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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We're Truckin!

Time to get caught up on the weekend’s activities.

Friday: I called up Steve on Friday night to see if there were any activities happening on Friday night. He said he was up for a few drinks, so we decided on meeting over at Mick’s for a couple of drinks. It was a pretty calm night for the most part. We hung out and chatted with a few folks for the better part of the evening. Steve’s brother mike joined up with us as well. We stopped off at Panini’s for a sandwich before calling it a night around 1am.

Saturday: I kicked it around the house for the better part of the day on Saturday. There wasn’t a lot on TV early in the day so I watched a couple of movies in between naps. Steve called me and said that he was supposed to meet a friend in Little Italy later that evening. Steve picked me up and we headed down at halftime of the Ohio State game. We went to a restaurant called Gusto and met up with Frank. It was a cool little place that was pretty quiet. A downside was that we had to watch the game on a tiny 19-inch TV. But since the place was so small it wasn’t that bad. We ate dinner and had a couple of drinks before moving the party downtown.

We met up with another friend Chris at Metropolitan Café. After a few drinks there we made our way over to Wine Bar. The highlight there was seeing Jen Schefft of the Bachelor hanging out at the next table from us. She was hanging with a group of 10 gals that looked like they were out for a bachelorette party.

After Wine Bar we made our way down West 6th. I think we hit just about every establishment on the street. We ran into Tai hanging out at Blind Pig. We hung out with her and her friend Kathy for a while before leaving to head over to the Crazy Horse for a last hurrah before heading home. Steve dropped me off around 2:30am and I was out like a light.

Sunday: I was disappointed that I did not sleep in longer on Sunday morning. I rolled out of bed around 9am and kicked back for a while before making some calls to determine my plans for the day. Matt had scored some tickets for the ladies Final Four at the Q. We decided that we were going to hop around to the different bars around the arena to try and soak up the atmosphere of the event. We decided to meet at 2 at Cleats to start off our day.

When I was driving down and parking my car I was very aware that when I looked around I was seeing a large number of what I would have to assume were lesbian ladies taking over the town. After our first drink at Cleats, we moved to Harry Buffalo. It was now apparent that for the rest of the day that was going to be the theme of the day. Since we didn’t want to offend them we decided on calling them ‘Truck Drivers’ for the rest of the day. Matt came up with the name and it fit perfectly.

We hopped around down town to Flannery’s, Pickwick, Corner Alley and Winking Lizard for a couple drinks in each place. We hung out with the truck drivers in each place too. It was quite an interesting experience too. It was like we were visitors to a different planet or something. After the Lizard we made our way to Alesci's to maybe grab a bite. Turns out that they were pretty crowded as well. We ended up hanging out on the patio watching all the truckers walk by. We made friends with Evie who was selling beer on the patio for the Clevelander. She was telling us how many times that she had been hit on by the Truckers as well. After quite a few drinks there it was finally time to head over to the games.

Matt had some passes for a reception at the arena so we stuffed some food down our bellies. We were both felling pretty good at this point, to the point that we had some church giggles going on. I almost choked on some food at one point because I was laughing so hard. It created quite a scene too. Some of the staff asked if I was going to be OK. We wore out our welcome there and decided to go watch some of the games. We did our best to wonder around the arena with much disregard for all of the staff that tried to help us.

Being the well trained stalker that I am, I made a bee line for the ESPN set because I wanted to get as close as I could to Stacey Dales and the rest of the crew. We had one usher that was trying to yield his power but we ended up walking right past and made our way to some open seats right next to the set. Once there I sat and stared at Stacey while she was doing her live spots during the game.

After the crew had done their halftime shoot, Matt hollered to Stacey to ask if we could get a photo. She smiled and of course said no problem. OH MY GOD is she hot!!!

After that highlight we sat and tried to watch some of the Rutgers/LSU game, but it’s women’s basketball. It just is not entertaining. We knew that going in that the games were not the real reason we were going. I personally just wanted to see the experience of what a Final Four is like. I know that the women’s doesn’t compare to the men’s but it was cool to see it. For the most part I just hung out watching the production that goes along with ESPN doing their live broadcasts.

A little while later Trey Wingo came over to our side so I asked him to take a photo as well. It was a little awkward though with Trey. I shook his hand and then tried to get close to him to take the picture but I ended up with my hand on his leg. I quickly apologized for grabbing his junk and he took a picture and made sure that he never came close to my side of the stage again.

After the Rutgers victory it was time for the late game, which was Tennessee taking on North Carolina. This one should have been a much better game due to the fact that it was two number one seeds facing off. But again it was women’s basketball. We hung out and watched the first half before Matt decided that he was done for the night. I lasted about 8 minutes into the second half before calling it quits. I listened to some of the game on the ride home but that was just as bad as watching. I made it home in time to see the last couple of minutes on TV and see that Tennessee made an impressive comeback to beat UNC.

In all it was an interesting day. We had the pleasure of seeing a Trucker Convention along with getting my picture taken with a couple of ESPN “celebs.” Matt and I ended up having a good day of drinks and laughs. Maybe we can do it again the next time they decide to bring an event like this back to town.

Talk at ya later,