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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random nothingness -

Couple of thoughts bouncing around in the empty space between my ears:

Here’s a little hygiene tip for Mr. Weightlifter at the gym. If you grease up your body with Ben-Gay and then go lifting weights while grunting to let everybody know they are heavy, I think you may be perspiring a little bit. And since you are wearing a grey shirt, I can SEE that you are sweating. And you come back into the locker room wipe your self off and get dressed and go back to work? I’m sure that your co-workers are very happy with you. Five minutes in the shower please. This should be required.

Nice effort by the Cavaliers last night. They almost showed up enough to make us think they cared. Now of course, this series will go the full seven games. Instead of sitting home resting, they will have to expend the extra effort just to get along to the next round.

Very impressive work today by young Fausto Carmona, tossing a complete game against the Twins to run his record to 5-1. The kid has earned the right to stay in Cleveland all summer long.

I saw this video and thought I should share it. I thought it was pretty damn funny!

I’m leaving work shortly to go sneak in nine holes. Thankfully the weather is a balmy 53 degrees today. I’m just hoping it stays dry.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sexy Picture Time

We went out a few weeks ago and did some bowling for Matt's birthday. I was too lazy to write about it but here is a photo essay:

What does that sign say?

Did you not see the sign?

Notice the classy Pabst tall boys?

Forsey, can you hula hoop?

They had a great band called The Menus. The lead singer changed outfits a dozen times over the course of the evening. Highly entertaining!

This lady had the best hair I have ever seen. We knew that we had to get a photo of it so we told her were were from out of town and Matt wanted some pictures with the locals. As you can tell she was thrilled to pose with him.

At least her friend smiled for the second photo.

Apparently his face was are very lickable.

Still playing the part!

At this point it was just an excuse to do anything we wanted and take pictures.

This is Matt and Miss April from the SW wellness center

Would you two on the left act serious for once?

We're well behaved in this one.

The lead singer came down from the stage and gave our pal a trophy for best hair. I don't think she was amused.

Doesn't everybody have one of these photos???

Rock on! Late!

Hot Diggity Dog!

First of all, let me say that I am no Dick Goddard but this Cleveland weather is re-God Damn-diculous! For those of you who live outside the greater Cleveland area, let me break it down for you. On Sunday it was 58 degrees. On Monday, it was 79 degrees. On Tuesday it topped out at a whopping 91 degrees (one degree short of a record, by the way according to weather.com). And today it is currently 59 degrees. If the entire city of Cleveland does not have some sort of cold I would be stunned. Is it really supposed to change by thirty-two degrees in a span of 16 hours? I don’t think so.

Seeing as how the weather was so nice, along with the fact that Murph offered up a free ticket, I took in some Indians baseball last night. I met up with Scotty McGee for some pre-game entertainment at Flannery’s. We had a few pops and did some catching up before heading over to the Jake.

We met up with Murph and his boy Danny once we had hoofed it over. I do have to say that it’s a beautiful thing when the thermometer starts creeping up. The ladies start wearing fewer articles of clothing and it makes me feel all tingly inside. Of course you have the group of ladies that should not be wearing the scantily clad outfits as well, but you have to take the good along with the bad.

Side bar – I typed that last phrase six times before I got it right. And I am still not completely sure I did but I’m going with it.

We stopped at the first beer stand and picked some cold ones and as we made our way to our seats, there just seemed to be a goofy crowd roaming the stadium. I will add that it was “Dollar Hot Dog Night” so that may have had something to do with it. But as I stood waiting for Murph to come back with my hot dogs, I stood around and did some people watching. I pointed it out to Scott and he said he noticed the same thing. It was what appeared to be a lot of people who just seemed like it was their first trip to a baseball game in a major league park. Maybe I am just getting to the point where it going to a MLB game just rolls off my back anymore, but I thought it was odd. Maybe they were looking at me and thinking, “who the F does this guy think he is?”

The game was entertaining as the Tribe put up 6 runs in the bottom of the first and never looked back. It was entertaining to watch the people suck down the Dollar Dogs too. It never gets old seeing the guy coming back from the concession stand with a tray of 10-12 dogs. I did not really do my best work last night as I only dropped 2 dogs on the evening. I wasn’t in the mood to stand in line with the rubes to wait on my hot dogs. I will wait until I get club seats sometime this summer when the dogs are included in the price of the ticket. That is when the dog consumption is impressive. Brings back to mind the summer of ’04 when our foursome dropped 24 wieners in one game, led by myself and Mark each eating eight Sugardales not these measly dollar dogs. Ahhh good times!
According to the weather reports, it was supposed to rain later in the evening last night. And about the 6th inning last night there was a strange feeling that came over the park, the winds shifted and the temperature dropped a solid 15 degrees. A bunch of the families started packing up their things and decided to make a break for the exits. Our group hung around for another inning or so but we had seen enough and we decided to call it an evening. Scott and I had an inking of stopping off for a nightcap but we both talked each other out of it and headed our separate ways.

I made my way home and crashed out watching the Jazz/Warriors game. I'm guessing going home was the right call. I'll live to fight another day.