Keep it down or I'll give you a smack!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My aching back

After golfing for 3 of the last 4 days, I guess something had to give. Well, that and the fact that I am severely over weight. Anyway, I had one of those crazy moments Tuesday that back pain sufferers go through.

I park my car in the garage as normal. I reach around to the back seat to grab my backpack and felt a twinge. Good morning, Vietnam! Alright then. So I hobble over to work with that twinge but I am still doing OK. As I sit longer though, it starts to flare up more and more. Around 2pm I could not take it any longer. I couldn’t sit and work on my laptop. I am guessing that I do not have the most ergonomic work station. I decided that it would be wise to head home and try to lie down and see if that helps my situation at all.

I took a couple of Advil and laid on the floor watching TV for most of the evening. I watched the Cavaliers extend their series lead along with catching Big Break on the Golf Channel. By the way, I am starting to fancy Miss Ashley Gomes a little more each week!

Not a lot of plans on the horizon this weekend. I don’t have any golf planned as of now, which may be a good thing. I think my back could use the time off to recover. I am thinking that it would be wise to rest now and not eff up my entire summer with back problems.

If anything good comes along I will be sure to share it with everybody.

p.s. Key West is 19 days away!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

An action packed weekend!

I am glad to be back at work this morning. I need the rest. I was on the go for the last couple of days and I can use the time to sit back and relax a little bit. As I reflect back, I guess it wasn’t that crazy but I just feel like I haven’t stopped going for a while.

Going back to where it started picking up, I golfed on Thursday night at Mallard Creek and shot a 43. After golf we stopped off at Mulligan’s for our usual pizza and wings. The place was a little crowded and we couldn’t get a table. We decided to move down the road to Slim and Chubby’s instead. S&C was a nicer place with probably better food but the bill also reflected that. Our bill was probably double what we normally pay. After that I made my 45-minute ride home. It’s all freeways but it still is quite tiring. I was beat and ready to hit the sack when I got home.

Friday night I did some laundry and drank a couple beers while watching some Indians baseball. That part wasn’t really anything to write about. It was a semi relaxing evening.

Saturday I was up bright and early to golf at Ridgewood in Parma. It was week one of our SW golf league. I played pretty well with a couple of hiccups along the way but finishing with an 82. A nine on a hole and a couple of three puts left a bad taste in my mouth. Matt and I hung out and had a couple of beers post game before heading home.

I laid down and turned on some golf when I got home. I may have seen five minutes of the ladies event before my eyes slammed shut. I slept for about an hour before I had to get up and moving to go to Murph’s for his daughters first communion party. I swung by Matt’s place and picked him up and we were on our way.

The house was jammed with his family members and friends. We all huddled around the TV and watched the Kentucky Derby. After the crowd thinned out a few of us sat around and played some cards. I hung out there long enough that it was time for the DeLaHoya/Mayweather fight. I figured I had to hang out and watch. I thought it was OK but I wasn’t all that impressed by it. I guess I am just not that big of a boxing fan. I like the crazy action fights and this was not one of them. It was more tactical, which to me was pretty boring.

After the fight was over it was getting pretty late so I made my way back towards home. Again it was all freeway driving but I was beat down after a long day. I did however drive by to see if another party that I was supposed to attend was still going on. I drove past Kelbach’s house and saw that plenty of cars and people were still buzzing. I figured I would drop in for a short time and say hello before heading home. As we all know I almost never make those into quick stops. Joe had a fire going in the back yard along with a cooler full of beer. We sat around the fires talking for a while and before I knew it, it was 3 in the morning. I realized that I needed to get some sleep so I made the short drive home and crashed.

I woke up on Sunday with a bit of a headache. I’m sure it had nothing to do with drinking beer and margaritas for 12-15 hours the day before. I did sleep in until somewhere around the neighborhood of 10:30am but I could just tell that I was a little off my game. I bummed around and tried to get rid of my headache as I read the paper and surfed the net for a little while.

After kicking it around for a while, it was time to get moving and get ready for Sunday golf. I cleaned up and picked up Ron as we made our way to Large Hill. We met up with Dan and his buddy and hit the course. It was a little chilly, windy and not exactly what I would call ideal conditions. Damn weather people lied to us. It was supposed to be a nice day! I had and up and down round. I caught a case of the shanks for a couple of holes where I couldn’t make solid contact. It lasted for a couple of holes until I got myself fixed up. I ended up shooting a 91, which I wasn’t thrilled about but I think with my troubles it could have been a lot worse.

After golf I dropped off Ron and grabbed some Arby’s for dinner. When I was done eating I watched the finale of Amazing Race and some re-runs of Miami Ink before falling asleep to baseball on ESPN. I was plum tuckered out.

Not much on the docket for this week as of now. But I’ll be sure to try and check back in sometime in the next month.