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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friday night on the town!

Friday night in Cleveland. Christine had asked us to go to the Cavs vs. Heat game with some freebie tix that a friend had given to her. I will try and put the details together with the following photos.

We started off at Flannerys for a few drinks as we waited for Mark to drive up from wherever it is that he lives these days. He showed up and we had a few drinks before chosing to change locations to grab a bite to eat. We walked down the road to Lizard but it was jam packed so we went to Alesci's. We ate some pizza and had a few beers before heading to the Q.

Mark @ Alesci's

Fyffe having a sip of his frosty beverage

Bondra with Popeye

Our seats fot the Cavs game

Me with Christine

Not really sure what these goofs are doing

Some bar bowling at the Harbor Inn

A lick of the hand

Sweet form

Mark and Parey

The SW nameplate graveyard

Later kids - RB

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Finally it has been found...

Monday, February 05, 2007

A Photo Journey

Since there were way too many drinks in my system to really try and remember all of the details I will post these photos and give them all some captions. (click on any of the photos for a larger size)

The phrase that started it all...

Haicster keeping in contact with the ladies

Ron and Gina posing it up

Good thing that Ron wore his bowling shirt

Very nice melons ma'am

Mr & Mrs Fyffe and Murph

D Hinz and Stew in a classic pose

A couple of cannonballers

Nice Balls, sir

I'm sleeping because my balls are so blue and heavy

I'm not really sure what this is about but I think it's funny.

Ronny, Bobby, Ricky and Mike

And we have now moved to the Wine Bar for those keeping score
Time for a Ricky Sandwich

Gina and Steve

The gang relaxing on the couch

It was about this time that our Hero decided to strike a few poses

Working the chair

Lunge Right!

The annoying couple behind us

Posing with a martini

He's still going, folks

Now with the scarf and a flower

And the big flower pot finish!

After wine bar, we hit the floor of the local Gentlemen's club. Unfortunately they do not let you take pictures there.

The morning after, sitting at Bob Evans with the my $15 of remaining Diamond Dollars

The key to the next day is to replentish your fluids.

Thanks again to everybody who made last Friday a blast!

Back in the Saddle

How’s it going party people? Anything good going on in your world? I can tell you this. I have been a pretty busy fellow for the past few days. I wish I had got the chance to put some more of these stories on paper (or electronically in my case). But I have been running around drinking, having fun and trying to stay warm.

I started to put a prediction down on the Super Bowl but I got caught up doing too many things and just ran out of time. I can lie to you and tell you that I had the Colts covering the seven points and I think I finish .500 for the year. What a bunch of garbage that is. Who goes .500 for the year? Picking NFL games is not that hard. Well if I am still doing this in 8 months, I can try and make up for this year’s crappy production.

I am currently at work and I don’t have my pictures but I have quite a few to share along with the tales of Friday night’s adventure. I can tell you that I had a fantastic time and I am pretty sure everybody else enjoyed themselves as well. I will try and get that together tonight and get those posted.

I really had mixed feelings about yesterday. I mean it was Super Bowl Sunday, so I should have been fired up about watching the big game. Last NFL game of this season that had any sort of meaning and I really didn’t care one way or the other. I was pulling in the back of my mind for the Colts to win. I like Peyton and Tony Dungy because they seem like good guys to me. But other than that I didn’t care if it was Chicago or Indy. It wasn’t going to upset me in the least bit.

Murph was having his usual SB party at his place so the plan was to make my way over to his house to help get things ready for the card game. We stopped off at the store to pick up some beer and some snacks. I was pushing my cart with a 12 pack of Lite and some Goose Island when a young girl walked by who looked like she had just woken up from a long night of partying. She kind of looked at my cart and shook her head so I asked her if she was in the mood to join us for some beers. She told me that she had her fair share the night before and that she was in no mood the drink any more. Plus she was working there at the grocery store. She also felt the need to show me her ID since she did appear to be very young. After that little adventure with young Katie, Murph and I made our way to the cashier. As we were placing our items on the check out I whacked the credit card reader that you swipe your card in with my shopping cart. Of course it knocked the thing off line and we had the have a whole production of trying to reboot the machine. I was going to pay by debit card but opted to give the girl cash and apologize for breaking their reader.

People started arriving around 2:00pm and the card games had began. It was a good day of eating and drinking way too much. One thing that really was different from the previous parties was that I was getting a great run of cards. Greg and I split one pot on a game of “Recall” that got us each close to $40. After that it was just like we were playing with the house money. Things got even better when I won the first 2 quarters squares for another $50 win. So all in all it was a pretty good day.

Today when I got to work and thawed myself out, I went to my old desk and grabbed my box and moved my stuff up to the 13th floor to my new job. It has been OK so far but it has been a lot of learning to try and hit the ground running. But the people have all been very nice for the first day. Let’s just hope it continues. Well I better get back to work. It would look pretty bad if on my first day all that I am doing is sitting around and posting blogs.

I’ll work tonight to get Friday’s pictures posted.