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Friday, December 08, 2006

A look back…

Tuesday morning Kelly picked me up in the rental car and we got on the road to Cincy. It was a cold and snowy Cleveland morning. We had left a little bit later so the traffic wasn’t bad at all. The roads were snow covered until we got down to Medina but after that it was sunny and they had no snow at all. So we made the trip in just over four hours. We stopped off at a Don Pablo’s and had lunch before heading over to the plant.

Once we hit the plant we hung out in our conference room for a while and talked with several people before calling it a day. It was a nice stress free day of work.

We checked into the hotel and met back in the lobby for the free drinks before heading out to dinner. Neither of us could really decide where to have dinner. We made our way to Union Center which has every chain restaurant that you could want. We have eaten at all of them before and nothing really appealed to us. We finally picked a place called Rafferty’s. I felt bad because when we sat down the menu was loaded with meat and chicken dishes. Kelly is, of course, a vegetarian. She is good about it though and can usually find something on the menu. I ordered the porterhouse special. It was an interesting steak that was marinated in pineapple juice and soy sauce. But it was pretty tasty. We had a few more drinks before calling it a night.

Wednesday we did the work thing at the plant meeting with some people that we had to and getting things ready for our conversion at the end of the month. We went to lunch with Skip and Tim at Big Boy’s which was just awful. We were sitting next to the smoking section and it just smelled horrible. The good news was that in just one more day that would all be going away thanks to the new smoke free Ohio law.

After work we went down for some drinks and decided on where to go eat. I had looked up some information on Covington, Kentucky. Kelly mentioned that they had gone down there before and it was a nice little spot to go. We made the drive down which was only about 15 or 20 minutes south of where we were staying. It was a nice change from where we had been going out to eat. They have a section of bars and restaurants that we walked up and down. We stopped at place called Mulligan’s first but it was a very smoky corner bar. We had a beer there before moving to the next place. We settled on a place called Dee Felice Café for dinner. They had a lot of Cajun dishes and pasta. It was a cozy little place. I ordered up some Cajun chicken and jambalaya. Kelly had some fettuccine alfredo. We both had large portions that we didn’t come close to finishing. After dinner we were both stuffed and Kelly wasn’t felling good so we made the trip back to the hotel and called it an evening.

Thursday morning as we were getting ready to head to work it started snowing. I guess it was the first time that it snowed in Cincy so the roads were a little slow. We didn’t have any real problems coming to work. But from what I had heard around the office there were people that were stuck in traffic for a couple of hours. We got our stuff done and called it a day at around 1:30 and hit the road. We stopped off at Max and Erma’s for a sandwich before heading back north.

We had kind of feared the worst because we had checked the weather and saw that it was supposed to snow back in Cleveland. We were keeping the fingers crossed that we could make it back and avoid most of the weather. We were pretty lucky. It was sunny for the majority of our ride. We would see some ominous clouds every once in a while but it was smooth sailing. When we got close to Medina it came to a grinding halt. It was wet and began to snow so we crawled along for a little while. But once we got past Medina and back onto I-271 there was no weather to speak of. We made it home in about 4 ½ hours, which I thought was great.

My main goal was to be home in time to watch the Browns play. We accomplished that pretty easily. I walked in the door by 7:30, was unpacked and ready to relax in front of the TV. Man, what a let down. I was hoping that they could somehow keep that game a little closer. But I should have known better. I guess I will never learn. As the game was in the second quarter we had the pleasure of having our power go out for about a half hour. I was listening to the game on the radio as I sat by candle light.

Today I took one of my two remaining vacation days. I slept in until almost 9:30am which was fantastic. But I am a little stuffed up today. I sat around most of today sniffling and sneezing. I had thoughts of maybe doing some running around and getting some stuff done but I just don’t feel like it. So I am going to take the day off from everything until I feel a little better.

The worst part is that I heard on the radio that porn legend Jenna Jameson is at some new smut store in Eastlake tonight. I just don’t feel up to hanging in a line waiting for an autograph and picture with a bunch of other perverts while nursing a head cold. I guess Jenna J will just have to wait until the next time she makes it Cleveland for our hookup.

Talk to ya later,

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Just in Time

Just got back from the Natty in time to watch tonight's game. I get to see how bad Gumball really is announcing a football game.

I'm gonna take the Browns +7 tonight.

I'm on vacation tomorrow so I can update you on what has been going on.


Monday, December 04, 2006

My head and liver hurts...I wonder why

Saturday afternoon Matt came and picked me up to go and bottle some beer that he and some other guys had made. We made our way to Brew Keeper in Bedford Heights for that. The best part about it is that as you are bottling your beer you are drinking the whole time. Plus it’s powerful stuff so you get nice and tanked up while doing it. They had made a holiday, an oatmeal stout, pale ale and a summer white beer. We did that for a couple of hours on Saturday night. After we were done we watched the ending of the UCLA/USC game at the Brew Kettle, we made our way to Mick’s in Willoughby for a few more drinks. But we had our fair share of cocktails and we called it a night around 11pm.

Sunday I woke up bright and early to get moving for the Browns game. I hitched a ride with Larry and his buddy Matt downtown. I was meeting up with Tom at 10:30 at the Chop House. They were leaving a little earlier so I arrived there about a half hour earlier than I was supposed to meet him. So I saddled up to the bar and made myself at home. I ordered up a bloody mary but was denied by the fact that they can’t serve liquor before 1:00pm. My second option was oatmeal stout. It was pretty good and reminded me of the beer that I had been drinking just a few hours earlier.

Tom arrived right on time and we chatted for a while and told some tales of the previous nights adventures. We each made a trip through the brunch line, both of us getting omelets and some prime rib. I was stunned that I was full after the one trip. We both said we were full and figured we’d fill up on beer. Tom (or Grind All) picked up the check and we made our way towards the stadium by about 12:40pm

After grabbing a beer we were in our seats just in time for kickoff. We had the good seats behind the Browns bench on Sunday so we were right on top of all the action. It’s always cool to see some of the things that happen on the bench of an NFL game. Of course we did our part to yell at the players and all the goofiness that goes along with being a loud obnoxious fan. And it all worked out well in the end with our new hero Derek Anderson directing the Browns to an overtime win.

After the game everybody was in the partying mood so we made our way to Tequila Ranch for a post game drink or five. They had a pretty good band playing there and it’s always fun to watch the goofs try and ride a mechanical bull when they have had a few drinks in them. Tom captured some video on his phone of a few of the participants. Including a few females that they did the shimmy shake to get their boobs bouncing around. Always makes for a fun time.

We decided to make our way across the street to the Blind Pig to see if there was anything happening there. It was packed but we grabbed a beer and hoped for the best. Tom ran into some people that he knew so we hung out and talked with them for a while. I then ran into a gal that I work with so we hung out for a while and did our usual thing of watching people dance and make fools of themselves. One thing that I noticed is that after a Browns game the female population is pretty slim. Most of the people who were at the game are males and they are the ones who go out afterward. So the crowd was full of sausage for the most part.

After a while we decided that it was time to go and see some naked ladies so we grabbed a cab and headed down to the DMC. We had the cabbie stop at an ATM before going to the club to avoid whatever crazy charge they make you pay. But after that we were driving down the road and some guy jumps in front of the cab trying to flag him down. Turns out it was Tom’s friends that we were hanging out with in the bar. So we shared the cab with them before going to the club.

By this time I was good and liquored up but I don’t think that talent level was that great in the club. I did get a massage from Samantha for a couple of songs. And I had the pleasure of getting doused with a beer when our waitress knocked over a full beer in my lap. After that we had enough and decided to call it a night. Tom drove me home and I proceeded to raid the fridge for something to eat. A nice ham and cheese sandwich is always good when you are drunk. I turned on the late game but I saw very little of it before passing out.

Waking up today, I had to shake the cobwebs out and get moving. Nice to see that the east side of Cleveland got blasted with 5 or 6 inches of snow. I should have taken a snow day too. Dad is on vacation so I decided that I would wake the bus to work today. So I get to the stop about 6:55am. Only problem was that the bus never came. We sat there waiting for a half hour until the next one came. Along with the morning snow it made for a fun morning. I got to work about 40 minutes late.

Tomorrow I am heading back to Cincy for another work trip. I’m glad that it wasn’t today. Besides being hung over, the snow would not have made traveling much fun.