Matt to see what my plans were for the day. I threw a quick shower and met up with the Fyffe’s in the lobby. We made our way to the garage and did some creative stacking so that we could all fit in the truck. We went to their place and unloaded the gear for a while before deciding on cleats for some lunch. We all were feeling the effects of the previous day as we combed over the menu. We spilt up some nachos that were piled a foot high. And we each had ordered up sandwiches. But when our food came nobody did a very good job of cleaning our plates. I think we each ate just half of our sandwiches. So everybody got to take home at least one box of food!

When I got home I watched a little of the Andre Agassi’s final match. He is a guy that I have always liked. Even the old school brash Agassi was always one of my favorites. I always wanted him to beat Sampras and everybody else. So it’s weird to think of tennis not having Andre around any longer.

Thanks Andre!

After that I turned on some golf and that was all I needed to put me out. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I got myself a solid couple of hours of sleep. The rest of the night was just kicking back and watching sports on TV. Some college football and Sunday night Nascar! Woo hoo!

Labor Day Monday 9-4

I woke this morning feeling a little better than I did yesterday. I logged on to my PC and did a little work (gasp). Everything was just fine with my work stuff so I popped around on line for a while before getting ready to make the trek out to Norwalk for a little afternoon golf. We made the trip out west to Eagle Creek in Norwalk to take advantage of their holiday twilight rates. I picked Ron up at 12:30ish for our 2:15 tee time. The directions to the course were easy enough but as we were making the trip we were trying to determine how far we had a little situation. As I looked down at the odometer, I was watching so I knew about how far we needed to go before looking for our next turn. So I said we still had a ways to go. Finally Ron looked over at the odometer and says, “Hey dummy that is 6267.” So there I am waiting for the thing to turn over. But of course it wasn’t even close. I thought there was a decimal point. So now we are both giggling and laughing as I am still trying to drive and look for our turn off. Alexandre Dumass!!!
Sure enough we pulled into the parking lot at 2:10pm. Right on time as usual

Eagle Creek is a pretty nice course and the deal was $33 for 18 holes and a cart. But it’s just a long ride to go and play golf. It was probably a solid hour and a half drive to get out there. But it was fun as usual with our regular foursome of Ron, Mark, Matt and myself. Marks brother and three of his friends also came out and played in the group in front of us. We each tossed in $5 for skins just to make things interesting. We played OK. Ron and Mark each made some cash back while Matt and I just donated our share.
Ron fired a 79 (I think) and I shot an 82. Another downer at the end was that the course pretty much closed up shop before we even finished. We couldn’t even stop in for something to drink after we were done. Hell, we couldn’t even use the restroom before the hour and a half ride home!

So we hit the road and got back to Willowick around 9:00pm on Monday night. I dropped off Ron headed home and grabbed a bite to eat before crashing in my lazy boy and watching The U lose to Florida State. It had been a long day and I was ready to hit the hay before getting back to the grind on Tuesday.

This week has treeeeemendous upside potential because of the following reasons:

It’s already Tuesday and the works day is almost over

We have Sheman Wilson Golf “outing” on Saturday

Saturday evening is THE Ohio State University at Texas #1 vs. #2

And Sunday is opening day at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Reggie Bush and the ‘Nawlins Saints are in town. Which means Tailgate season is officially upon us. Let's hope we don't have a repeat performance of last year's mishap.
My head hurts! Behind the yellow line sir!

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