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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Playoffs Week 2

There are some good games on tap in the NFL Playoff this weekend. I’m looking forward to sitting my fat ass in front of the television and seeing some quality football. Please fellas, do not disappoint me.

Colts @ Ravens -4
This one has the potential for greatness based on the potent Indy offense led by Peyton Manning against the awesome Baltimore defense led by Ray Ray Lewis. Like the old saying says, “a good defense beats a good offense.” I have to think that that will stand tall in this one as well. The Colts just seemed to have slipped a little bit in my eyes. And Peyton and Tony Dungy have that tag on them that they just can not get over the hump to win the big one. The off season addition of Steve McNair really helps the Ravens when the game is on the line. A Pro Bowler in the huddle never hurts your chances as long as he can keep his mistakes to a minimum.

Eagles @ Saints -5 ½

Look out New Orleans…there may be an earthquake warning tonight in the Superdome. The emotion in the city tonight will be something cool to see. As for the game, this one makes me wonder a bit. The Eagles have been super lately but I’m not really sure how. Jeff Garcia is just not that good of a quarterback. But he has been good at not losing the game for his team. I am looking forward to watching what kinds of offense wizardry that Coach Peyton will break out to try and confuse that tough Eagles defense. To me this smells like a field goal game. I think the number is a bit too high.


Seahawks @ Bears -9 ½

WOW. A playoff game and the Bears are laying more than 9 points. How much faith do we have in the Monsters of the Midway? But again you have to like the tough defense in front of a crazy Chicago crown at Soldier Field. I just hope that Sexy Rexy doesn’t throw three picks to kill his team’s chances.

Patriots @ Chargers -4 ½

The marquee game of the weekend. They are saving the best for last. This has the makings of a great one. We get to see a couple of former Cleveland Browns coaches go head to head in the AFC playoffs. We will get to see the great LDT against the defensive scheme of Bill Belichick. We will see if Tom Brady can out smart the tough Charger defense led by Shane Merriman. I still am not sure what to use to try and make a pick in this game. Will Marty ball kill the Chargers? Or can they overcome their coach’s shortcomings? My head is telling me to take the experienced coach and QB in this one.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's official!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately but I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and peck away on the keyboard. Work has really been hectic since the first of the year. The new project that I am involved in has been quite time consuming. It’s taking a bit of getting used to and I just have not had a lot of free time to do much screwing around. But finally I can make my big announcement public.

I have a new job!

I will still be working for Uncle Sherman but I am moving from the ranks of customer service and making the move to I.T. (Information Technology sure does sound geeky). For the next couple of weeks I will be training the guy who is going to take my place. Then I can make the move to a new floor and all of the fun that goes with a new job. I have to say that I am looking forward to the new adventure. I am sure that will wear off when I realize that it is just like any other job. But I am excited about the job.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

One more day-

We are about 24 hours away from the BCS National championship game and I think that it’s time for me to break it down and make my prediction. We’ll take a look at some of the key elements and figure out who in the heck is going to win this thing.

QB – Troy Smith vs Chris Leak – It’s kind of hard to think that you could give any kind of advantage to Leak in this match up. I mean what can you say about Smith that has not already been said? The Cleveland native has been loaded up with awards for his great play this year. The negative thing about that would have to be that the Heisman trophy winners don’t seem to fare so well in the championship games. I would like to think that he might change that this year. EDGE: OSU

RB – The tandem of Antonio Pittman and Beanie Wells has been very effective this year. The duo has over 1700 yards and 20 touchdowns this year. In comparison, DeShawn Wynn has rushed for 630 yards and 5 touchdowns. Second on the team is freshman quaterback Tim Tebow with 430 yards and 7 td’s. Rushing the ball just isn’t high on the priority list for the Gators. An X factor could be the speedy Percy Harvin. EDGE: OSU

WR/TE – Dallas Baker (The Touchdown Maker) is the main target for Chris Leak. He and Andre Caldwell each have over 50 catches this year. But you also can’t forget about the top duo that the Buckeyes throw to as well. Ted Ginn and Anthony Gonzalez are probably just as dangerous. Honestly, both of the teams have a stable of athletes that can catch the ball and run after the catch. So this area is tough to call. But when you have a Heisman trophy winner throwing it all over the field, that helps your cause. EDGE: OSU

Special Teams – Any OSU fan that has watched Jim Tressel coach over the last few years knows what kind of emphasis that he puts on the kicking game. If a guys calls the punt the “most important play of the game” you know that his team will be prepared on Special Teams. One thing that I really find amazing is that Florida’s kicker Chris Hetland is just 4 of 13 in field goal tries this year. How much confidence will Urban Meyer have in him if a field goal is needed late in the game? EDGE: OSU

Coaches: How do you measure a guy as a big game coach? Jim Tressel has had the Buckeyes ready for every big game over the last few years. His record in these types of games has been off the charts. Urban Meyer is a good coach but this is probably the biggest game he will have ever coached in. Except for the time he spent in Bowling Green, of course. EDGE: OSU

After saying all that and giving the edge to Ohio State in all of the categories that I mentioned, I still can’t say this will be OSU in a rout. This game seems to bring up memories of OSU vs Miami back in 2003. Nobody is giving Florida a chance against the mighty Buckeyes. And why should they? OSU has been number one since the preseason. The closest challenge they had came from Michigan on their home turf. Florida has that chip on their shoulder that they are coming out of the toughest conference around. And they have something to prove to the college football world.

My prediction:

Go Bucks!