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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hey Steve, You want to go out for a sandwich?

On Monday evening as I drove home from work I decided to give Steve a call to see if he was up for meeting up and grabbing some dinner. I had wanted to make a stop over at Mick’s to pick up my winnings from the NCAA tourney (long story short…I had winning squares from one of the Final Four games, but I have no idea how much it is). I left Steve a voicemail and said let’s get together and grab a sandwich. A short time later he returned my call saying that he’d love to meet up but he had prior plans to head to a restaurant in Twinsburg, he said that he would stop by and pick me up if I was interested in going with him. I figured that was fine by me and I agreed.

We got to the restaurant, which was called Blue Canyon and pulled in to see a jam-packed parking lot. We ended up valet parking the car because we couldn’t find a spot to park. There was quite a wait for a table as well so we ended up sitting at the bar. The reason that we made the trip in the first place was that Steve had met a girl that worked at the restaurant and he wanted to see her again before deciding whether or not he really wanted to go out with her. This meeting was a screening session and he was glad to have me along as a second set of eyes.

As we sat at the bar, Kathryn spotted us and came by to say hello. After introductions we chatted with her but she had to get back to her tables. We found out why the place was so crowded when the bartender told us that the special of the night was all you can eat crab legs for $21.99. Steve and I decided that would be the way for both of us to go for dinner. Kathryn also bought us a calamari appetizer, which was pretty tasty as well. It was very good, but I am not a huge fan of a lot of seafood. Our dinners arrived shortly after and we each made our way through two plates of crab legs. Again I am not a huge seafood guy, but the legs were delicious as well. Overall I definitely think I would make a return trip to Blue Canyon in the future.

After dinner we had a couple more drinks as we waited and Kathryn did the balance of her side work and invited us to join her and some co-workers for a drink at a local bar. We figured what the hell and decided to join them.

We made our way to a place called Rush Hour for a few more drinks. I made friends with Kathryn’s co-worker Danielle and had a nice conversation over a couple of drinks. A couple hours later we figured that we had had enough drinks and I was pretty sure that it was past my bedtime. Danielle invited us to spend the night at her place so that we would not have to drive all the way home. We figured that would probably be a good idea for all the right and wrong reasons. A short time after we got back to the house Steve and Kathryn disappeared. Now the downside to that part of the story for your hero was that another co-worker was just hammered so Danielle spent most of the evening taking care of her. The other pain in the ass was a gay manager that also decided to spend the night. He was whining and bitching most of the evening about something or other. By this time it was 3:30am and I figured that it would be in my best interest to try and get a couple hours of sleep. I opted to crash on a futon and was out pretty quick.

I had set my alarm on my cell phone for 6:30am but I ended up sleeping through the alarm. I woke up a little bit before 7am. It was at this time that I figured that there was no way I was going to make it into work anytime soon, so I made the choice to call into work and take the day off as a personal holiday.

I sent Steve a text saying that we should probably get moving soon and we finally got moving a little after 8am and Steve dropped me off at home. I decided since I was up and moving around that I would go and grab a breakfast sandwich from Burger King. After coming back home and eating I jumped back into bed and slept for another 3 hours.

After shaking out the cobwebs, I got online and made contact with Murph and Ron to let them know that I was alive. I had to make arrangements with Ron about picking him up after work. Unfortunately, our friend Mark’s dad passed away over the weekend after being sick for a while.

I picked Ron up and we stopped off at Angelo’s in Lakewood for a little pizza before making the drive south. We made good time getting down there so we had a little bit of time to waste before going to the funeral home. We ended up finding a bar that was in what appeared to be the town square. Needless to say, it was a local’s joint. We walked in there may have been 4 people there. It smelled like everybody had smoked a pack of cigarettes in the last half hour but we had a few minutes so we sat down and had a beer. Once we finished up, we made our way to the funeral home and met up with the Fyffe’s and paid our respects. After that Ron and I made the drive home and I was very happy to see my bed and crashed for the evening.

So that is my latest adventure of the week. The balance of the week has some potential as I have plans to go to the Cavs game tomorrow night in a Sherman Wilson suite. I also have tentative plans to go the Indians game on Friday night for the unofficial home opener. Let’s just hope that the damn weather co-operates.

Later Gator!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Weathering The Storm

I feel like I am always a few steps behind with these updates, but that is just the way it has to be I guess. Since we last spoke here’s what happened:

One small point of interest came along last week when my manager called and asked me if I was free for lunch on Tuesday. He said it was just to see how I was coming along in the new team and just wanted to touch base. I couldn’t help but think in the back of my mind that maybe there was something else there. But I turned out to be worried for nothing. We went over to Corner Alley and had a sandwich and a nice chat about mostly work stuff. He’s a good guy and real easy to talk to. So that was a relief.

The rest of last week was lame as usual until we got to Thursday. We had heard a buzz around the office that leading into a holiday weekend we were going to get an early exit around 3pm. A guy that I work with is leaving the company so our group was going to stop off and have a few drinks. Then sometime on Thursday the word came down that we were not getting out early. It was like somebody came by and stole my candy. Eventually the powers that be came to their senses and sent an e-mail saying that if our schedule allowed it that we could leave early. By my accounts, at 2:30 my workload was in line for me to leave. I packed up my stuff and was heading for the door and off to Flannery’s.

Murph joined up with me over at Flannerys’s shortly after and we had a few drinks discussing world peace and things of that sort. After a couple of hours there we met up with Matt at Dive Bar. His football team was having some sort of reception there with some free drinks and food. We hung out there for a few more before deciding to head west.

Another group had a planned a happy hour in Lakewood at a new place called Beer Engine. Murph and I drove and got his van and we made our way to meet up at Beer Engine. It was a pretty cool place that carries all micro brews and home made beers. We hung out there until around midnight before I decided that I wanted to head back east and get some sleep.

Friday was Opening Day for the Cleveland Indians at Jacobs Field. The pre-game plan was to meet at Flannery’s (as usual) before heading over to the game. I met up with Greg and Murph there around 10:45 am for the 4:05pm first pitch. The place was a ghost town at that time. We had totally over estimated the early arrival of drinkers. Maybe it was the fact that it was Good Friday or the fact that it was 30 degrees outside. Finally around noon, people started rolling in ready for some drinking. Things picked up as they usually do for opening day and a nice sized crowd rolled in.

We hung out drinking and watching, as the weather just got worse as the day went along. They snow flurries kept coming down as we hung out waiting for game time. At this point though I pretty much had it in my mind that I was not going to be attending today’s game. I was fired up for opening day but I was not fired up to sit in 25-degree weather with snow coming down. My mind was made up when we turned the pre-game show on they showed the forecast which called for more snow along with wind chills in the mid teens. The Indians announced that they were going to move the game time back an hour to try and clean up the field so that they could play the game. As game time approached and my gang decided they were heading over, I again stood firm that I was just going to stay at Flannery’s nice and warm watching the game along with the Masters. And that is what I did, I stayed and made friends with the people that were next to me and watched the action on TV. After an hour or so of watching the snow delays my gang came back and told me what I wise man I was. We sat and watched as they called the game with the Indians just one strike away from winning a weather shortened game. Instead the game was called and it was announced that it would me made up the following day.

Check out the time lapse video of Friday at Jacobs Field.
This is pretty cool

The balance of the evening was a lot of fun and laughs as we hung out at Flannery’s for the remainder of the evening. Most of the crew had headed home with the exception of Tom, Scott and myself being the last men standing. We spoke of making a trip somewhere else to see some naked ladies but we made the choice to head home. Of course I was not heading home but instead to the friendly confines of the Hampton Inn. I made my way to a stop off at Panini’s for a bite to eat before checking in at the hotel at sometime after midnight.

Saturday I was woke up by my phone ringing at 8am. I looked at the phone to see that it was Murph hitting me up. I was in no mood to have a conversation at that time of the morning in the condition that I was in. I rolled over and went back to bed. Sometime around 10am I got out of the bed and got moving. As I looked out the window of my room I realized that there was no chance they were playing baseball again today. ESPN confirmed this information just a short time later. I popped in the shower and cleaned myself up and made my way back home.

Now for the action part of my weekend, I did absolutely nothing that deserves any mention for the rest of the week. I stayed in the house as the shitty weather continued. I was quite thankful that it was Master weekend so I could justify it that I had no real reason for leaving the house. I watched the coverage all weekend and did not feel one ounce of guilt for not missing anything.

Sunday I did much of the same. The Family came over for Easter dinner and I did my usual routine. I hung out in my room and watched TV away from the annoyances of the family being there. I watched the Cavs lose again to Detroit and then the Masters. It was a fantastically lazy holiday. I am so proud of myself.

Back to reality today though, I am back in the office doing my best to get through the day. I really have no interest in being here. And to make things even more entertaining, I was just talking to Murph about maybe going over to the Indians game today for a couple of innings after work. The wonderful news now comes in that they have again cancelled both of today’s games! It’s April 9th and it is 34 degrees outside with snow falling again. Just last week at this time it was close to 60 outside but today we sit in the freezing temperatures with 4 cancelled Tribe games.

Have a great week!