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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Week in Review - Act I

I guess I should first begin with an apology to all of my “fans” for the lack of posting over the last week. I guess I can say that I have been sort of busy lately and just have not had enough time to post anything. Now most of you who know me, know that probably is not true, but I can try and use that excuse anyway.

When I last left I had given you the story that I was going out last Tuesday night with Steve for a few drinks. So I shall pick up the story telling there.

I met up with Steve and Elvis at the Captains Club in Eastlake after work last Tuesday. We kicked back at the bar for the better part of the evening tossing back plenty of Miller Lites while discussing the need for future golf trips to the state of Arizona. Elvis talked about trying to put a trip together for next January when the Super Bowl and the Phoenix open will be in town on the same day. He mentioned having a place to stay already lined up. I am not sure that I would make cut on that invite list for that or not but it sounds like it would be over the top fun.

Elvis bailed out pretty early in the evening but Steve and I hung out as his brother joined us. We ate a little food and continued to quench our thirst. By this time we had also had a visit from Tai. She and her friend Brittany had stopped up for a couple drinks as well. They left but Tai soon returned because she had left her credit card. So she joined Steve and I for a few more drinks.

Somebody came up with the brilliant idea of going to downtown Willoughby for a few more drinks. Actually now that I think back, I think that was Tai’s idea because she was meeting her friends there. We ended up at John’s Café for a few more drinks before calling it a night. Steve dropped me off but not before stopping in and making a sandwich for his ride home. I also got a late night call from Tai that she had gotten pulled over while driving home but luckily she knew the police officer.

Wednesday, I woke up late because I did not set my alarm before I went to sleep. Gee I wonder why? Maybe because you were hammered when you went to sleep last night dummy!

As just punishment for the previous night, I had to sit through the day of work unable to keep a single thought in my head. My mind was racing all over the place. It was just brutal. Another fine discovery was realizing that I had left my credit card at John’s Café. I called them and they informed me that they did indeed have it. So I had to make a stop there after work to pick it up.

I made it until about 3:30 before I had to call it a day and head home. I had ridden to work with Mom and Dad, so my only option was to hop on the bus and hoof it home from the corner. I figured that it was worth the effort to go home and get a solid nap. I caught the early bus only to find out that there was a cement truck that had flipped over on the highway on the way home and had the freeway backed up. I was ready to scream as we sat in traffic. The bus driver did a nice job of navigating the traffic and I got home about 4:30pm. I hopped in the car and claimed my credit card. Once I got home from that I crashed while watching the opening round of the golf’s match play event. It was a soothing sound that had me out in no time at all.

Thursday and Friday were really uneventful days. I worked I came home. I was gun shy after Tuesday’s events and figured that I should probably keep to myself and stay out of trouble.

I'm still working on the balance of the story and I will try and get that posted soon.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I know, I know!!!

I have to apologize to anybody out there waiting for a new post but I did start to put together a post recapping the last week's adventures. So rest assured something will be coming along soon.

Until then, I will share a couple of dumb pictures and thoughts...

They thought I was a former Van B Boy! One of the best episodes ever!

Key West is coming...

But Vegas is closer!!!

This is Shannon. I will inform you about her in a little bit.

I'm a Niners fan, Ted.

This shirt would have looked good on me in Vegas. I may have to get it in time for KW.

We all need a little religion in our lives.

Sad to see the passing of DJ, but I love the picture of Larry Legend with a Miller Lite in hand while talking to Musburger.

I can now root for Man U.