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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's Time To Get Writing

I guess it’s time for my weekly report. I know that If I was a regular reader of this dumb blog I may have quit looking a while back with the lack of effort being put forth by the host. And if anybody felt that way I would have no argument to stand on. But to lay the cards on the table, I have been somewhat busy lately and when I was not I just haven’t been in a writing mood. Not really sure if it’s because of the hot summer we’ve been having so far or just some other dumb excuse.

Just for giggles let me lay out what my last week or so looked like.

6/09 – Went to Columbus with Murph – Then met Scott and Monge for a few drinks

6/10 – Went to see Oceans 13 with Scott

6/11 – I don’t think I did anything but I can’t remember

6/12 – Went to Flannery’s with Murph and McGee to watch the Cavs lose

6/13 – Day of rest since I was out late on Tuesday

6/14 – Golf after work – Came home after wings & pizza to watch the Cavs lose (also saw Eva Longoria at Tower City)

6/15 – Went out with Scott and Monge

6/16 – 18 holes of Golf, Indians game with Matt (plenty of drinks!)

6/17 – U.S. Open with my Dad

6/18 – Indians game with Matt

Plus there is the whole Key West, Memorial Day, golf outings that I have neglected. I swear I will try and put some of the better stories together one of these days. I’m going to start with a Key West trip report. Sounds like as good a place as any.

One last excuse has to be the fact that I used to have a lot more free time in my old job. It’s like I am expected to work or something. I think that really is the cause of most of my problems. It used to be some of my best quality time for writing.

Hasta la bye bye!