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Saturday, September 30, 2006

RB's Ramblings

I don't have any one subject so I am going to jump around on this one. Keep up if you can...

OK, I know that I am not the slimmest guy in town. But c'mon Charlie. Didn't he have that bypass surgery before? I mean this guy gets paid a lot of money to coach football. Couldn't he keep himself in a little better shape? Michigan fans think so too.

University of Florida wore some sweet throwbacks uniforms today. They were to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1966 team. Pretty sweet if you ask me. How long has Chris Leak been at Florida? Seems like about a decade to me.

Yes Ohio State fans are goofy but this is pretty crazy. Roll Tide!

Deadspin.com loves Cleveland's own Investigative reporter Carl Monday. Especially when he catches goof balls jerkin it in Cleveland libraries. The Daily Show did a piece on Carl this week. Pretty funny. I saw Carl Monday once at Flannery's. He's a little weasel. I think he was about 5'5" and 120 pounds. It's a wonder that more people don't beat the shit out of him.

I read this online a couple of weeks ago. They were talking about Bob Davie and the fact that he doesn't enunciate when he says football. Davie says footbaw, instead. But then somebody made the following comment on their message board.
I would rather listen to Terry Bowden sing the classics than listen to Bob Davie on another telecast.
And could somebody please tell Bob Griese that the “r” in Warshington is silent.
I bet that fuck whistles in the elevator, too.

I'm not sure why I found it to be so funny, but I cracked up when I read that. I was probably drunk.

Nice to see Tiger Woods show up this week. If there is a $1 Million paycheck on the line he plays well. He can leave these exhibitions like the Ryder Cup for the Europeans. Sad to see Lord Byron pass away this week.

At work they decided about a month ago that they wanted to paint one of the walls when you enter the office. They put up some sort of design that looked like it belonged on a nursery wall somewhere. It was red and blue paint spots. It looked like it was done by a bunch of little kids. I thought it was really tacky looking, myself. Needless to say, it was repainted on Friday. Plain taupe walls again. Like an office should be.

Speaking of work, people have really been getting on my nerves lately. Who the hell brings fish in for lunch and microwaves the shit out of it? It stinks up the whole office. Seriously?

I work in a call center. So it's loud with people talking on the phone all day. But we have some people that just kill me. They end a call and have to talk out loud about how stupid the customer on the other end was. Once in a while we all do this but we have people who do this after every phone call. Shut up and take another call. It's your job!

Another pet peeve is the people who are on maternity leave and fell the need to bring their babies in to work. This happened on Thursday. The baby is 5 WEEKS OLD! Do you think he wanted to come and see where you work? He wants to stay at home and sleep and shit in peace. Plus we constantly have people coughing and sneezing all over the place. Not exactly a safe place for a little baby. Stay at home until your leave time is over.

And on that note I am going to call it a night. I have no plans for tomorrow except to watch some NFL and keep up on my fantasy teams. So maybe I will have more to add tomorrow.

Nighty night folks!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A bit of a Funky Monkey

I’ll let you know that I’m still a little bit of a funk today. I’m doing some training at work for the next week or so. And I’m really not happy about it. It just throws my schedule off. I like to do my own thing at work, work at my own pace, and screw off when and how I want to. But now I have to keep the new guy busy while I am trying to learn him about the painting business. So that kind of sucks. But I’ll get through it.

I really have nothing on tap for the weekend, which is strange. I guess I will just take it easy not really spend any money and watch football all weekend. I am sure that as soon as this gets published that something will come up and I will be busy for the entire weekend.

Week 4 NFL Picks

Colts -9 at Jets
Chargers -2 at Ravens
Vikings at
Bills -2
Cowboys -9 ½
at Titans
49ers at
Chiefs -7
Saints at
Panthers -7
Cardinals at
Falcons -7
Dolphins -4
at Texans
Lions at Rams -6
Patriots at Bengals -6
Jaguars -3 at Redskins
Browns -3 at Raiders
Seahawks at
Bears -3
at Eagles -11

Last Week 6-7-1
YTD 23-22-1

Later Gator,

And of course...Go Bucks!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Slow Week

I don’t know what it is but I just haven't had a lot to write about. It’s Wednesday night and I haven’t done anything this week. I think I have some sort of bug or something because I haven’t felt quite right. I’ve had a scratchy throat and I’ve been coughing like crazy. So maybe that has led to my lack of productivity....Or I'm just lazy.

Let’s talk College Football…
I need some sort of redemption after going a dismal 2-7-1 last week. I kind of knew going in that there was just way too many points to be laying on some of those games. Here are the 10 games for this week.

Ohio State -7 @ IOWA – As and OSU fan this game scare the crap out of me. Kinnick Stadium is going to be a hornet’s nest. But Iowa has been too inconsistent. I think the Buckeyes will pull away late as they did last week.

Auburn -14 @ South Carolina – Over/Under on visor throws for the Ol’ Ball Coach has to be 2 ½.

Michigan @ Minnesota +9 ½ - Sort of the same line as OSU. The Wolverines never seem to play night road games very well. I think Michigan will squeak it out but there are just too many points.

Akron @ Kent State +2 ½ – I am going with the Golden Flashes as home underdogs in this epic MAC backyard battle.

The others:
USC -17 @ Washington St.
Tennessee -13 @ Memphis
GA Tech @ VA Tech -9 1/2
Alabama @
Florida -13 ½
Miss State
@ LSU -32
Georgia -18 @ Ole Miss

I will try and find some inspiration and put some more words together later.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Week 3 - Browns Vs. Ravens

Here's a little photo essay of yesterday's events:

Some Crabcakes in honor of our Maryland visitors

Ed was ready in case he got the call to play

Braylon hitting the wall

Come with me son

Huddle up in front of us

The Best Damn Band in the Land performed at halftime

Jersey of the Day Winner

The Young Guns - 17 & 80

Showing some love to our Baltimore Friends

Today's paid attendance 72,474 disappointed Browns fans