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Thursday, February 01, 2007

White and Nerdy

Tomorrow is my “last day” at my current job. But I got some crappy news this week. The big boss asked if it would be possible for me to stick around and help train the new person that will be joining our department. She got the OK through my new boss and they agreed to it as well. What was I to say? I guess I have to deal with it. I voiced my displeasure with their decision and tried to get my point across. I will have to do the good deed and suck it up. But damn it, I was soooo close. I was out the door and not looking back. Or maybe not.

With tomorrow being my “last day” fiesta, I figured that I should try and look good for the party. After dinner I made my way to the mall in hopes of finding a cool shirt and a pair of jeans to wear tomorrow. I figured that I would splurge so I went to the Beachwood Mall for something different. They have Nordstrom's, Dillard's and Saks Fifth Avenue along with all the smaller places like Abercrombie, Gap and the like.

Here’s my problem: I am overweight, I am thirty six years old, and I am as white as the snow that is in my front yard. Do you know how hard it is to find something that I look good in? Everything in stores now is for small people that are 22 years old. Jeans are easier because you can always find a good pair of Levi’s. That wasn’t a problem but the shirt was a challenge.

Saks was a joke (I did find some Tommy Bahama shirts that would look real good in Key West. I am going to look for some of those on e-bay). I did find one shirt in Nordstrom that I liked but the price was $145.00. I did get a raise but I am not buying a shirt for that kind of money. Finally at Dillard's I found some clearance racks and pulled two shirts that I think I can get away with.

Hopefully the ladies of Cleveland will enjoy my choice. Now if you excuse me I am going to take my Metamucil and go trim my ear hair, Old Man River!


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another video treat...

How great is You Tube? Where else can you see Michael McDonald playing Sweet Freedom these days?

Running Scared, Chicago and Key West! Can I go to KW now???


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Easy Caulk...


Monday, January 29, 2007

A lot of catching up to do-

It’s been a while since I have had the time to sit in front of a computer and peck away at the keys to tell a story or two. Quite a lot has happened between the last time that I made a real posting. So I will do my best to sort through the brain cells that I did not kill over the past week and try to remember some of those accounts. I will start with last Friday as my beginning.

After work I went to Ron’s because he told me that we were going to meet up with Steve for dinner. They made the call that we were going to the Cabin in Willowick. The Cabin is a staple in the city of Willowick over the years. I think it has burned down four or five times that I can recall, but they keep rebuilding it and it keeps on going. As Ron and I waited for Steve we talked about a few of the landmarks of Willowick. There are a few places that have stood the test of time. Steve met up with us and we laughed as he told us tales of his day. The food was fantastic! I had a big piece of steak and garlic mashed potatoes. Ron had some pasta and Steve had a filet. We had some desert and old man Ron had his coffee. Ron picked up the check and we made our way to another Willowick staple, The Rumpus Room, for some drinks.

The Rump had all of its usual vermin hanging around. It really is a site to behold. One huge negative is that even though Ohio has passed a no smoking ban, the Rump is not enforcing it. Michelle told us that the day after the law passed they had about 4 people show up all day. Since they are having a hard time enforcing the law right now, they are going to take their chances and let their customers keep smoking. Ron and I said we would call and report them first thing on Monday morning.

We hung out at the Rump for the remainder of the evening doing our usual activities. We bowled a few games, did shots of Washington Apples, played Michael Stanley and Journey on the jukebox. It was a great time as usual.

Saturday morning I dragged my ass out of bed at 7:30am, hit the showers and made it in to work by about 8:30am. I had a lot of catching up crap to get done. Plus with me moving to a new job I wanted to clean my desk out and file cabinets before I leave. I realized when I made it into work that I really needed more sleep and I would guess that I was still a little drunk. But I muddled my way through about 4 hours of work. I went home grabbed some fast food and laid around watching something on TV. It was really a lot more of me watching the inside of my eyelids.

Later in the evening I got a call from Ron that he and the boys were going out again on Saturday night. I got myself cleaned up and Steve picked me up and we met up at the Fire House. Elvis decided to join us, which is always a good time. He told a few stories of his football days in San Francisco. I could listen to those all night but I’m sure that he gets tired of people asking about that kind of stuff. The Fire House was jam packed with people. It was mostly an older crowd and they had some sort of band playing. Steve, Elvis and I decided to change locations and make the move over to Panini’s and see what was happening there.

It was what I would describe as a normal night there. It was a bunch of dudes and a few hot girls sprinkled in. Unfortunately, they are probably all in the 22-26 year old range. We hung out and talked to a few girls before shutting down the place. Steve dropped me off somewhere around 3am. I plopped my ass into bed and was passed out before my head hit the pillow.

Sunday was a serious day of recovery. I woke up around 8am but rolled back over and woke up again around 11. I didn’t do a thing all day but lie around and watch football. I knew that Liske was supposed to be having people over for the games but I was sitting around and hoping that my phone did not ring from Ron. Fortunate for me, it never did.

The best thing that happened Sunday was that I got my b-day present from my mom. I had told her that I wanted a wool navy blue coat and she came through with one. It was just what I was looking for. So that was cool!

Monday (Jan 22) It’s my birthday! I went to work and got to see that my cube had a few decorations and Linda had made a cake for me. She also gave me a few scratch offs that turned into a quick $22 (that’s an omen!). Work was all right with everybody saying happy birthday and stuff. I usually could care less about my birthday but one person asked me “how old are you?” and then I really thought about turning 36. I thought man, I am getting old. Oh well what can you do? Not much I guess.

After work Ron called and said that he and Steve were going up to Cleats for dinner. So I hopped in the car and met them for dinner and a drink or three. Of course Steve and I had to do a couple of Washington Apple shots in celebration. But we were pretty good and shut it down and I was home before 9:00pm.

Tuesday night we had a downer of a night. Rich Gerber’s dad passed away. Ron, Scott and I went over to the funeral home to pay our respects. We saw some people that we had not seen in a while and caught up on old times for a while. Ron got the best surprise when his ex-wife walk through the door. That was our cue to hit the road. Luckily we were right next door to Panini’s so we stopped off with Whit and had a few drinks. Ron was a little mad that we were out drinking again but after a couple drinks he was back on board, sort of. Steve and Dave met us up at Panini’s as well. Again we did a few shots with them. Good times! It turned out to not be so bad. We shut it down by about 10pm.

The rest of the week was pretty tame. Nothing very exciting happened. I let my liver recover in preparation for the weekend.

Matt and Murph asked if I wanted to go and celebrate my b-day on Friday. Bourbon, fine, we made plans to go out to Lakewood. The plan was to go to Lakewood Lanes and bowl a couple of games and then hit a few of the local joints for some drinks and shenanigans.

We made our way there after work and started with the drinks. The 3 amigos were back in action! We rolled a couple of games and I will tell you what. Matt made the call when we were at the lanes. I think the secret of Lakewood Lanes may be out. They are drawing a nice crowd in there. And the talent level is pretty solid. So besides the fun that comes along with bowling and drinking the scenery doesn’t suck either.

We rolled four games and Mrs. Fyffe had joined us. After the check was paid by the boys, since they wouldn’t let me chip in, we made our way next door to Kenilworth for a sandwich. The food was OK but the service was crummy. Of course, I understand that by eating in a bar you may get that. Matt got a little steamed by the bad service but he got over it.

After dinner we made our way to the Lakewood Village to see if we could possibly run into my girlfriend (even though she doesn’t know it yet), Gina. But we struck out with that one. Jen was working so we bowled a couple of games of bar bowling and did some shots for my b-day. She hooked us up on our bill too. I think we paid $8 for three rounds of drinks. A downer was that the Village is letting people smoke. Jen said again that until they figure out how to enforce it, they are letting people smoke.

Our next stop was The Richland tavern. Murph and Matt played some pool and I sat there and watched. We were starting to die down now after being out for 5 or 6 hours. Murph decided that he had enough and headed home.

Matt and I made one more stop at a hole in the wall bar called Normandy. There were 3 people in the bar beside us. Two of them were employees and I think the other girl was a hooker. The girl got a call and she disappeared for a while. When we were leaving, she was walking back into the bar and a car was pulling out of the lot. I should have pulled the old move to tell her it’s my birthday and I deserved a freebie but I wasn’t thinking that clearly and we were beat. We made the mandatory stop at Rally’s and grabbed some grub before heading back to Matt’s place.

Matt had to come to the East side of town and do some painting with his side job, so he dropped me off at home by 7:30am on Saturday. I walked in the door, changed into some sweats and jumped back in to bed and got a few more hours of sleep. Saturday was a serious day of recovery for me. I lounged around for the better part of the day and watched television.

Saturday’s highlight was that Ron and I booked our trip to Vegas. We had taken a bump on our flight home last year and we had to use our vouchers by March of this year. Howie has to go out there for some show so we are tagging along with him for that. The plan is to do a little golfing, enjoy some of the nightlife, and all of the other luxuries that come with Sin City. The best part abut our tickets was that when we tried to book on line it did not go through, so we called a rep on the phone to clear everything up. Once we were booked Ron asked if we could upgrade to first class over the phone. She said yes and Ron used his miles to do that so we are flying first class there and back, which absolutely freaking rocks!!!
Sunday was a lot of the same boredom. I watched the Suns on national TV spank the Cavs and watched Tiger Woods win his first tournament of the year.

This week at work I am in the home stretch of my “old” job. I am out of customer service on Friday and one week from today I begin the new adventure. To help go out in style we are planning a blow out Happy Hour this Friday night after work. We are getting a hotel room at the Hampton downtown so that we can tie one on and not care about driving home. We are going to a new place called the Corner Alley. It’s a lounge/bowling alley. Murph and I stopped there for lunch one day and I thought it was pretty cool. I think it may be a little pricey on drinks but sometimes you have to deal with that. If it sucks we can always change locations and fall back to Flannery’s or someplace else that is with in walking distance. I have heard a few people say they are looking forward to Friday as well. I’m looking forward to it.

OK...that is way too much writing for one posting. I will try and do a little better to make these things a little more frequently.

Thanks for reading,