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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Things are looking up!

This weekend is a go for Columbus. The early weather forecast looks fantastic so the fingers are crossed that it doesn’t change. I think it has the makings of a great time. I just hope that I can remember the details so that I can share any tales with the blogging community.

A look at some NCAA games for recreational use only, of course. I've given these way too much analysis the past few weeks so I'm just shooting from the hip this week.

BGSU @ OSU –35
Arkansas @ Auburn –15 ½
Washington @ USC – 20 ½
West Virginia @ Miss St +24
LSU @ Florida +1
Mich St @ Michigan –15 ½
@ Oklahoma +4 ½
Tennessee @ Georgia +2 ½
Oregon @ CAL –5 ½
FSU @ NC State +10 ½

OK…everybody learn the words for Saturday:

Fight the team across the field,

Show them Ohio's here
Set the earth reverberating with a mighty cheer
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Hit them hard and see how they fall;
Never let that team get the ball,
Hail! Hail! The gang's all here,
So let's win that old conference now.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Live for This!*

* edit -I messed up the title for this one. I had my slogans crossed up

I thought about putting together some picks for the baseball playoffs but seeing as how 2 of the games have already been played today and the third is going on right now, I guess there wouldn't be much validity to it. I am looking forward to watching some good playoff baseball though.

My rooting intrest will again be on the side of the Oakland A's in the American league. I'm pulling for the Tigers to knock of the Yanks as well. In the senior circuit, let's go California. Dodgers and Padres! Judging by my football picks, good luck with those! But that's who I am rooting for damnit!

This weekend is already shaping up after a VERY dull past weekend. Matt has scored some tickets for Thee Ohio State University and Bowling Green Fal-coons game on Saturday. We have contacted Elden to let him know we're coming down and we are getting tailgating and shenanigans planning in order. Fyffe and I have both said that we are pretty fired up about it. It has tree-mendous upside potential for a lot of fun!

Yankee playoff games on Fox remind me of Notre Dame football games on NBC. They usually last 4 freaking hours long. I can only take so much of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. I switched over to the Big Break in the middle of it.

Can somebody explain to me why the Browns don't have these?
Just wonderin...

I had a stupid thing happen to me the other day that I feel compelled to share. I fell asleep watching TV with the remote control laying on the bed next to me. I woke up at 2am and looked for the remote but I had knocked it off the bed and into a cup of iced tea that I had on the floor next to my bed. I tried to dry it out and clean it up the best I could. But it ain't working no more!!! And now I can't set my sleep timer on my TV. It's a small but trivial thing. Wouldn't you think that there would be another way to do that besides using the remote? I may have to find one of those universal remotes and see if that has a timer setting on it.

I'll talk at y'all later.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hallelujah! The Browns are 1-3

Glancing at my College picks from yesterday I split it right down the middle and went 5-5. Even Steven. Oh well, we have next week.

Today's thoughts...
Today's games in Cleveland were New Orleans at Carolina and San Diego at Baltimore. I think I would have rather watched the Jest and Colts. But I was pretty good on the remote between football, baseball, nascar, and golf!

Good to see Ed Hochuli making the trip out to Oakland and showing off the guns today!
(Shirt size Double Extra Medium)

How many Peyton Manning commercial did you see today? Love the Stache though.

From CBS Sportsline here is the official play listing for the final play of the Jets/Colts game:
(:08) (Shotgun) C.Pennington pass short middle to L.Washington to NYJ 40 for 8 yards [D.Freeney]. Lateral to B.Smith to NYJ 37 for -3 yards. Lateral to L.Coles to IND 44 for 19 yards. Lateral to C.Pennington to IND 37 for 7 yards. Lateral to J.McCareins to IND 35 for 2 yards. FUMBLES, recovered by NYJ-B.Smith at IND 33. B.Smith to IND 37 for -4 yards. FUMBLES, recovered by NYJ-L.Coles at IND 40. L.Coles to IND 27 for 13 yards. Lateral to N.Mangold to IND 27 for no gain. FUMBLES, RECOVERED by IND
I count 5 laterals and 3 fumbles. Great ending to the game!

I made fun of Charlie Weis yesterday about the way he looked on the sideline. Hey Romeo...might need to mix in a salad sometime. Again, people in glass houses...I know.

Thank the Lord that the Browns hung on and got their first W of the year. They still are not a great team or anything, but at least they are off the snide. Baby steps. Good luck going to Carolina next week. I hope that Charlie Frye can walk after that game. The line needs to keep him as clean as they can. Speaking of Charlie I did not like the 2 INT's today. Both were bad decisions. Especially the second one. That ball has to be thrown away.

A couple of positives points were that Winslow got another touchdown and JJ made his return and made a heck of a catch in the corner of the end zone. Also have like the fact that Reuben had 25 carries for 100 yards. Even if it was against the Raiders. I am sure the Browns will take it at this point. Should make the plane ride home a little easier.

I really could use a big night out of Matt Hasselbeck tonight for my fantasy squad. I know he is playing the Bears but as long as he doesn't make any dumb mistakes, we'll be fine. With no Shaun Alexander I am hoping that the Seahawks have to throw the ball more. Plus my other QB Eli had a bye week so I didn't have much of a choice.

Anybody else think it's strange that Friday Night Lights is being shown on Tuesdays?

Back to the grind at work tomorrow...It's Customer Service Week, for what ever that is worth. Not sure what exactly they have planned for us this year. But we do get to wear jeans to work for the first three days this week. Big reward there!

Have a great week!