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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm very excited about all the sex -

Yesterday I sat down at my laptop and took a few minutes banging away on the keys. I had a post about how the weather was crappy and how it took a while to get into work. Nothing earth shattering but I took my precious time and put together a small sampling of writing. What I normally do is put my thoughts in a Word document so I can check myself with grammar and spelling, and so that I can verify that what I write would actually make sense to a person who would happen to stumble across this website.

I did this same process just like any other day. I then log onto the Blogger site to post this masterpiece only to find that Uncle Sherman has blocked the site. WTF??? And the best part was that it lists a reason as to why the site is blocked. “SEX” was listed. Are you kidding me?

So in my wisdom I figure that I will post my stuff when I get home and do not have the Porn Gods blocking me from entering such naughty filthy sites. But alas when I got home I helped Pops do some shoveling, I grabbed a bowl of mom’s delicious chili, and I really didn’t feel like messing around with the PC.

But then today I am getting ready to wind down my day and I pull up this site through my bookmarks on accident. And today it works!!! Apparently all of the “SEX” has gone away from the Blogger site. So maybe I can post things from work again. Who knows? By tomorrow it may change again.

See ya,