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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I could use this today...

I think I am still drunk. Details will come later when I can put a couple of coherent sentences together so they make sense.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dance Off

If you have not seen this yet, I suggest you take a look it's pretty funny. Shaq Daddy is a fun loving clown. Especially since the guy is 7 foot tall and weighs 350 pounds.


Danger Will Robinson

Happy Fat Tuesday Everybody! I received a call from the Haicster telling me that the meeting spot tonight will be at the Captain’s Club in Eastlake after work. My plans are to meet up with him there after work. A night out with Steve always has the potential for a great night. I’m sure there will be a story or two that comes out of it. I just wish I had my camera with me for a little photographic evidence. Taking pictures usually helps to bring the story along but I guess we will have to skip that tonight. I’ll be sure to file a full report.


Also – Here’s a helpful office rule, regarding lunches. Please do not bring Liver to work and heat it up in the office area. It’s smells up the entire area.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spend like there is no tomorrow!

Friday night and it is time to hit the town. The plan was for Ron and me to head out to the IX center for the North Coast Golf show. Since the tax man was kind enough to drop off my tax return on Friday morning along with it also being pay day, it was brewing up to be the perfect storm. I was in the market for some new irons and I was looking to pull the trigger if I could find some for the right price. Ron and I arrived a little bit before Matt and Mark. We went up and down a couple of aisles but I was disappointed at the early selection. Matt and Mark arrived just a little bit later so we met up with them and continued around the show. My first purchase was a nice Tommy Bahama shirt. I was already looking for one for the upcoming trips to Las Vegas and Key West.

We continued around the show stopping at a few travel booths and looked at more clubs. But again I was disappointed. I thought the selection of clubs and clothes was horrible. If you found a good shirt it was probably only a size medium. And all of the clubs were overpriced or just not what I was looking for.

Ron found himself a toy when he found one of those snow globe toys where you have to get the golf ball to sit on a tee. We left him to play while we continued to walk around the show. We had a few beers too, to try and add some flavor to the show. Fyffe, of course, had himself another Charlie Brown moment. We stopped at a booth that had some Under Armour clothing. Matt really seemed to like the shorts that UA makes. When he came back and looked for his size he came up empty. But they did have a size that was perfect to a man of my shape. To top it off the shorts were half price. I had to make the purchase just to rub salt in Matt’s wounds. My last purchase of the night was a Callaway Mesh hat for $8.

We discussed hitting some new clubs but all voted against it. We made our way back to find that Ron was still trying to get the golf ball but the booth had now given him a chair because he had been there for so long. After he finally got the ball to stay we moved along but not before I got a logo ball from Ron’s friends. They did give him free passes to play golf at there resort. Too bad it is somewhere in West Virginia. I would bet that we never make it there even though we have the free golf.

This is where Ron spent most of his Friday night.

After that we stopped and talked with an older guy that had some Nike Golf balls on sale. I was tempted to make the purchase but I held off. We tried to talk him down from his prices but he was a tough salesman. We ended up just messing with him about all of his prices and how he was ripping people off. It killed a good chunk of time and we had a few laughs with him.

After that the show was winding down, and we tried to pick a place to grab some food and a few drinks. We decided to stop at Angelo’s pizza in Lakewood. They have some pretty good pies and everybody agreed that was a good choice. Parking was a mess because of all the snow on the roads in Lakewood. Ron dropped me off and I ran in to put our name on the waiting list. We had a couple of beers and messed around with the young girls that were taking orders over the phones.

We ended up getting what Matt called the worst table in the place and I now know he was right. We seemed to be sitting in the middle of the dining room/kitchen and it was freezing because we were close to the front door. I think that all of us kept our coats on the entire time. But the pizza was great as always. Matt and I shared a house special while Ron and Mark each ordered a large for themselves. It was fantastic!

After dinner we made a stop in the Village for some drinks, but we walked into a wall of cigarette smoke. It was God awful. We said hello to Jen who was bartending but we couldn’t take the smoke. It was too disgusting and we did not want to deal with it. Pretty soon they will figure out how they are going to enforce that law and we won’t have to deal with it any longer. Because it was so cold out we decided to stop at the place that is next door to the Village. I have no clue what the name is. We walked in and there was really nobody in there. We ordered up some drinks and grabbed a table. It was a lot of laughing and telling stories. We hung out there for 3 or 4 drinks before deciding to call it a night. Ron and I made the drive back home east and he dropped me off a little after 11:00.

Saturday I had a busy day in store for myself. I had made myself an eye doctor appointment because I had not been in a while. It was time for some new contacts and maybe some new glasses too. I woke up real early on Saturday. I was tossing and turning in bed a little after 7am and I couldn’t fall back asleep. I put in The Departed and hoped that it would put me back to sleep. Of course, I sat in bed and watched the movie from start to finish. Now it was around 9am and I was wide awake. I made myself some eggs and read the paper. After that I figured the heck with it, I took a shower and got ready to go. Since I was in golf mode after last night, I stopped off at Golf Galaxy to see if I could find any good deals there. I talked to a sales guy and hit a few different irons to see if anything would jump off the shelf at me. I ended up with r7 irons and RAC OS2 irons both by Taylor Made. I told the worker guy that I had an appointment that I had to go to but I would stop back and see him later. I’m sure he gets that all the time.

My eye doctor appointment was conveniently located right down the road. I filled out some paper work for my new insurance coverage and did the whole eye exam thing. I got a pair of contacts that my doc wants me to try out for a week before he orders up my new contacts. So I have to go back next week for another appointment next Saturday. After that I browsed the show room looking for some new glasses. I wanted something that looked somewhat fashionable but I don’t really wear my glasses that much. In talking to the guy that works there they had a deal where glasses were buy one and get one free. Of course I ended up ordering two pair of glasses. Maybe I will start wearing them if I have a more fashionable pair. I’m an idiot! I told the guy that it was an impulse buy. I better freaking wear my glasses now!

After my eye appointment I headed back to Golf Galaxy and saw my buddy that helped me earlier. I hit the clubs a couple more time before deciding on the r7 draw irons. The cool thing was they measured my lie on my clubs to make sure they fit my stance and swing. He also watched me hit balls and recommended that I go with a stiff flex steel shaft. I know that I will now go out and shoot 5 or 6 shots better than I did with my old clubs. It has to happen right? For $500 it damn well better! I was due to buy new clubs though. My old ones were over 10 years old so I know that the technology has advanced where today’s clubs are more forgiving. It was time for some new clubs.

That was a long process but after everything was said and done I stopped off at Best Buy to try and look for a b-day present for my dad, sister and niece. I ended up getting dad a box set of James Bond movies. He always liked those movies and he is so hard to buy a present for. I have gotten him a few gift cards before but I don’t know if he ever used them or not. Hopefully he watches the movies. I did see him watching The Godfather box set a couple of times that I had gotten him for Christmas, but who knows?

After that I stopped off at Dick’s to see if they had anything good that I good finish up my shopping spree with. Of course I can always find something to buy so I got a pair of Nike sneakers that will look good for Vegas.

My last stop was to get some b-day cards. I wanted to try and see if Giant Eagle had Visa gift cards that I could get but I ended up stuffing the cards with some cash.

Saturday night I was supposed to go with Ron to a party but it was going to be a group of couples so I decided that I would just hang out and watch the NBA All Star Saturday night festivities. I had to laugh when I turned it on to see that they were stalling because the traffic was so bad that players could not get to the arena. Good times there! How is that possible? I have been there on some busy weekends but that has to just be out of this world crazy. (On a side note I found out this week where I am staying in Vegas in just two weeks. Howie hooked us up with 2 nights at Hard Rock Hotel and 2 nights at The Palms. I can not wait for that!)

The NBA events were about what I expected. Crappy, crappier, more crappy and even more crappy. Those guys can care less about that stuff. They want to get back to the parties and the gambling. Can you blame them? The best line of the night was when Barkley gave the $50K donation and said it was “2 hands of black jack.” Nice work Chuck!

Sunday was the day for the big birthday party. The family came over and we celebrated everybody’s birthday. The house was loaded up with kids and family so I did my usual move of hanging out in my room to watch sports and keep away from the group. I show my face enough to get a couple of b-day gifts, a good meal and some cake.

TV Sports were great today. I watched the Daytona 500 ( I wanted Mark Martin to win), the Nissan Open(big win by CH3), Ohio State hoops, I saw a figure skater get her face cut by a skate and now I am watching the NBA All Star game even though it is horrible television. But I have to watch it to see the celebrities and the shots of all of the Vegas happenings and because I am now officially getting the itch to get back out there to Vegas. I am ready to have some fun with Ron and Howie in the casinos, in the clubs and on the golf course. I can’t wait! But its two weeks away so I need to pull it back a little bit.

That should be enough for now, it’s time to go cut my hair and iron some clothes for tomorrow.

Talk to you later.