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Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's Football Time in Tennessee...

I found this on a Vol Fan site this morning. I thought it was pretty cool.

Even if she's a Texas fan you gotta appreciate the enthusiasm.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Baby, if you've ever wondered

It has been brought to my attention that I have not been posting much this week. I can apologize for that but I guess I just haven’t had a lot to say. And I have been a little too busy at work to get some of my writing done while I should be working. Well the problem now may be even worse. I have a “New Job” that begins next week. And my first order of business will be to spend a week in the beautiful budding metropolis of Cincinnati, Ohio. Of all the places I can think that I would love to have to be for a week of work, I am not sure that any name jumps to the top of the list faster than Cincy. Now to be clear, I have nothing against Cincinnati but I would have preferred something a little more tropical. But hey I have a job and supposedly this is a good thing according to the talking heads here. So I have that going for me…which is nice.

This has been in my head for the past week.

Baby, if you've ever wondered, Wondered whatever became
of me,
I'm living on the air in Cincinnati, Cincinnati, WKRP. Got kind of tired packing and unpacking, Town to town and up and down the dial Maybe you and me were never meant to be, But baby think of me
once in awhile. I'm at WKRP in Cincinnati

With my social schedule last week and the trip to Columbus, I took my bye week from picking NFL games. Not a great loss in my eyes after the success that I have had so far this year. But let’s take a look at this week’s games and get back to it.

Bengals –5 vs. BUCCANEERS Do you dare take the QB from Toledo over the mighty and powerful Bengals? Well since I am going to be living there maybe I should say no. Who Dey? But I have a feeling this will be close. I’ll use my home underdog theory.

REDSKINS –10 ½ vs. Titans Mighty Vince Yong doesn’t have full command of the offense just yet. But the Redskins are a roller coaster. I’ll take the Skins.

COWBOYS –13 vs. Texans Classic Bill Parcells press conference on Thursday. Talking about being nutty enough to drink warm milk and make ashtrays. TO is just too much these days. It’s all that ESPN can talk about. Luckily they get Houston this week to heal some of their wounds.

Bills –1 vs. LIONS JP Losman or Jon Kitna? Which bad QB would you take? I like Buffalo’s defense a little bit better. I’ll take the Bills.

Seahawks –3 vs. RAMS Seattle looked horrible a couple of weeks ago against the Bears. They can’t seem to run the ball at all. I think the Rams seem to be a very balanced team this year with Steven Jackson looking great (why didn’t I draft him?).

FALCONS –3 vs. Giants Can the G-men stop the best running team in the league? That is probably the key to this one. On the turf in the GA dome, I’m taking the ATL.

Eagles-3 ½ vs. SAINTS Philly’s Def looked good against the Cowboys last week. They were all over the field and blitzing like mad. I have a scary thought of some sort of let down, but I don’t have the guts to pick it. Fly Eagles, Fly!

Bye Week -5 vs. BROWNS Simmons stole my Joke but I know he used it in the past. But I was going to put this in my picks this week anyway.

RAVENS –3 vs. Panthers Julius Peppers beat the snot out of the Browns line last week. Now that isn’t saying much, but I think they beat up the Ravens as well. I’m not impressed with the Ravens O. I think they will get beat this week by a better Defense. This is an under game as well in my eyes.

JETS –2 @ Dolphins The Jets got spanked by 41 points last week. The Dolphins have Joey Harrington as their quarterback. I think the Jets may have the edge but honestly, who knows??? I’ll be rooting for Laveranues Coles to rack up fantasy points for me.

Chargers –10 vs. 49ERS The Chargers have a great defense. I’m not completely sold on Phillip Rivers just yet. And Marty-Ball is always lurking around. I think the Chargers win but I hate laying 10 points on the road. I’ll take the points here just for fun.

STEELERS – 6½ vs. Chiefs Time for the champs to step up and win a game for a change. Plus they are playing against Damon Huard. I wasn’t sure how old he was and I think I had him confused with his brother Brock. Anyway I think the Steelers need this game or they are D-U-N, Done.

BRONCOS –15 vs. Raiders Seriously? 15 points? I don’t know how I could possibly even think of taking the points here. The true question is what will happen first? A team goes 0-16 or a team goes unbeaten. I think 0-16 has a better shot in all honesty. Every team is going to lose one game. But the Raiders have a shot a futility. Just Lose Baby!

Bears –10 ½ vs. CARDINALS I’m on board the Bears bandwagon. They look great right now. I think they will crush Leinart on Sunday. MNF is not going to be fun. Maybe I will call up Odell Thurman and Chris Henry and see if they want to go watch the game with me on Monday.

Good luck with your paraskavedekatriaphobia.

Les Nessman

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

OSU Photo Shop

The Rotunda as you walk up to The Shoe

Both teams dancing around during pregame

Script OH-IO

Down the tunnel on the north endzone

This was our view

Here's Elden - Last row in the upper deck - But it was free
a view inside "The Shoe"

Gotta love the Mohawk!

OSU Scored on this play

All the pics were taken by Mr Matt Fyffe.
Muchas Gracias!!!

And we're back!

Let’s get right after it and catch everybody up as to what is going on since we last spoke.

Friday –

Friday my social schedule got jammed up with the fact that I had an invite to 3 happy hours. After work we (Ron, Matt and myself) stopped over at Flannery’s for a going away party for my now former team lead Amy. She is moving to Reno, NV to work at our warehouse out there. We hung out there and had a couple of beers. Nothing too exciting happened but we chatted it up with a bunch of my co-workers.

The next stop was at Bier Market on West 25th for a gathering for Gina’s new move at work. It was my first stop at Bier Market. I liked that place. Although I was told that there was some hotties bartending there by a certain somebody. I was misinformed. We hung out there with some of the crew from the Tech Center. But Matt and I were on a tight schedule. He had told The Boss that we would meet her at Claddagh at Crocker Park for dinner. Matt had let me know that “it would behoove him to be on time for dinner.” So we shut it down and were on our way to the next stop.

We met Pam at the restaurant and had a nice dinner. We tried several of the blended beers that they had on their menu. I think we hit up Black and Blue, Black and Red, Black and Moon along with a few others. After dinner we headed back to the Fyffe’s to retire for the evening. We knew that we had a long day ahead of us on Saturday so we were all content to shut it down early.

Saturday –

Matt and I woke up and got moving around 7am on Saturday. We showered up (not together) and got a move on. We filled the car up with gas, grabbed some drinks, along with some gross Krispy Kreme donut holes and hit the highway. The weather on the ride down was interesting. The low lying areas were filled with fog that was pretty heavy. But as you moved along the sun would be out and shining bright. It was pretty cool to see actually. I had a thought in my mind that the car was going to reek of stale beer farts from the night before but we were both pretty respectful and kept the car odor free. We listened to a comedy channel on XM radio for most of the ride down which helped to pass the time. We rolled up to the Elden estate, dropped off our bags, said hello to the new Mrs. Elden and loaded up Elden’s truck for the ride over to OSU.

We had a parking pass that had also been a gift with our tickets. Unfortunately, the OSU fans get there bright and early so we had to park a little ways down the road from the stadium. But we had a cooler of beer and a football so we had all we needed. As we parked, a truck that parked next to us had some BG fans (Matt and Matt both had their BG gear on as well) so we made friends. It didn’t hurt that the girl sitting in the passenger seat was hot! The biggest bonus that came out of that meeting was that one of the other guys in their group had an extra student ticket that he gave to Elden for free. So that was a big win for us.

Dominic D’Angelo showed up a little while later and joined the party. He had knowledge of another tailgate party up the street. So we had a few more beers at our place and we made our way up the street to the next party. The new tailgate party had a bunch of food and crazed up Ohio State fans. So we took full advantage of their hospitality and hung out with them for a little while. By now it was getting closer to game time so we made our way towards "The Horseshoe." We got over there probably about a half hour before the game so that I could catch a glimpse of some of the pre game festivities. We got to see TBDBITL do their “Script Ohio” which was pretty cool to see.

Our seats were in the North end zone. We had a gorgeous day for football. It was bright and sunny for the first half before the shadows took over our seats. The game was pretty much as expected. Ohio State took an early 21 point lead and cruised the rest of the way. Fyffe was pleased that BGSU scored and covered the spread. (By the way my college picks were a crummy 5-5 Yuck!)

We decided about half way through the 4th quarter to scoot out of there and try and catch some of the Yankees/Tigers game. We made our way back to the tailgate and made friends with the guys across the way that had the TV and satellite dish. We had the pleasure of watching the Yanks fall to Detroit along with the rest of the afternoon football games. I just have to say the people were great at the tailgate. They took us in and offered up food and drinks all afternoon. So we were taken care of by our new friends. As we were talking to them they mentioned something about Shadyside Ohio, so I had to let them know that I had actually been to Shadyside and I was a big fan of The Tiger Pub. They didn’t believe it until I told them that I was an attendee of Jamboree in the Hills for several years back in the day. So we really made a nice impression on them! They love the Jamboree fans! We felt that we had worn out our welcome so hit the road back to our car. The streets were still backed up so we popped open our cooler and tossed back a few more beers as the traffic died down.

When we finally decided that we wanted to go grab a bite to eat and watch the night games. We stopped at a place called the Rusty Bucket. It was jam packed but we didn’t really care at this point. We grabbed a drink and waited for a table. It didn’t take too long before we got seated and ordered up some appetizers. They had some tasty slider hamburgers and some deep fried pickles. We munched on those for a while and threw back some more drinks and wound down.

After the grub there we figured we had enough for the day and made our way back to Elden’s place. The dumb asses that we are we decided to order up some pizza while we were driving home. Once we got back Fyffe plopped down on the chair and pretty much fell asleep. Elden basically did the same. I was about to do the same when the doorbell rang and woke us all up. So we ate some ‘za, watched Saturday Night Live and crashed for the evening.

Sunday –

We woke up pretty early and decided to get moving. We figured that if we laid around we probably would never have gotten up and ready to go home. We topped off the gas tank and hit the road. The drive home is always the worst part. I was dealing with sun glare the whole way and it was just one of those dumb annoying things. But we had no issues on the way home. We listened to Mike Ditka on ESPN ramble on and on about Sunday’s NFL games. Matt dropped me off a little before Noon and I hung out and watched football and NASCAR while catching some Z’s.

In all it was a great weekend of drinking and football with good friends. What else can you ask for?

Pics will be added in a few...