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Saturday, December 30, 2006

One last shot

Here we have it sports fans. It is week 17 and I am one game over .500 for the year. I need one more solid week to get a winning record for the year. Looking at this weeks games there are a million different things that have to happen for a lot of teams to make the Big Show. Here's a sort of clear explanation if you care to take a look.

Giants @ Redskins +2
The Giants need to win or else there are a jillion different scenarios that can happen with the NFC playoffs. Hell they can make it if they lose and 3 other teams lose too. As far as the real football analysis on this one I really don’t have a clue. This is a toss up to me.

Bills @
Ravens -9
Ravens are breaking out the all black unis on Sunday. They can use this win to try and get the #1 seed in the AFC (if SD loses).

Steelers @ Bengals -6 ½
I like the chances of the Jailbird Bengals to win and keep their fingers crossed to back into the playoffs. An interesting subplot would be if this is Cowher’s last game as head coach of the Stillers.

Detroit @ Dallas -12 ½
There is a part of me that would love to see the Boys lose their last game and have the heads of TO, Jerry Jones and Parcells simultaneously combust. But they got a nice break by getting the Lions in week 17.

Browns @
Texans -4
Ken Dorsey versus David Carr. If you’re life depended on it, who would you bet on? As a Browns fan, I can say that I hope that this is not Romeo’s last game. I don’t know if he is the right coach or not, but I think he needs a little longer to try and get them headed in the right direction. Maybe I just don’t want to go through the new coach process again. (This is worthy of its own post shortly)

Dolphins @ Colts -8 ½
The Colts are pretty much locked in to their position but they can get a bye with a BAL loss. I just can’t put a lot of faith in a quarterback named Lemon.

Jaguars @
Chiefs -2 ½
Both teams need a win and a combination of 3 other teams losing. So this could be the game of the day. KC is going to look back at their loss in CLE and shake their heads after Sunday. I think they win but don’t get the help they need to make the show.

Rams @ Vikings +2 ½
The STL are another team that needs a win and 3 others to lose. I think they end up with the same fate as the Chiefs. Win the game but don’t get the help they need.

Panthers @ Saints +3
The Saints are locked into the number 2 seed. Look for some the regulars to rest for the majority of this game. Jake Delhomme is making his return to the lineup to try and squeak the Panthers into the playoffs, but of course they need help too.

Raiders @
Jets -11 ½
If the Jets win they are in. Like the Cowboys they got a gift with their schedule for the final week. The points are a lot but I can’t bet with Art Shell.

Falcons @
Eagles – 7 ½
Can you believe that Jeff Garcia has led the Eagles to the top of the NFC East? I guess he is just a system quarterback and the Eagles are a good fit. Look for the falcons to blow everything up after they choke this one away.

Seahawks @ Buccaneers –3 ½
Seattle is locked into the number 4 seed but this line confuses me. I feel like the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. “I am confused by your new technology” I’m taking the points.

Patriots @
Titans -3
I said last week that I was riding the Vince Young train until he loses. I really don’t want to this week but I am sticking to my guns. Please don’t let me down VY.

49ers @ Broncos -10 ½
It looks like more football in the snow in Denver this week. San Fran can mail this one in and the Broncos can win their way in.

Cardinals @
Chargers -14
At least the Chargers have something to play for this week. If they win they get the #1 seed. So we can expect to see some of the starters playing. Maybe LDT can throw up 3 or 4 TD’s and put that record on the shelf for a few more years.

Packers @
Bears -3
This is the game that NBC moved to Sunday night for this week. It has been written all week, but the amount of times that John Madden gushes over Brett Favre has the potential to reach triple digits. I also like how Mariotti was bitching about the game being moved to New Years Eve and that will screw up everybody’s plans. The Bears are the #1 seed and this game means nothing to Chicago. Go for the first half and leave and go get ripped at Mother’s.

Last Week 11-6
YTD 97-96-3


Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's a Major Award!

As the regular season comes winding down this weekend, it is time to start handing out my postseason awards. So that you know I am making these selections based on all stats through 15 weeks. Somebody could have a break out week 16 and get screwed but I am willing to accept that fact. Here are my biased opinions:

Comeback Player of the Year: This was a tough one for me. I think it is due to the fact that I couldn’t think of any really good candidates. But the guy that I came up with was none other than Kellen Winslow, Cleveland Browns. I am basing this off the fact that the guy was out of football for the last two years and has returned to have 78 rec. 782 yards and 3 TDs. He has been listed on the injury report all year and according to him he has no legs left at this point in the season. He has a lot to learn but he has been a bright spot on a dismal Browns team.
Winner: Kellen Winslow

Defensive Rookie: This category has two great candidates in my eyes. Mark Anderson, Chicago Bears and Kamerion Wimbley, Cleveland Browns. Looking at their numbers it is a very tight race. Anderson leads in sacks 12-10. Wimbley leads in tackles 42-27. Anderson has 4 forced fumbles to 1 for Wimbley. Anderson plays on a team that is 12-3 compared to Wimbley’s Browns who are 4-11. I am going to lean towards my hometown guy and say that he has done more on a bad defense to make the impact.
Winner: Kamerion Wimbley

Offensive Rookie: The toughest choice by far is who is the Offensive ROY. My candidates are as follows: Marques Colston, New Orleans – Reggie Bush, New Orleans – Vince Young, Tennessee Titans – Devin Hester, Chicago Bears. I may be pushing it by adding Hester in this category but he can’t play defense and they guy has 6 return TDs this year. He has made a huge impact on several games with those returns. He's a strong candidate but just not enough to win this year. Vince Young has been amazing in the fact that he just flat out wins football games. His statistics are not anything that will blow you away but he can do things to win you football games and that is the bottom line. The second pick in the draft has been about as good as advertised this year. Reggie Bush has some fantastic numbers. His receiving numbers are 86 rec 729 yds and 2 TDs. His rushing numbers are 545 yds and 5 TDs. You throw in a game winning punt return and I would have to say that he is having a solid year. And lastly is Marques Colston, who was selected as the last round of the 2006 draft (252 overall) and has taken that opportunity and produced 70 rec for 1038 yds and 8 TDs. All of that makes for a difficult decision.
Winner: Marques Colston

Coach of the Year: I looked at 2 guys this year as having done the best job turning their teams around from last year. Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints and Eric Mangini, New York Jets. Both are rookie head coaches that have come into teams that were coming off losing seasons and both have made huge strides in making those teams winners very quickly. But with all of the adversity that the Saints have had over the past year I think one guy leaps forward.
Winner: Sean Payton

Offensive POY: When you have a guy that is coming off shoulder surgery, a free agent that sign with a new team and then he comes in and throws for over 4300 yards with 26 touchdowns I think there is no other choice.
Winner: Drew Brees

Defensive POY: I’m torn on this award. Shawne Merriman, San Diego Chargers has 16 sacks and 55 tackles and the guy had to sit out for 4 games for a substance abuse. Jason Taylor, Miami Dolphins has 13 ½ sacks to go along with 58 tackles. Champ Bailey has 9 INTs, 81 tackles and 20 pass defenses. I have a hard time giving an award to a guy that has been convicted of “cheating”
Winner: Champ Bailey

MVP: To me there is no contest in this award. Drew Brees was the only other guy that even remotely popped into my head but he quickly faded away. LaDainian Tomlinson has been an absolute monster this year. 1749 yards rushing - 54 catches for 494 yards – 2 passing touchdowns and a NFL record 31 touchdowns scored. And broke the NFL scoring record formerly held by Paul Hornung and still has one more game to go.
Winner: LaDainian Tomlinson

Congrats to all the winners!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Birthday #16!

I wanted to wish Ron a very Happy Birthday! One of the greatest friends that a guy could ask for!

Just remember...only retards wear their collar up!
Happy Birthday RK!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's almost time for Santa

It’s Christmas Eve and TBS is running the Christmas Story marathon. Just about all seems right with the world.

Yesterday I made my way out to the west side and met up with the boys at Stampers for our annual Christmas lunch. The attendees were: Pat Murphy, Tom Murphy, Mr. Murphy, Matt, Greg, Rob, Neil, Jack Walsh and myself. For the most part we sat around and drank beers while scratching lottery tickets. Everybody throws in $20 and we go and buy tickets. We keep scratching those damn tickets all afternoon. I think the most we had at one time may have been about $150, but we just used that to buy more. We hung out most of the afternoon eating wings and appetizers and drinking beer.

Once everything died down we all went our separate ways I made a stop at the mall to pick up mom’s Christmas present and then made my way back home. I was supposed to go and see some family friends for a party but I had no clue where they lived or what time the party started. I called mom but she never answered the call or the voicemail that I left her. So after that I just kicked back and watched the Cavs game and Oceans Eleven (bits and pieces, twice) on TNT.

This morning I woke up rather early and kicked around the house for a little bit before showering and heading downtown to meet Matt for the final Browns home game of the year. Since we were the only two going we decided on The Chop House for their brunch special. Matt got there first so he grabbed a table and I met up with him around 10:30.

The food there is pretty good. They have just about everything that you can imagine. I had and omelet and some roast beef on my first trip through the line. On my second trip, I decided to get some sweets so I stopped at the dessert table and picked up a nice assortment of pastries along with a lovely glass of chocolate mousse. As I was finished a lady noticed the mousse and asked how it was. Matt ended up offering to share our table with her and her friend. She had a few miles on her odometer but she was an attractive lady. It ended up being a fun time talking to them over brunch. They seemed to enjoy listening to Matt and I tell our stupid dumb stories and they got a good laugh out of it.

We made our way over to the game and proceeded to watch the depressing Browns lose another home game. Matt left at halftime because he had to meet the boss for church. I hung around for the third quarter and decided that I had enough and made my way home. I kicked back and took a little nap while watching the late game. I just have to wrap my couple of presents and I will be set for all of the Christmas craziness that begins tomorrow.

Merry Christmas Everybody!