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Friday, April 27, 2007

Uh Son, there ain't no draft no more

In case you have been under a rock for the last month or so, maybe you have not heard that the NFL draft is tomorrow. Which means that we get to watch Chris Berman rant and sweat for a solid 12 hours. Plus ESPN can wheel out Mel Kiper for his big day. Now most everybody knows that I am big fan of my Cleveland Browns, but I just don’t get all that jacked up to watch the draft. It’s cool to think that football is just around the corner and all that but it is the end of April, people! The first game is over four months away. With that being said, I am very interested in the draft to see whom the Browns select.

Here’s how I see it happening tomorrow – The Browns should have their choice of Adrian Peterson, Joe Thomas or Brady Quinn. My quick thoughts on the three of them:

Adrian Peterson – Might be the best choice for Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel. Both of these guys may need to lean this way to see the quickest results. Their heads may on the chopping block if the Browns don’t turn things around. A Pete could be the guy that would step in and make an impact the quickest. The downside is that I saw a report that his collarbone isn’t fully healed yet, which makes me wonder if he’s ready for the pounding that happens in the NFL.

Joe Thomas – According to the talking heads of ESPN and various websites, this is a guy that you can plug into the left tackle spot for the next ten years. Now being a cynical Cleveland fan, we know that may or may not be the case. He will get some sort of staph infection and have to have a limb amputated. I do like the fact that Thomas said he’s not coming to New York because he is going fishing with his dad this weekend. The shitty part is that the NFL wants to send a camera crew out there as well and he agreed to that. I would have told them to F Off, but that may not have been the best way to come into the league.

Brady Quinn – The pretty All-American pretty boy from Notre Dame. I am not sure what to think about this guy. I would give him credit in the fact that he played under Charlie Weis in South Bend, which should help his understanding of a pro style offense. Some people say that he never really won a big game for the Irish, which is true. Does that mean that he isn’t a good quarterback? I’m not so sure about that. (My secret reason behind wanting to see BQ drafted by the Browns would be to see his sister wear a half Browns and half Packers jersey)

Laura Quinn-Hawk, everybody

So who do they take? I have no clue.

My vote would be for Joe Thomas.

My thought is that if we don’t have a solid offensive line, it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is. If he can’t stand up without running for his life, nobody is going to get the job done. Now I don’t think that Charlie Frye or Derek Anderson is the long-term answer, but I like the idea of building the O-Line first. My trepidation comes in thinking forward 2 or 3 years ahead and seeing Brady Quinn leading some team to the playoffs by throwing 5 touchdowns and thinking back saying “Why didn’t we draft THAT guy?”

Joe Thomas will be out of football due to some sort of mental breakdown. He will be living on a Wisconsin Farm with 10000 acres of land that he acquired with his $25 million bonus money from your Cleveland Browns.

Adrian Peterson will have gained 2400 yards in each of his first four seasons and earned Pro Bowl visits in each season. “Yeah, we could have had that guy too.”

I have come to the terms that if they draft any of those three guys I will be happy with it. Bud Shaw put it best in the PD; it really doesn’t matter for the fans. We show up and fill Cleveland Browns Stadium each week no matter who is on the field. We have all drank the kool-aid and we all love our Browns, so we still attend the games no matter how bad the team is.

I think the other thing that I am most looking forward to is that after this weekend I will be able to turn on ESPN and not get more draft fodder thrown down my throat, which is nice.

I’ll try and toss together some updates from my events sometime this weekend too. But if I don’t get to it I hope that everybody has a good weekend.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Where does the time go?

Just like that we are on to Wednesday this week and for how lazy my weekend was my week is going to pick up starting today. Here is what I have on tap for the remainder of the week:

Wednesday – After work, I am going out with Murph for a few drinks. If the weather co-operates we are going to make a stop over at Jacob’s Field to catch a couple innings of the Indians against the Rangers. The added bonus is that tonight is Rick Vaughn Wild Thing glasses night! No memorabilia collection would be complete without a set of those. At least, not in my book. We just need the weather Gods to give their nod to us and right now I don’t think it looks good. Nice that while the Indians are away it is sunny and 75 outside and yet when they return the forecast calls for rain the next three days. Cleveland in April, does it get any better?

After that stop, we will make the walk over to the Q for game 2 of the Cavaliers vs. Wizards. I was thinking about it that last year I also attended game 2 against the Wiz. Of course, that was the one home game that the Cavs lost in that series. Let’s hope that trend does not repeat. I’m looking forward to seeing the hype and junk that they do before the playoff games. It’s become quite the spectacle to watch pre-game introductions anymore. With all of the yelling and fireworks going on it’s hard to remember if you came to a basketball game or a circus. Anyway, it is another event, and that’s my thing. I love going just to people watch and soak in all of the sights that came along with it.

Thursday - Matt scored up some tickets for an event in Cleveland called Market Under Glass. It is a charity function for Harvest for Hunger that involves local restaurants showing of their dishes. He and Murph have gone the last few years and given it good reviews. My plan is to starve myself all day and then go in and eat as much as possible. Good times!

Friday – Getting the band together and hitting up Put in Bay Lakewood for some shenanigans. Since Matt was in Boston running a marathon for his b-day, we decided to go out and celebrate his birthday this week. We always seem to have a lot of fun bowling and drinking, so I have the highest confidence that we can succeed again on Friday.

Saturday – Tee time at Windmill Lakes for 9am on Saturday. I have a feeling that it’s going to be quite chilly at that time of the morning but I can probably survive on the extra layer of fat that I will have added on Thursday when I gorge myself. My only thought is that I am going out on Friday night and I have to get up awful early on Saturday morning to play golf. I may have to act like a responsible adult on Friday and not like the 22 year old mentality that I normally would have. After golf, Ron mentioned about going to Dan’s house and cooking up some grub and taking in the draft for a little while so that sounds cool to me.

And just like that it’s going to be Sunday. Might be a needed day of rest for Ricky. We shall see. I just think it’s funny that I have times where I am doing nothing for a couple of days in a row but then a week like this pops up. Not sure which one I prefer. I am a lazy bastard most of the time but it’s nice to have plans and stuff to do as well. I just need to win the lottery one of these days and then I can do all of this crazy stuff all of the time and not have this work stuff get in my way.

With that said, I probably won’t have a chance to post a lot over the next few days. I will be sure to try and take my camera along and snap up some pictures of anything good that happens.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday, Monday

I’m back in the saddle again here putting in my time for Uncle Sherman. It just seems like the weekend buzzed on by with me doing nothing very productive.

Friday night I went out with Matt and Curt and a couple other SW employees. We made our way to Lakewood for some fine tasting beer at the Beer Engine. For dinner, I ordered a burger called the Cyclops. It was a good-sized burger with bacon, cheese and a sunny side up egg on top. I saw it on the menu and had to give it a whirl. It was pretty good eating! The place was pretty crowded and they had a band playing, but it was a good time. We decided around to shut it down rather early and I made my way back to my side of town. I tried to call Steve to see if he was out on the town but I got a text back that he was home sleeping, so I figured that would probably be a good move for me as well.

The rest of my weekend was really dull and boring. I kicked back and watched sports for the majority of it. Yesterday was a good Sunday for Cleveland sports. It was a solid game one victory for the Cavaliers. They didn’t do anything fantastic but they handled their business, which is what they are supposed to do. I do have to admit that seeing Lebron rolling on the floor in agony was not a good sight. This is where the stretched out NBA playoffs will help so that he can rest that twisted ankle.

The Indians also had a nice comeback win on Sunday. It’s nice to see them strikeout 13 times only get four hits and yet come away with a win.

Other than that I was pretty lame for the better part of the weekend. This week has some potential to be quite busy. I have a few things planned and maybe some others will spring up as well. I have a few irons in the fire, which is nice.

Hope everybody has a good week!