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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Here is the photo essay of the trip to Las Vegas:

RK enjoying life in first class

Howie brought along his own in-flight entertainment

We spent our first 2 night at the Hard Rock hotel

From our room you could see the Thomas & Mack Center and Club Paradise

Played golf on Monday at Painted Desert GC - I played so-so on the front but shot 38 on the back. Not bad seeing as how that was the first time playing with my new irons.

Pink Taco inside the HRH

HRH always has these trucks parked out front.

I had to take a photo of my new adidas along with Howie working in the background

The pool area at HRH is awesome

Made friends with a waitress at HRH

She brought me a Cousin Eddie drink, "The Rock Star" it was delicious

Ron hanging by the pool side craps table

A little swim up blackjack. The tables werent open because the pool had just opened up for the season the day before

Heather having some fun with us

A rough day at the pool. We weren't prepared for the pool so we were over dressed.

Howie making a grand entrance to the pool area

He figured he would "work' by the pool for a while

Ron tried to get Heather to sell him her sweats (No luck). I think it was just a good excuse to take a picture of her ass.

The second 2 nights of our trip were at The Palms

Their pool wasn't open yet, but we could see it from our room.

We looked at the new tower from our room

The real action came when I decided that I was going to finally a tattoo done at Hart & HUntington in the Palms. Plus we got our pic taken with Christian Aguilera's look a like that worked in the shop.

Some of the outline is done

Nice smile on my face!

Still going...

The final product

Hail Caesar...King of Rome! Ruler of the world!

A scuba diver cleaning the tank in the Forum Shops. First time I've ever seen that

Howie ordered a mojito with lunch so we needed evidence of it.

It was a good trip, lots of fun. Plenty of laughs.
Hope you enjoy the photos.


we're bowling...

Saturday before I left for Las Vegas we had our annual bowling adventure for Junior Achievement. So here are some photos from a fun filled day.

Greg with the dreaded 7-10 split

Murph slinging it down the lane

Nice Smile Scott!

Tom enjoying the Jester hat (which must be worn after you throw a gutter ball. It must be worn until another person rolls a gutter)
Hey, while you are down there...

Lets take a pic of each other, taking a pic of each other!

Pick me a winner, G

Back at ya, big guy

After singing Sweet Caroline, the bartender thought it would be a good idea for us to have a microphone.

Belting it out!

The Murphy Boys take a turn

Another classic duet

a couple of happy fellas

A nice photo of me and my pal Jen

Then I figured I would get a closer look

A nice group shot of the gang
Things started to get a little out of hand

I have a funny look on my face here. But we ended up at Harbor Inn.

The Vegas pics should be up shortly as well.