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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Week 7 Picks

How about a quick rundown of the NFL schedule for tomorrow:

Chargers - 5 1/2 at Chiefs - San Diego looks to be rolling after a laugher win last week and the Chiefs took in on the chin in The Burgh last week. I think the lightning bolts run it up again this week.

Jaguars at Texans + 9 1/2 - With Byron Leftwich possibly sitting this one out I think I am going to take a flyer on this one and take the Texans at home with the points. And for the record I have flipped back and forth on this game 3 times.

Patriots -5.5 at Bills - Is it still snowing in Buffalo? Do they have power yet? I have been away for a week. I haven't heard anything about it. I'm taking New England because they are the better team.

Steelers -2 1/2 at Falcons - I think the Steelers got a shot in the arm after their big win last week. They remembered how to play Stiller football. And I think they may have taken a turn in the right direction. Although we did get to see this tackle last week, thank you God!

Packers at Miami - 5 - Brett Favre vs. Joey Harrington I don't think this one will be pretty so I am going with Miami because I think they have a better defense.

Eagles - 5 1/2 at Buccaneers - I look for the Iggles to bounce back after a poor showing last week. They confuse the young QB into making some mistakes.

Lions at Jets - 3 1/2 - The coin landed on heads so I'm taking the points here.

Panthers at Bengals -3 - My new hometown team (ugh), the Bengals, will work some shit out and out score the Panthers this week. I look for a late goofy turnover from Jake Delhomme to prove costly.

Broncos at Browns +5 - Sportsguy used a nice analogy about them using just enough to win this week and I like the theory. The only game that the Browns were really out of this year was the Bengals game. Every other game has been close. Also a homer can take the numbers and make them say whatever he wants to. Plus it's homecoming for the Browns as they have been away since Septmeber 24th. I hope I remember how to tailgate.

Redskins at Colts -9 - The points scare me on this one. I can see it being a closer game than it should be. I look for P Manning to throw for 3 TD's and Joe Addai running a couple more in. Hopefully that will be enough for the cover.

Vikings at Seahawks - 7 - Another game that I have flipped on twice. Seattle won last week without running the ball. Can they do that two weeks in a row? Can the Vikings stop that passing and keep it close? Does the cross country trip and the hostile crowd mess with the Vikes? I'm taking the Hawks but I'm not sure why.

Cardinals at Raiders +3 - I have a hunch that the dream season may be put to rest this week. The Oakland Raiders are going to beat the Arizona Cardinals this week. The Cards got punched in the stomach last Monday night and I don't think they recover in time this week. (When Leinart comes out and throws 3 TD's in the first quarter I will, of course, retract my earlier statement.)

Giants at Cowboys -3 - The Cowboys beat a crummy Houston team last week so we didn't have to hear about #81 all week. But with them playing on Monday night we will have the soap opera of Bledsoe, TO, Parcells for a solid 3 hours. So we have that to look forward to. Oh Joy! Looking at the spread it would appear to be even except for the home crowd. I am going to take a chance that Eli can get it done on the road this week.

Last Week: 6-7
YTD: 29-29-1


I'm back, Baby!

Just wanted to drop a note and let the blogging world know that I am back from the week long excursion in Cincinnati. I kept some notes to see if it was anything that was worthy of blogging but to be honest with you all, it really wasn't. It was a typical boring work trip.

An example of a workday this week:

7:30 Meet in the hotel lobby
8 - 12 Working
12 -1 Lunch
1-6 Work
6- 6:30 Back to hotel to clean up
6:30 - 8 Dinner at various restaurants
8-11 Drinks at the bar
Rinse and repeat for four days

The beauty of it is that I get to go back this Thursday to help them with Inventory. So I wll be back in "The Nati" for a couple more days this weekend.

Maybe something exciting will happen this weekend and I will be sure to report back in.

I did find this lastnight and it cracked me up -

See ya-