Keep it down or I'll give you a smack!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cleveland Rocks

OK…I am making myself sit down and write a small post to keep up my end of the bargain. But the damndest thing happened this week. Nothing. I have done nothing all week except go to work and come home and hang out. I did laundry the other day. That is very exciting. I loaded more songs on my iPod. Also high ranking on the excitement scale. Other than that, nada. Zip. Zilch.

I am curious to see how Cleveland works out this week for the NCAA Women’s Final Four. There is signage up at the Q (I think I’ll bring my camera tomorrow and take some pictures). I have it in the back of my mind that I would like to find out where the ESPN crew is staying and see if I can catch a glimpse of Stacey Dales or Trey Wingo. It’s kind of cool to have something like that in your hometown. Even though it the longest of shots that I would even attend a game, it never hurts to have that money pumped into the local economy.

There were some rumblings of heading downtown on Saturday night and see if the out of towners would be out whooping it up. I am not sure if I am up for that or not though. I would like to watch the Men’s Final Four where I can see and hear the games. I am sure that I will sacrifice the games for some fun though. We shall see.

Monday, March 26, 2007

An apple a day

Good morning people. Here’s what going down on this fine morning.

My agenda for this weekend was to get license plates for my car and pick up my contacts from my eye doctor. I got my butt out of bed and cleaned up and hit the road a little after 10am on Saturday. The license bureau was quick and painless. I had a notion of getting plates with “THE Ohio State University” on them. It’s an extra $35 a year which in the grand scheme isn’t horrible but I decided to just be a regular person and get the normal boring Ohio plates.

After that I made my way towards the eye doctor. The bad part of that trip is that I have to drive by Best Buy to get there. Well of course I stopped in. I had been toying with the idea of getting an iPod or other mp3 player for a while. I just didn’t know which would be best for me. I had tried to research them online and came down to a Zune from Microsoft and the Apple iPod. They are both the same price so I browsed around for a while before I asked the kid working there about the pros and cons of each of them.

After talking it over I made the pull on an iPod 30gb player. I had always in the back of my mind been against the “apple” world for some unknown reason. I was always a Microsoft fan but I am willing to give it a shot. One of the biggest bonuses of me making this purchase is that my new car has an auxiliary jack that I can plug my iPod into and I do not have to carry around a thousand cd’s in the car.

The rest of the day of course I had to play with my new toy. I have accumulated bunches of mp3 files over the years. Because of this I will not have to become a slave to Big Brother and buy songs for a buck each. I did however spring for one purchase from iTunes. For the bargain price of $1.99, I downloaded this years Ohio State vs. Michigan football game. I can now watch that masterpiece whenever I feel like it.

I had the task of fishing through my stacks of disks and decide which are worthy of making the cut. The rest of my Saturday was spent with my computer loading songs and watching hoops in the background.

Sunday was much of the same. I plowed through seemingly endless piles of old cd’s and tried to decide what should be on my iPod. I ended up loading 1800 songs on there. And I have more to go through. Along with a few movie clips and I am still not even close to filling it up. It really is pretty cool technology.

One thing that I had forgotten to get when I was at Best Buy was the cable that I needed to connect the iPod in my car. Not a big deal I thought, yesterday. I will just hop in the car and drive up to my local Radio Shack, which is but 5 minutes away in Shoregate Shopping center. As I pulled in, I was looking for their sign but I didn’t see it. I cruised down to find that they closed this location. Really? WTF? I guess I don’t really visit Radio Shack that often so I didn’t notice it was missing.

I then decided to go to Wal*Mart instead. It was 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. I am going to try and put this nicely, but it’s going to be difficult. The collection of people there was astounding. Where was I? Between the hillbillies, the millions of dirty kids running around the store, it was just fucking weird. I made a direct line to the electronics section, grabbed my $5 cord and got the hell out of there.

To top the weekend off, I got a call from Steve last night asking if I was up for a couple of beers and some dinner to watch the Cavs game. We popped up to Panini’s and had a sandwich and some beers. I made sure to be a good boy and called it a night and was in bed before 11pm so that I could be ready to tackle the week ahead. Yeah right!

Have a good Monday everybody!