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Friday, November 17, 2006

Breakin it down...

A Sad day for the Michigan faithful with the news today of the passing of Bo Schembechler. When I heard that I was stunned. He was the face of Michigan football as I grew up. I always remember the blue “M” hat and the black shoes.

As we look ahead to tomorrow, I want to give my analysis to the masses of media that has been put forth to this game. I know that I can’t do this much justice but I am going to give it a try.

QB – Troy Smith vs. Chad Henne – Smith has had the edge over the last couple years and has easily outperformed Henne. Smith has been a little more of a pocket passer this year but I can’t help but wonder if that will change tomorrow. That formula worked for the Buckeyes the last two years. Has Michigan learned from their mistakes? EDGE: OSU

RB – Antonio Pittman vs. Mike Hart - As a Buckeye fan this is a match up that worries me. Ohio State has not been great in stopping the run as they have been in years past. They give up 90 yards per game The key to the game could very well come down to who can stop the run better. Michigan has been stout giving up just 29 yards per game. EDGE: UM

WR – Anthony Gonzalez vs. Mario Manningham – I think if you asked most Michigan fans who they are more worried about, a very common answer would be Gonzo. And with good reason. The guy on the other side gets a lot of press but Gonzo is the guy who gets things done. He is a key 3rd down receiver that Smith can always look for. Manningham was outstanding in the earlier part of the year before getting hurt. Is he all the way back? EDGE: OSU

FL – Ted Ginn vs. Steve Breston – These two guys are tough to call. They both have big play speed that is hard to account for. They both return kicks and punts. And both can change the momentum of the game in a blink of an eye. I have to think that Lloyd Carr is more worried about Ginn though, which gives him my nod. EDGE: OSU

Offensive Line – If you look at 2 key statistics, rushing yards per game and sacks allowed. It is pretty close. Michigan averages 194.5 yards rushing and they have given up 14 sacks. Ohio State averages 179.5 per game and has given up 13 sacks. It is pretty tight. EDGE: UM

Defense – Key stats to look at:
Scoring Defense OSU 7.8 UM 12.1
Interceptions OSU 21 UM 11
Opp Yrd per game OSU 261.7 UM 231.5
Sacks OSU 33 UM 41
Opp 3rd Down% OSU 31% UM 25%

Michigan has held their opponents to much less rushing yardage over the year. Ohio State forces a lot of turnovers. Michigan has a fantastic pass rush. So this one is very close but I am leaning one way here. EDGE: UM

Special Teams - Ohio State has a freshman doing their kicking duties as compared to a senior for the Wolverines. Punters are both seniors. But we all know that something wacky can happen in this game. Blocked kicks, returns, something. EDGE: Even

Coaches – Tressel vs. Carr – Over the last few years we know that Sweater Vest has been the top dog in this race. He lives for this game. I don’t think that changes tomorrow. EDGE: OSU

Intangibles: I do not know what kind of boost the passing of Bo can add to this Wolverines team. Honestly, I think it can only help their cause. Both teams are well aware of the magnitude of the game and what the final prize is for the winner. How much will the home crowd help the Bucks?

My pick: Ohio State 27 Michigan 23

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Final Countdown

I wonder how long until the Ohio State/Michigan game? Oh wait…I can find that out on Thursday night. ESPN is letting me know that I only have another 40 hours until the big game starts. It is Thursday night for God’s sake!

Yesterday on the way home from The Natty, we stopped in Columbus to have some lunch. A guy I was travelling with had a friend that owns Gallo's Tap Room. So as I went to relieve myself in the little boys room I had to enjoy this.

WKNR had this poem on-line. I felt compelled to share. Enjoy!

I will have to think about it some more and maybe try and break it down in a little more detail beofre making my final selection. Until then I think I will make my superb NFL picks that I just know everybody is dying to see. I may have to go Costanza and just pick the opposite on every game.

Raiders @ Chiefs -10
Colts -1 @ Cowboys
Bengals @ Saints -3 ½
Steelers –3 ½ @ Browns
Titans @ Eagles – 13
Falcons @ Ravens -4 ½
Rams @ Panthers -7
@ Texans -2 ½
Patriots -6 @ Packers
Redskins @ Buccaneers –3 ½
Bears -7 @ Jets
Vikings @ Dolphins – 3 ½
Lions @ Cardinals -2 ½
Seahawks -4 @ 49ers
Chargers @ Broncos -2 ½
Giants @ Jaguars -3 ½

Last Week 5-11

YTD 52-61-3

More to come tomorrow,

Jimmy the Greek

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's Wednesday and...

Michigan still stinks!

An oldie but a goodie!
OSU Girl

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Spurrier is a what?

Got to love the Gator fans welcoming back the old ball coach...
I'm still in Cincinnati. I'll update you later.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

The weekend is over

Some thoughts from my 3 day weekend...

What a crazy weekend for College football. The BCS got turned upside down with Louisville (Thurs), Texas, Auburn and Cal losing this weekend. I just saw the new BCS standings that came out tonight. I guess the biggest surprise had to be USC leaping Florida. I guess Florida's game was too close yesterday. Anyway it's Michigan week in Columbus. So that is gonna be some fun on Saturday. The early early line on Sunday night is Ohio State as a touchdown favorite. Wow. I can't wait until Saturday. Now I need to find a good place to watch the game.

That is what my wonderful picks were today going into the Sunday night game. Thank the Lord I do not gamble on NFL games.

Browns win! Browns win!
Does any team play a more conservative game to try and not lose a game than the Browns? It was good to see them be agressive and have Chaz throwing the ball all over the place in the first half. But what happened to that? Where did it go in the second half? But they hung on and got a win that they weren't supposed to, so I am happy for that. If only they could win at home, but that may be asking for a little too much.

Movie Time
I went and saw The Departed on Friday afternoon (by myself). I liked it a lot. It has a couple of my favorite actors Jack and Matt Damon. Plus the added Boston accents to the mafia and gunfights made it pretty entertaining.
I also rented Click last night. I could not tell you the last time I went to Blockbuster and rented a movie before last night. I was disappointed in Click. Just a couple of dumb funny parts that were in the commercials, but that was about it.

Sideline Reporters
As much as Bill Simmons says he hates them, give me more camera time for the sideline reporters. I tell you what, watching the Buckeyes roll over Northwestern yesterday the highlight had to have been the cutie Erin Andrews roaming the sidelines.

My Top 10 (I included a couple of sports anchors, but who cares)

1 - Melissa Stark - My all time favorite. Too bad she ever left MNF. Good to see her back in the studio for NBC Sports.

2 - Jill Arrington - Closest one to getting naked when she did FHM or Maxim a few years ago. She may be past her prime but she still gets my vote.

3 - Erin Andrews - Quickly making a climb up the Ricky Meter. The burning question is will she be in Columbus next Saturday? ( i found out today that B Bernstein will be in C-Bus this weekend)

4 - Stacey Dales - Also gaining a lot of new publicity now that she isn't broadcasting womens' hoops. Serious upgrade over the last couple of years. Plus she's Canadian and she probabaly likes drinking beer.

5 - Alex Flanagan - She was away for a while while she had a kid. But she's back! Thank goodness!

6 - Bonnie Bernstein - B Squared is always a contender in my book. And she used to be a gymnast. That's never bad.

7 - Michelle Bonner - A relative newcomer to the Worldwide leader. I like her style though.

8 - Danni Boatwright - From Miss Kansas to Survivor to Some Fantasy Sports show on ESPN. It's probably a reach to put her in but it's my my list, so there.

9 - Suzy Kolber - Coming from the "U" who wouldn't want to kiss Suzy after a few drinks?

10 - Jillian Barbarie - She's really just a weather girl, butwe all know that is not why we tune in.

Honorable mention:
Tracy Wolfson, Pam Oliver, Michelle Tafoya, Sam Ryan, Rachel Nicols, Dana Jacobson, Linda Cohn, Jeanne Zalasko

Another week comes along and I am again going back to Cincinnati. I wonder if anybody from work even misses me? Just kidding. I can officially say that I am tired of making the four hour drive back and forth. I think that we are only going to be there on Monday and Tuesday of this week. So that is definitely a good thing.

Rivaly Week Too!
One more thought, The Browns do play Pittsburgh at home next weekend as well. An epic battle of 3-6 teams. I'm sure all of the Pittsburgh faithful will be in town waving their tard towels. Lord give my liver the strength to get through next weekend. Amen.

Have a great Buckeye week everybody!
Oh yeah...It's 10:00pm on Sunday and Michigan still sucks.


*i edited out the Heather Cox because the one that works for ESPN doesn't make the cut. I had the girl from American Idol on there. Whoops!