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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nice Start

I mean really...0-2? Good God! I am so happy that I do not gamble on these things because I friggin stink!

One thing that popped in my head though was how about the football games in the last week? You had the Boise State/Oklahoma game on Monday which was fantastic. And then tonight, the Cowboys have the ball and all they have to do is put a chip shot field goal on the board and they can cruise to the next round. But Romo drops the ball and Seattle takes the gift wrapped victory. It's crazy the things that happen in sports sometimes.

Seeing the new Jim Mora Coors commercial, I had to go and find the old video on You Tube. But I think this one is even better.

Here's hoping for a comeback tomorrow.

NFL Wildcard Weekend

I figured I may as well keep up my crappy picks throughout the playoffs.

Chiefs @ Colts -7
There is a part of me that thinks the time may have passed for Peyton and Tony Dungy. Their rush defense has been horrendous this year. I am going with the dog on the road in this one with hopes of LJ running all over the field.

Cowboys @ Seahawks -2 ½
The Cowboys are too screwed up to win tonight. They have such a soap opera going on at all times that it’s a wonder that they can even think about a football game. I like the crazy crowd in the Kingdome to lift the Seahawks to victory. What do you mean they tore the Kingdome down? When did this happen? I don’t believe you.

Jets @ Patriots -8 ½
Jets have been a nice turn around story this year, but the Pats are so good in the playoffs. The only decision that I am thinking about is the margin of victory. It’s a big number to lay in this one but I just can’t pull the trigger on it.

Giants @ Eagles -7
Are the Eagles that good? When did this happen? Did it really take Donovan McNabb going down to find out how good they were? Their defense has looked good but I really am not sold on them. But on the other hand the G-men have been awful for the last couple of months. I think they all hate Coughlin. So which team will show up? I really don’t know. I have a feeling that maybe Tiki takes over and they pull off
the upset.

Would you trust this guy to lead your playoff team?

Last week 7-9
YTD 104-105-3

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This and That

I have been reading some of the different websites about the USC Song girl who bared her bottom on Monday. It’s great to see such time and effort go into things such as figuring out which girl it is. Check out Deadspin, With Leather, and Boi from Troy. The best part is that somebody tricked up the picture with their High Def TV. You can now see that she does have something on under her skirt but it’s a better shot of the young ladies heiney (I'll warn you it's not completely safe for work viewing). All I can say is...God Bless the Internet!

I came across this a while back and I wanted to post it but did you ever wonder how THE Ohio State Football team gets the stickers on their helmets? The following picture will tell you how they are awarded. Click on the picture to see the larger size:

Did you stay up until 1am on Monday night to watch the end of the Fiesta Bowl? I was going to sleep but I got hooked in and stayed up for the duration. But in case you missed it You Tube has the highlights of the last 2 minutes.

Speaking of bowl games, some of the bowl games give out some cool shit to the players. Check out this list.

I flipped over to the Cavs game just in time to see LeBron drop one from about 75 feet. Be sure to watch Sports Center tonight folks.

Got to love my girl Natalie doing some cooking while keeping her golf clubs close by.

Have you ever been to Louisville? If you get a souvenir bat, make sure you check it in your luggage. Or else it will end up here.

Some fine upstanding college men here-

So long Saddam-

And lastly, this cracks me up. I'm not sure why but I think it's funny.

That's all for now. Rock on party people!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years Festivites

Going into the holiday weekend was a little crazy at work last week. We are finally converting everything over to our new team in our office. So even though it was a semi-quiet holiday Friday we had some stress of trying to learn the new day to day activities. The real bummer was that we had been getting out of work early on all of our previous holidays. But we were told in advance that we would not be getting out early for New Years. I guess it wasn’t technically a holiday but it still would have been nice. Friday night I decided that I would sort of lay low in preparation for the long weekend. So I sat around watched some college football and tossed back a few homebrewed beers that I had chilling in the fridge. It was a nice relaxing evening.

Saturday we had made plans to go and see Ohio University and Cincinnati men’s basketball at the Quicken Loans Arena (I still don’t like that name). The group consisted of Ron, Matt, Curt, Neil and Vicky and her husband. We met up at the Winking Lizard restaurant downtown across from the arena a little after 3:00, which gave us plenty of time to eat dinner and have some drinks before the 6:00 tip off. It was the usual meeting of cracking jokes and having plenty of laughs.

The game was pretty much background noise for the most part. We just had more fun cracking jokes and drinking beer. Ohio U pretty much led the whole time and ended up winning by 13. After the game, I met some fine young ladies who told me that they liked my shirt. I had just gotten a “We are…Marshall” shirt last week. Of course I still haven’t seen the movie but I liked the shirt. The girls told me that they were heading over to The Clevelander so we met up with them there for a few drinks after the game. We thought that they were going to stand us up but they did show. I talked to them for a little while but I really knew it wasn’t going anywhere. The one girl that I did enjoy talking to was in town from Key West, FL so I’m sure that has a lot of potential. I did tell her that we wanted to plan a trip down her way and let her know that we’d look her up when we got down there.

After that had run its course we decided to head to see some naked ladies so we made our way to the DMC. We had our share of fun there since Curt had never been. So of curse we had to make his first experience a good one. Once the action there was over Ron and I stopped off for some late night Burger King before calling it a night.

I pretty much lounged around all day Sunday watching football and trying to kill off the hangover from Saturday night. I watched to gamut of NFL games for the better part of the day in between trying to keep my eyes open. I was glad to see the Browns do their job and lose the last game to ensure a top 4 draft selection.

By about 7pm, I knew I had to get it in gear and get cleaned up and head over to Murph’s for his NYE party. I packed a bag with some clothes and made the drive west for the party. I was the only one that was flying solo for the night. The group was Murph and his wife Luanna, Matt and Pam, Greg and his wife Jen. John Kelly and his wife Nikki showed up a little bit later to join us. It was a low key affair of sitting around and playing some Trivial Pursuit 80’s edition. Man that stuff was hard! The sports things were pretty reasonable but some of the news headlines were just things that I had no clue about. But that was the extent of the evening, sitting around drinking and eating while waiting for the ball to drop.

The Fyffe’s and I stayed over and slept on the couches of the Murphy household. We woke up bright and early on Monday morning. I lounged around watching Sports Center, while the Fyffe’s took off for home. By now though it was time to hit the showers and head over to Murph’s parents house for the annual tradition of watching the bowl games. We were on the road by 10:30am to see the kick off of my beloved Volunteers play Penn State. Nothing says New Years Day like a Bloody Mary and college football. Of course, it would have been nice to see the Vols win a bowl game for a change. We hung out and ate chili, black eyed peas and everything else under the sun. I have to say, it is possibly the worst day of the year for my stomach. I go there and eat all of that junk and pass gas for the next day and a half. And I will tell you folks, it is not pretty. The car ride home is always funny. I am driving down the highway with the windows cracked down to try and escape my own stench. Good times!

On that pleasant note, we are up and running with this year’s first post. I am really hoping for a good year in 2007. I found out a bit of good news today at work but I am going to have to keep it under my hat for a little bit. But I will be sure to pass the news along once all the t’s are dotted and the i’s are crossed.


p.s. - Did you see the USC song girls yesterday? If you are a red blooded male, I hope you didn't miss this one. Luckily I am here for you. Pic & You Tube