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Monday, January 15, 2007

They're coming to America

What does this mean for soccer in the United States? Who knows? But I will say, I think I am excited about the move. I know that when the LA galaxy plays their first game with Beckham next August, wearing a number 23 jersey, I will want to see it. I am curious to see what he can do for a sport that really gets no love in America. Can he bring soccer to the mainstream of American sports? I doubt it. But he will make an impact. If not on the field, he will make an impact financially for a lot of people. He is an attraction. His lifestyle off the field has drawn almost as much attention as his ability to kick a soccer ball. It makes complete sense for him to move to America and make the kind of money that was being offered. Of course people will be curious to see if he really is worth $250 million. We all know the answer to that question don’t we? Nobody is worth that much money to play a game.

One thing that really stuck me was this seems very similar to Pele coming to the New York Comsos in 1975. He was the guy who was going to bring soccer to the states. And I would have to say that it worked for a little bit. But Pele only played in New York for 3 years. Becks will have to do better than that to win us over. Of course all we really need is to keep seeing photos of his wife like the one below published and we’ll be happy. At least I will…Welcome Posh!

Hey you're lucky we're bowling tonight!

Last week Matt sent out an invite to the gang about getting together and doing something to celebrate Pam’s birthday. So he suggested that we go and do some bowling. Bowling is insane! It was all set that we’d go out Friday and hit the Lakewood Lanes for some good times.

After work Ron and I stopped at Bath and Body to pick up something for the birthday girl. We had gone in with the plan to get a gift card because we really had no real ideas. But the cute girl working there told us to get some sort of gift basket. She gave us a suggestion and we decided that she was probably right. But after she left we put it back on the shelf and went with our original plan and got the gift card.

We met up with Murph at Flannery’s and had a drink as we waited for Curt to join us. After one drink he showed up and we made the journey to the bowling alley. Ron and I were the first ones there. Slowly but surely the rest of the crew started rolling in. We ended up having a group of about 12 or 13 people there. It was a lot of screwing around and messing with other people as they tried to concentrate on their bowling. We pulled all of the old tricks of running along side each other, dropping bowling balls, and good old fashioned goofing off. After three games and plenty of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s we had had enough (I forgot to mention that Matt and I were keeping it classy but drinking some tasty PBR’s straight from the can!)

We decided to head next door to Kenilworth for a few more drinks. It was pretty cool because Sarah came and joined up with the group for a while. I had not hung out with her for a while so it was good to see her and have some laughs. The evening started to wind down a little bit and a few of the guests started calling it a night. Ron and I hit the road home but not before a stop at Burger King for a late night meal.

The rest of the weekend was pretty lame. I hung out at home and watched way too much television. Doesn’t that suck? I had a great night out with friends on Friday night but the rest of the weekend, nothing happened. I drove my nephew home from his girlfriend’s house on Saturday night. That was my excitement.

It could have been worse though. Before I got my new job, I was supposed to go to Dallas for our National Sales meeting and give a presentation on Sunday. But once I got the new job my trip got nixed and it’s a good thing! The two people that did have to go were stuck in the Cleveland airport for 18 hours because of ice storms in Dallas this weekend. They ended up getting on a plane and flying to Houston but still they couldn’t get into Dallas. So they spent the night and got back on a plane back to Cleveland. They were very happy when they came into work today. I guess it was still a mess today. I traded e-mails with Matt this morning and he had to change his flight a couple of times this morning. I never did get word if or when he got to the big D today.

Here’s some good news: 14 more work days until I start the new job!

Have a good week!