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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How Long Has It Been?

Way too freaking long! I have posts to catch up on but I have stuff that I want to share as well. We'll see if we can get caught back up over the next few days.
Lets jump into some links -

Nice bat skills here:

Have you ever seen Biff from Back To The Future sing? This freaking song was stuck in my head for about a week. It's catchy!

Do they sit next to each other on purpose?

Is this the Longhorns Dance team or Football team ? (Of course I think it's kind of cool)

Is there a back story to the Injuns throwing pies in each others faces?
Who Cares? As long as they keep going deep into the post season!
Here's a cool link as to how this Indians team was put together.

And finally some smut to make your day -
Good to see some College Football fans putting the net to good use. Unfortunately sombody already shut down SEC Poon. But there are a few copy cats sites to try and keep it going be careful out there it may not be safe for work eyes.

Big Ten Tailgate


Pac Ten

More Big Ten

Big East


in the words of Nick Burns...You're Welcome!

OK...My goal is to put my Las Vegas trip report together and get it posted over the next couple of days.
Later Gator


  • At 9:28 AM , Anonymous Big Ten Tailgate said...


    Smut? No nudity here.

    We keep it just clean enough to keep you from being fired.

    Thanks for the linkage!


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