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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry NFL Christmas

I am so screwed up after being on the road this week. I am lost on the fact that today is Saturday. I know that we are on holiday break from work and I keep thinking that today is a weekday for some reason. I have to go and meet the fellas for our traditional holiday "shopping" lunch. We meet up and have a few drinks and bullshit for a couple of hours. So that is what is on tap for today.

Here are my fantastic picks for the week.

Vikings @ Green Bay -4
I really think that Brett Favre will have a crummy game and throw the ball like 50 times. And he will throw a couple of picks as well. But I think the Vikings will keep it close.

Chiefs @ Raiders +7
Chiefs need the win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Raiders are dead in the water. This should be a laugher for the Chiefs.

Titans @ Bills -4½
Vince Young has won how many in a row and yet they are getting points? I mean they are going on the road but I am riding the #10 train until he proves it wrong. I can dig some of my Titans gear out of the back of my closet.

By the way how can you not love the Cheerleaders that dress up in the christmas outfits?

Saints @ Giants -3
The line kind of surprised me here. I think the Saints laid a little bit of an egg last week but I look for them to bounce back this week.

Panthers @ Falcons -6
With Delhomme listed as doubtful I am going to have to take the home Falcons and their running game.

Redskins @ Rams -1½
I have nothing to add on this game.

Colts @ Texans +9
Nice win on Monday night for the Colts. That should give them a little spring in their step to build momentum for the playoffs.

Ravens @ Steelers -3½
I wonder if McNair will play or not in this game. Something is telling me that the Stillers play well at home this week and knock off the Ravens.

Buccaneers @ Browns -3
I can’t believe that Matt and I are going to the Browns game this week. But we are crazy so we will be there. I am thinking that a lot of people will be there dressed as orange seats.

Bears @ Lions +4½
This line seem low to me. But the Bears have clinched everything so they will have nothing to play for. Maybe they sit the regulars and let Detroit keep it close but I am still taking the Bears.

Patriots @ Jaguars -3
Which Jags team shows up this week? Got me? They can be world beaters ot they lose to the Texans twice. This has potential to be a great game if both defenses show up and play well. I think Tom Brady works some magic and wins for the Pats.

Cardinals @ 49ers -3½
Matt Leinart and Alex Smith are a couple of good young quarterbacks. Leinart has played well over the last 4 or 5 games. This one might be entertaining to watch.

Bengals @ Broncos -3
Both of these teams could really use a win this week. It could be a fun game with the weather that they have had in Denver this week. And that could have a big impact on whether or not either team can throw the ball.

Chargers @ Seahawks +4½
I just have a feeling that the Chargers have a small hiccup this week. Seattle is always a tough place to play.

Eagles @ Cowboys -7
We have TO going against another of his former teams. What is the over under on Madden/Michaels bringing up the Garcia/ Owens saga? Ughhh!
Jets @ Dolphins – 2½
Not a very attractive Monday night game if you ask me. Oh well, it’s going to be Christmas night so I’m not even sure that I will be watching the game.

Last week 8-8
YTD 86-91-3

Happy last minute shopping to all!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Alive and well in the ATL

Just wanted to let everybody know that I am alive and kicking in the ATL this week. I can give you all of the details a little later.

It was a last minute work trip but I do have some stories to tell.